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Omnipotence Enough free read É 106 Ó [Read] ➵ Omnipotence Enough ➱ Sophia Kell Hagin – War veteran Jamie Gwynmorgan had made a sweet life for herself Then one morning on her way to work she’s abducted off the street She doesn’t know why Or who did it Or where she’s been taken She War veteran JaHuman voice prohibited from seeing human faces even her own Jamie endures in a sinister disorienting fog that devours her memories of before and weakens her grip on sanity until a bit of contraband darts into her imploded world with a message and with hopeIt’s just a tiny voice r. I admit that sometimes what attracts me to a book can be arbitrary Sometimes I see a books cover and say yes I want to read it Doesn't matter what the blurb on the back says And that's the reason I picked this up The cover spoke to me What can I say I'm easily pleased However on this occasion I felt like I dropped into some social experiment We don't always realise the front cover may tell us absolutely nothing about the book But the front cover told me that this person or persons were unseen obscure even Unknown chaosAt this juncture maybe I should say that this is book 3 of an ongoing series I'm going out on a limb here but I'm sure I should have read books 1 and 2 first Then maybe I would have been prepared for what I got dropped into I found myself in an utter uagmire of emotional turmoil I will definitely be reading books 1 and 2 and then reread this one The scary thing about this is that it probably does happen The chaos the confusion the lack of human interaction and pushing the human body til there is nothing left must be so soul destroying How do you come back from thatHagen is an extraordinary storyteller Her writing is so profound She puts you right there in the head of the main character which is kind of disturbing considering the topic matter I say that but to truly understand this book you need to read it I'm sure if I had read books 1 and 2 this book will make a lot sense This is the kind of book that will stay with you forever Not for the brutality but for the love and family who helped the main character back The love and friendship is astonishing I won't ever forget it It makes you think it makes you wonder but most of all it makes you understand the power of love EnjoyARC provided by publisher via NetGalley

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Ecorderplayer no doubt unwillingly forsaken but it gives Jamie the means to measure time to remember And if she can remember before then maybe she can find her way home to reclaim the life and the deep abiding love some unknown enemy has stolen from herWords Genres Intrigue Thrille. I fell in love with Jamie Gwynmorgan in Whatever Gods May Be and the love affair is ongoing How many times can Sophia this talented author make me shout out loudor cringeor make my heart stopor the tears flow Find out for yourself Work your way through the intricate journey of this intrigue with a good modicum of romance thrown in wrapping itself around the main character like so many fine threads of silk Enjoy the ride I know how much I did Thanks Sophia for sharing such a brave loving soul with the world

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Omnipotence EnoughWar veteran Jamie Gwynmorgan had made a sweet life for herself Then one morning on her way to work she’s abducted off the street She doesn’t know why Or who did it Or where she’s been taken She can’t even measure the passage of time Utterly alone only rarely able to hear a. This is the third and final book in the Jamie Gwynmorgan series I highly recommend reading these books in order What a ride it has been I have never read a series like this in lesfic before It was dark gritty heart wrenching but also filled with recovery strength hope and even love Hagin is an excellent author and I really hope she will write something else in the future Retired Marine and POW survivor Jamie has been captured again She doesn’t know where she is who took her or why All Jamie knows is she needs to find a way out before she loses her mind or worse Jamie has been through than any other character I can think of When I heard this book starts with her in captivity again I wasn’t sure I could read this All I wanted is for Jamie to be okay and happy It actually took me a little while to pick this book up and start reading Now I’m done and actually feel a little exhausted While this book was not as dark as the first two parts were still not easy to read You get so invested into Jamie these books get to you But I’m also feeling melancholy I’m happy how the series wrapped up but I’m also sad it’s over No books with Jamie Jamie easily makes my top ten lists of favorite characters ever I don’t just mean in lesfic but across all genres of booksThis book sucks you in right away and puts you in the middle of the action It also gets really exciting in the middle and towards the end Even when it slows down as a reader you are aware anything could happen at any minute At certain moments all three books were pretty thrillingI really enjoyed this series and know I will never forget it These books are not for everyone You have to be able to handle violence torture and other tough subjects This series is dark and intense but it is also one of the rewarding series I’ve read I honestly feel this series is overlooked I hope people will give it a chance And I really hope Hagin plans to author books in the future An ARC was given to me by BSB for a honest review