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DOC ó READER His Convenient Marchioness Á ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ His Convenient Marchioness Author Elizabeth Rolls – With this ringI thee claimAfter the loss of his wife and children the Maruess of Huntercombe closed his heart to love But now that he must marry to secure an heir he’s determinUse him But when her children’s grandfather sets to steal them away from her she has no other option she must become the maruess’s convenient bri Almost 45 stars There's a lot to like about this Harleuin historical romance The biggest thing is the age and maturity of both hero and heroine The hero is the 50 year old Maruess of Huntercombe Hunt to his friends widowed these past 11 years after tragically losing his wife and all three children to smallpox He has finally come to the realization that he needs an heir and therefore must marry again But not to a simpering innocent 17 year old virgin At his age he needs a mature widow so as not to bore him with children as proof that she's fertile and will provide his needed heirAnd we have our heroine Lady Emma Lacy mother of two young children and two years the widow of the second son of a duke She is living in poverty because both her family and that of her late husband were disapproving of their marriage and or less disowned them and refused to recognize her two children as legitimate or to help in their support Now she is living on the fringes of society with an undeserved reputation as a woman of low moralsShe and he meet rather cute There's a bookstore and an adorable dog and her two lively children involved After an initial misunderstanding they strike up a friendship of sorts But there's a sexual undercurrent in their relationship that's actually sexy and warm and fuzzy at the same time And to make a long story short a marriage of convenience is agreed upon Neither is really looking for love They had both loved and lost so perhaps convenience is the way to go to avoid heartache He needs that heir she's a pleasant companion and in addition he finds her sexually attractive She needs financial support to raise her children and she needs protection from some pretty horrendous relatives on both her and her late husband's side And it doesn't hurt that he is such a kind and caring man and pretty darned sexy for a man 18 years her seniorThis is a very nicely written love story with a hero who is actually heroic and is a thoughtful mature guy And we have a heroine who has her priorities straight and a good head on her shoulders Both are solid and admirable characters and the relationship grows beautifully into love The children are actually an added bonus here not to mention Fergus the dog and that's saying something for me I'm not all that fond of kids in romances but Rolls was able to make me like these two very much and enjoy their budding relationship with their new stepfatherThis is a feel good romance but it has some added mysterysuspense to it Is someone following Emma around the city? Are her two children in some kind of danger? Well read to find out There's a large cast of characters here good and bad and really awful I assume someone who follows Rolls carefully than I do will recognize some from previous books but I didn't find it to be a problem just jumping into this one

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With this ringI thee claimAfter the loss of his wife and children the Maruess of Huntercombe closed his heart to love But now that he must marry to s This is a marriage of convenience story that managed to avoid the usual clichés of the trope The Maruess of Huntercombe has been a widower for the last eleven years after tragically losing his wife and three children to a small pox The death of his remaining heir his half brother a year ago gave him no choice but to remarry to secure an heir Refreshingly for this 50 year old hero he rejects his sisters’ idea of choosing some young simmering just out of school miss Instead he thinks that a widow a woman of some maturity would be far appropriate for him A widow would be less demanding of his time his attentionhis affections She would know how to go on and not reuire his guidance And he wouldn’t feel like a satyr Lady Emma Lacy a widow with two children lives on the fringes of society wrongly accused of improper behavior She is weary of any gentleman’s attention as for most of them a widow with a shady reputation was just the thing to enliven a dull existence At the first glance their accidental encounter in Hatchard’s bookshop would be just it one moment in time when you see a person feel attraction to them and move on with your life But the combined forces of two energetic children and a well behaved dog intervened What followed is a heartwarming story of two responsible level headed people wary of love striking a friendship agreeing to marriage of convenience when external forces threaten what they held dearly and finding that it is possible to love againI really liked the story It was so nice to see a hero who behaves like a Hero and a heroine who is rational mature and has the right priorities Their insecurities their doubts were understandingly human in line with their age and experience And I have to say that this story has one of the best portrayal of children I encountered The author didn’t make them behave as “little adults” or made them disappeared at the convenient time No they behave their age and never get discounted or forgotten for the benefit of the story They are integral part of itIf you get tired of rakish heroes or need a feel good historical romance try this story

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His Convenient MarchionessEcure an heir he’s determined that the beautiful impoverished widow Lady Emma Lacy should be hisEmma has vowed never to marry for money so must ref