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Appalachian Abduction Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Appalachian Abduction By Debbie Herbert ✑ – A small town cop must protect a beautiful rogue undercover detectiveTrespassing fleeing a peace officerhell she’d aimA small town cop must protect a beautiful rogue undercover detectiveTrespassing fleeing a peace officerhell she’d aimed a gun at his chest Officer James Tedder ca. Emotionally gripping sweetly thrilling action packed sexy romantic adventure filled with danger mystery and two people forced to trust each other to survive Detective Charlotte Helms is a strong dedicated and on the trail of a human trafficking ring when her best friends daughter is taken The cabin in the Appalachian mountains she is staying at broke into ends up belonging to Officer James Tedder and he wants answers Loved their chemistry and determination Highly entertaining and engaging romantic adventure

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N’t help but admire her fight And undercover detective Charlotte Helms will never uit She’s on a personal mission rescue her best friend’s daughterand bust th. This was first published on my blog Lecture toute une Aventure Lavender Mountains are really not a safe place to live as it seems This book take place after Appalachian Prey and we see Liland and Harlan but this book focus on another couple Lilah's brother James jimmy and Charlotte so this one can really be read as a stand alone without any difficultyJames is working under Harlan after being retired from the military but he still has some bad effect from his time in Afghanistan and he does doubt himselfwhen he discover an intruder in his father's cabin he isn't letting go until he discover the real story of Charlotte and when he does he can't leave her aloneI loved that he was loyal he is determined but also a bit wild He does his job well but we can see that it doesn't complete him yet He is also resourceful and uite stubbornCharlotte also is really stubbornshe has a lead to find the missing daughter of her friend and she let nothing get in her way but doing so she also renounce to help she really need When she is forced to trust Jamesshe tries not to let her past dictate her reaction but it's not easy and she sure is paranoid However i do admire her determinationBoth have been hurt and learning to work together uite a bit like them against the world help them to heal bit by bitNow the investigation is interesting the action fast paced but i did prefer Appalachian prey In this book we get less info about the setting the people but really focus on Charlotte and James past which is good but i kind of missing the rural ambiance Also Harlan was a bit strict and while that's normal with his past he should have been open minded in my opinion he did well but not fast enough and not the right way so for those who have read the other story it can be disappointing but for new reader it should be a problem at allSo all together it's a good romance suspense that works perfectly as standalone without cliffhanger

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Appalachian AbductionE child trafficking ring that lured her away When they’re forced to become partners James must trust Charlotte to have his back But can he trust her with his hear. This review is of Appalachian Abduction by Debbie HerbertNote this review contains spoilersWhen you hear of human trafficking you think of big cities like New York or Atlanta You don’t think of uiet wooded Appalachia But then you haven’t met Charlotte and Richard and Maddie StowersCharlotte is on a mission to find her friend’s daughter and that mission has led her to the Stowers and Lavender Mountain and Officer James Tedder Charlotte has had a tough time being undercover in Atlanta and she’s been suspended for insubordination But she won’t stop until she finds Jenny and the longer he knows her the James feels the same wayThe characters are well developed and the romance adds spice to the mystery of the kidnaping and everything else that is going on Charlotte learns to trust James but who else is trustworthy Will they find Jenny in time You’ll have to read this to find outI hope you enjoy it as much as I did