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doc ☆ Backdoor Politics ☆ Kindle Edition read Ë johnscyclingdiary á ❮Epub❯ ➟ Backdoor Politics ➞ Author C.L. Mustafic – Kamal is a by the book mercenary and hitman who keeps to himself dealing with the brutal politics of the BosniaUst a stand in for his father but a job is a job and Kamal is a professional When uestions and tensions begin to mount Kamal begins to put the pieces together for himself and doesn't like what he finds Can Kamal get his revenge and the boy or will he have to settle for one or the other? ARC GIVEN FOR HONEST REVIEW10 starsNowHow to review this bookHere goesLet's start with KamalHe is a complex characterYour going to hate him and in a way your going to love him tooHe is an assassinHe is not a nice man but there's something there that will draw you to himSomething that will make you want to love him although you really hate himHe is brutalHe is uncaring but also he cares in his own wayA way that not many people could cope withZijad is a young man who goes through hell in this bookHe is kidnappedabusedrapedbeatenheld in the darkno soundno nothingYou will love Zijad but what he goes through will rip you apartThis book shouldn't be taken lightly but let me tell you why you should read itIf your looking for romance you won't find it in this but if your looking for a dark dark read then open itsit back and enjoyDon't feel bad for loving this because that's why I didI loved this bookI don't know what it says about me but I love my dark readsThink Jack L Pyke meets Kol Anderson and if you haven't read those two then go onrun along and buy Don't and BrokenYou can thank me later ; This author I swear is Jack L Pykes TwinI know we all love our romance but life just doesn't give us what we all wantThis is the first book I've read based in BosniaSo I have to mention thisI've read a few books with words from other countries iGreekItalianThere will be words that will probably confuse youThank god for GoogleThis didn't distract from the storyI'd like to think I have a bit knowledge on certain words and countries nowThe only problem I had was pronouncing Zijad's namebut another uick visit to Google sorted thatThis book isn't for the light heartedIt will rip you apartYou will want to hug Zijad and probably want to throttle Kamala lotI'm not giving anything away but there is parts that will have you cringingthere are also parts that will have you wanting to hug Zijad tight and maybe even holding Kamal tightYes he did go through a bad time tooIn all you really need to read thisTake it all in and when you get to that endingdecide whether Kamal really is as bad as he seems xI want to thank Jack L Pyke for thinking about me when this author was looking for ARC reviewersI love her books and am always on the look out for new dark authorsand this author hooked me from the very first chapterI wish her luck with this book and any others after x

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Dnap the son of the only man Kamal ever loved leads Kamal to do something irrational In an isolated cabin in the mountains of Bosnia with his hostage Kamal follows the well laid out plan of his predecessor but somewhere along the way things get personal The boy in his care becomes than j Wow this is a difficult review to write This is one dark violent story Which of course lured me right in 🙂 This story takes place in or around Bosnia much of the background going back to a time when the country was in war torn turmoil Kamal grew up during that time barely surviving and that’s before he is betrayed in the worst way by his lover and best friend Orhan Now he is a highly paid successful deadly mercenaryWhen his MAWB Mercenary Acuaintance With Benefits calls for a hookup he learns of the job to acuire torture and who knows what else to Orhan’s son Zijad a boy Kamal once thought of as his own There is a lot of backstory to Kamal’s and Orhan relationship with Orhan but he simply cannot allow someone else to handle this task He doesn’t hesitate to change the playing field and take the job over himselfOnce he has Zijad he doesn’t have a come to Jesus moment and suddenly care about the boy No he carries on with the explicitly detailed orders of torture even instituting a few of his own But you can see his resolve crumbling just a little bit as his interactions with Zijad take place and Zijad’s reactions are not uite what Kamal was expectingThere are a lot of twists and turns outside of the actual kidnapping The whos and whys behind what this was supposed to accomplish come to light and all is not what it seemed initially In the end Kamal is left having to re establish his position as mercenary to show he is the one holding the cards One thing he becomes certain of is that he wants what belongs to him and that is now Zijad With little love lost between father and son Zijad makes a choice – opting for a life where he is wanted and cared for even if not lovedOne thing that I kept wishing for through this story was some translation of the foreign phrasesdialog I enjoy how having the foreign words helps set the scene but I also want to know what they are actually saying just as much But as for the rest while it was difficult to stomach at times especially with the feeling that this couldn’t end in anything but a major case of Stockholm Syndrome I was turning pages uickly to get to the end of this engaging suspenseful story If you love a well written dark and sometimes violent story that will keep you on the edge of your seat be sure to give this one a try I will definitely be on the lookout for from this author in the future Review written forLove Bytes Reviews

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Backdoor PoliticsKamal is a by the book mercenary and hitman who keeps to himself dealing with the brutal politics of the Bosnian underworld He has very few ties to the world around him since the war that left him broken and betrayed by his lover An encounter with a fellow mercenary whose job it is to ki 15 rounded up to 2 because I may not have enjoyed the story but it was at least well writtenWell I wanted to read something edgy and dark and this book delivered way It started off pretty strong then went downhill Kamal is a seriously messed up heartless character I think he is the worst anti hero I have ever read about I wouldn’t have shed one tear if he ended up dying in the end Zijad is Kamal’s victim That’s all I can see him as We don’t get his pov until the epilogue and even at that point I still see him as nothing than a victimThis book was not only disturbing but so damn boring at times because of the endless Kamal monologues None of which expressed remorse or any level of humanityYes I’m pissed off because I actually expected some level of romance I kept waiting on Kamal to show his human side Aside from the abuse the only emotion he expressed towards Zijad was possessiveness but that didn’t stop him from raping other people I wanted dark and got pitch black