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Feng Mang韩东是群演,兼职看相,预知力爆棚,测姻缘神准。  某天他算出圈内大金主与自己“姻缘相配”,作为纯种直男,他不惜在金主面前?. MISS JIDAN'S CRAZIEST CHARACTERTHE TRANSLATED DESCRIPTION Han Dong works as an extra as well as a fortuneteller who foretells marriage fortunes extremely accurately One day he accidentally foretells his own fortune and discovers that he and a Mr Golden will become “a match predestined by fate” As a straight man he doesn’t hesitate to ruin his image in front of Mr Golden—acting as a fool a despicable man making himself as annoying as possible because he is afraid that the other man will take a liking to himDid you think that this golden man would fall for him You’re wrongHan Dong tosses from side to side but unexpectedly becomes tempted he begins to use thousand ways a hundred plans in order to rescue the situation As a result of his acting skills before his foolish image already entered deeply into the man’s heart I've found this description on novelupdatesMy ribs are so sore I laughed so much throughout the chapters starting from the very first one Han Dong is an indescribable leading character If you've read the author's other books before this one know that Han Dong is personality wise a mix of Wu Suo Wei and Wang Zhi Shui for the worse what's not exactly a bad thing considering the nature of the novel It's even resembling Counterattack when you consider the second male lead If Chi Cheng in Countterattack was the snake man obsessed with reptiles our Zhong Ding is obsessed with numbers his numberphilia can be proven by the ridiculous amount of clocks and watches he possesses and his obsession with body measurements toys measurements beds measurements no wonder the title of this book is Feng Mang 锋芒 means The Cutting Edge in Chinese I checked lolNow that I read it I start to think that none of Miss Jidan's characters is sane lolI don't really know how I managed it but I read this book in less than five days despite its length 307 chapters I loved it a lot The originality the humor the suspense everything except maybe the awkward rollercoaster of some eventsscenes that were supposed to be funny but were rather cringeworthy the second hand embarassment killed my mood sometimes but as I said earlier the story is very long so although some scenes were repulsive and mind shaking there are enough scenes left to upgrade the level and make the reader love it I love itIn this book the last episodes of Advance Bravely unfold so if you haven't read Advance Bravely's last chapters yet and intend to do it I advise you not to read Feng Mang until you complete Advance Bravely because Feng Mang would spoil the fun of it If you aren't interested in Shi Bu Ke Dang Advance Bravely you can read Feng Mang right away it's a great story I've read so many books in my life but I have never read anything about anyone who ressembled Han Dong He's such a crazy and lovable character but between us I don't want to ever meet anyone like him in real life

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?毁形象,装傻X,装龌龊,怎么讨人嫌怎么来,生怕人家瞧上他。  你以为金主会适得其反地看上他么?那你就错了。  韩东折腾来折?. buat aku skornya 35⭐ baca versi terjemahan Inggrissebenernya ceritanya menarik tapi menurutku terlalu panjanglebih dari 300an chapterawal baca semangat bangetsampai per tengahan cerita mulai ilang moodnyasampai 34 cerita baru semangat baca lagitokoh ceritanya terlalu banyak dengan konflik yg beragam seputar dunia perfilman

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review Feng Mang 103 Ñ [Read] ➵ Feng Mang Author 柴鸡蛋 – 韩东是群演,兼职看相,预知力爆棚,测姻缘神准。  某天他算出圈内大金主与自己“姻缘相配”,作为纯种直男,他不惜在金主面前自毁形象,装 韩东是群演,兼职看相,预知力爆棚,测姻缘神准。??去自己反倒动心了,又开始千方百计挽回,结果之前演技太好,傻X形象深入人心关键字:锋芒,柴鸡蛋,娱乐圈,爽文,韩大仙儿,金主. 15​ ​ 2​ stars​ Disappointed Characteristics​ of​ the​ two​ protagonists are​ very​ annoying​ and​ definitely​ too​ weird​ For​ me the​ storylines​ are​ not​ funny​ at​ all but​ kind​ of​ boring​