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The Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke Book µ 966 pages Download Ì Arthur c. clarke å ☉ The Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke PDF / Epub ❤ Author Arthur C. Clarke – Author of 2001 A Space Odyssey Childhood's End The City and the StarOf the writers who define science fiction in our time Now Clarke has cooperated in the preparation of a massive definitive edition of his collected shorter works From early work like Rescue Party and The Lion of Comarre through classics like The Star Eart LATEST STORY REVIEW UPDATE Story # 15 Transience15 Transience 1949 5 pages 45 Stars A story that expresses that mankind is here for only a short span of time temporarily Man has come and shall be gone in the grand scheme of things June 16 2015 14 History Lesson 1949 7 pages 5 Stars Five Thousand years after the Third Planet has lost its civilization due to an Ice Age the now progressed Venusians venture forth towards it to learn the past of an advanced species The story teaches us a lesson on the limits of learning the truth from historical research June 15 2015 13 Nightfall 1947 3 pages 4 Stars The last nuclear weapon explodes mankind is annihilated as 'the river takes its own new course' June 14 2015 12 Inheritance 1947 7 pages 3 Stars When a dream that drives one man's destiny forward CNC RR June 14 2015 11 The Fires Within 1947 7 pages 4 Stars When sonar research is being developed as a means of geological surveying what the researchers find is beyond our capabilities to understand as to how Nov 8 2014 10 Castaway 1947 6 pages 5 Stars When an unusual ionised life form from the photosphere of the sun drops into the Atlantic ocean on a planet now called as the Earth it is aeons later when it is faced with a radiation so 'powerful' indeed which gives rise to its threat of annihilation Oct 4 2014 9 Technical Error 1946 13 pages 45 Stars When the world's first superconductive generator goes awry a man is found subjected to the 'yet unknown' rules of lateral inversion Superb use of the idea of stereo isomerism in a short story that I could have never thought of so easily July 17 2014 8 Rescue Party 1946 21 pages 45 Stars Alveron and his kind the lords of the Universe approach Earth to rescue any survivors due to their sun about to become Nova in a few hours The Paladorian possessing no self identity but still connected with an unknown link to its fellow kinds who are scattered around the galaxy is my personal favourite This story involves some good mystery May 21 2014 7 Loophole 1946 6 pages 5 Stars In an epistolary form Clarke describes Martians trying to suppress Mankind from achieving a technology and how that leads to an eventually much powerful expression of man's potential to harness the laws of physics displaying a certainty of loopholes in any system The causes of the end of WW2 are reflected at the beginning of this story Mar 27 2014 6 Whacky 1942 2 pages 4 Stars This one took four rounds of reading in order for me to comprehend as much Highly speculative the story I can say can be interpreted in various ways while including elements of Dreams a 'Creator' and Pre Birth Astral Travel or even Death Horror takes its own form when the reader's thinking mind is much into the ideas behind the writing of this story Mar 26 20145 The Awakening 1942 3 pages 5 Stars For a man waiting to be awakened from a tomb after hundred years for a treatment to cure his heart the repercussions of what he sees upon his awakening remains a terrorizing idea by itself The story is food for further science fictional thinking Mar 26 2014 4 Reverie 1939 2 pages 3 Stars A short essay on All the ideas in Science Fiction have been used up Mar 26 2014 3 Retreat from Earth 1938 9 pages 5 Stars Earth like Martians plan on occupying the mankind inhabited 'Third' planet which has already been occupied by extra terrestrial creatures from millions of years ago that live amongst us in real life even to this day Terrific detailing of the 'alien' form and its social structure Mar 25 2014 2 How We Went to Mars 1938 8 pages 35 Stars A group of people build a rocket based spaceship in the relative future towards the late 1940's to be amongst the first ones to blast off into further space The group ends up travelling to Mars and their adventures are described in the story Contains humour than the preceding story Mar 11 2014 1 Travel By Wire 1937 4 pages 40 Stars In which they engage in the creation of a wired transporter teleporter and explain in short the various difficulties and mishaps that follow its invention and wide use Contains a bit of humour Mar 10 2014 CNC Could Not Comprehend at allCNC RR Could Not Comprehend well A Re Reading is reuired

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Author of 2001 A Space Odyssey Childhood's End The City and the Stars and the Hugo and Nebula Award winning Rendezvous with Rama Arthur C Clarke is the most celebrated science fiction author alive He is with H G Wells Isaac Asimov and Robert A Heinlein one If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewTrove of Clarke's Goodies The Collected Stories by Arthur C ClarkeThere are many early 20th century writers whose SF and fantasy continue to be read todayThe very successful literary writer James Branch Cabell would find half his novels categorized as fantasy today including his most famous Jürgen Though he predates the period the eually talented Robert Chambers was an excellent literary fantasist; his book the King in Yellow had vast influence over the 20th century weird fiction sub genre including the lesser writer H P Lovecraft whose works are still enormously influential

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The Collected Stories of Arthur C ClarkeHlight The Nine Billion Names of God and The Sentinel kernel of the later novel and movie 2001 A Space Odyssey all the way to later work like A Meeting with Medusa and The Hammer of God this immense volume encapsulates one of the great SF careers of all ti It's weird that my first book of 2020 should be a 966 page volume but for the record I was reading it for most of December I love Clarke's short stories I grew up on them and it was a pleasure to read so many of them all at once It's interesting that a lot of the truly great ones The Sentinel The Star The Nine Billion Names of God Venture to the Moon are all very early on He becomes less prodigiously prolific with time so the last ten or so stories cover 1970 2000 and none of the late ones really stand out save perhaps Dial F for Frankenstein which seems derivative only because Clarke did it firstRandom observations of course Clarke's vision of the future is vastly dated like Asimov he seemed to think computers would get bigger and bigger not smaller and he really thought Mars was just around the corner after the Moon Famously he understood technological change but not social change his stories set in far distant futures or even jolly old 2020 have fifties nuclear families and social s He is spectacularly catastrophically sexist Across nearly a thousand pages I spotted exactly one story with a main character who is an adult woman whose role in the story is not to be a foil to a man Mostly they're sexist by omission; it's the White Hart stories the shaggy dog story style stories from the mid fifities that I found shockingly appallingly misogynist If you want to skip one in this collection make it The Defenestration of Ermintrude InchThat said if you can put that aside it's hard not to feel a lot of affection for his warm and loving stories set in an optimistic Golden Age And while I am not ualified to comment on Clarke as a ueer writer of SF in his historical context he was a ueer SF writer and possibly the most influential of all time I'm pleased to know it