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Roberto to the Dark Tower Came Read & Download Ó 104 ç ❰Reading❯ ➺ Roberto to the Dark Tower Came Author Tom Epperson – Roberto is a young left wing South American journalist who receives an ominous phone call leave the country in ten days or die He has every intention of leavF darkness in pursuit of his story Unknowingly Roberto is headed toward to the Dark Kindle #214 a confrontation with an evil darker than he could possibly have imagine. I loved this book I devoured it in one big gulp It was suspenseful It was thoughtful It was timely But most of all I was surprised by how soulful it was for a thriller It's set in a Latin American country full of political turmoil and though written by an Arkansas author its sense of place is amazing You can practically feel the jungle all around you By the end of the book my heart was actually thumping in my chest as I feared for the fate of all involved Highly recommend

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N of leaving as soon as he Roberto to PDFEPUB or follows a lead on a major story developing in the jungle The book follows him on his perilous journey into the heart o. I received a free copy of this from netgalley Roberto to the Dark Tower Came needs ALL the trigger warnings Gore death torture sexual assault cruelty to animals death of animals language whatever you can think of If that is enough for you to not read it then you probably don’t need to read the rest of my review If your still reading my review then maybe you will consider picking up this novel It was disturbing and dark but I couldn’t make myself stop reading it I became invested in the characters and I wanted so bad for them to triumph but this isn’t that kind of book It’s the type that juxtaposes flawed characters who want to make a difference with the cruelty of those are resisting It’s the kind of gritty realism where no one winsRoberto to the Dark Tower Came is written in third person present tense that gives an immediacy to the prose as Roberto a left wing journalist receives death threats makes plans to leave the country gets pulled into reporting on one last story and witnesses all manners of atrocities The narrative builds suspense like a thriller but it is layered with literary symbolism and imagery The most terrifying aspect of it was the realism The story has a contemporary setting The little details about daily life ground in it a place that may or probably does exist somewhere Even though the country the book was set in was never directly named at least not that I noticed other real countries were It’s one thing to read about a character who witnessed someone get flayed in an epic fantasy like Game of Thrones that is set in a secondary world It is far disturbing in a book like this but also probably worth reading Because somewhere in the world people are living in fear of getting killed for disagreeing with governments or living on land people in power want to exploit I can tell myself “It’s fiction don’t let it get to you” and it almost works with a secondary world fantasy but with a book like this my brain responds “yes fiction these people aren’t real but someone else might be living an eually hellish story”This story made me think about social political and humans rights problems than I can count but ones that stood out to me were the relationship between people and land between those in power and those indigenous to the land and how it’s not just things diamonds or gold but some kind of metal or element used to make everyday things like cell phones that directs greedy monsters to the places they destroy How many everyday items that I take for granted are made with materials that were obtained by exploiting land and murdering those who love itAfter reading Roberto to the Dark Tower Came I appreciate what I have and where I live ten times than I did before but it also makes me sick about what my privileges safety and conveniences have cost someone else Maybe it will drive me to research things and be careful about what products I buy Maybe because this book was so damned disturbing I’ll lose myself in another story and I try to forget about I came away from this novel appreciating how precious my freedom is and terrified the current American leadership could make my world like Robertos Overall if you want a book that will take you out of your comfort zone keep you up at night engage you with a blend of literary realism and a political thriller plot and make you think a lot then this is the book for you But be warned this book is loaded with triggers

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Roberto to the Dark Tower CameRoberto is the Dark Epub #222 a young left wing South American journalist who receives an ominous phone call leave the country in ten days or die He has every intentio. 📣 Roberto to the Dark Tower Came is available NOW In ten days Roberto You must leave the country Or else you will die 35 stars The book opens up with Roberto waking up in the middle of the night to receive a death threat on the phone and the narrative counts down each day before the unknown man's deadline Roberto to the Dark Tower Came is overall a powerful novel about a young journalist in an unnamed South American country fighting for the truth when journalists and other subversives are routinely murdered for doing their jobs The fact that someone wants to kill you for doing your job should make you realize how important that job is I am going to admit that I am a bit conflicted about this book It started incredibly strong and hooked me from the opening lines but the subseuent few days nine eight and seven dragged for me and I struggled to continue but my desire to see what happened kept me going and I am so glad I stuck with it I understand that it was important to Roberto's life to wrap things up and to reminisce about the past but I found the pacing to be a little slower than I would have liked Despite the considerable amount of time in the first 40% of the book dedicated to the people in his life barring Roberto Daniel and Lina the characters fell flat for me; however the connection that I felt for those three characters was deepDespite the slow beginning things really picked up around 40% in six days before the deadline For me this book was about Roberto's adventure to uncover and expose the truth it is less of a mysterythriller If I were to give this book a rating at 30% it would have been maybe 25 stars but it is easily a 4 star ending for me I think that many people will appreciate the buildup and character building but for me I wanted the action to come fasterThere are interesting parallels with terrorism and the fear of terrorism being used as a means of gaining control or excusing governmental acts of force that most certainly apply in the modern climate and the media is used to spread this message to tamper outrage I think that is why I felt a disconnect it felt too real but not actually discussing real events I don't generally hold fiction up to a reality standard but this almost read like nonfiction to me It is likely that Epperson didn't name the country on purpose so that it isn't rooted so much in modern historical events but I found it a bit distracting personally to have the narrator refer to my country and my city constantly Regions mentioned were in Colombia Ecuador and Peru all countries which I have traveled to which is probably why I was trying to pick it apart My best guess is that Roberto is based in Colombia and the strife depicted is a fictionalization of the FARC conflict cw animal abuse rape murder warOverall this is a good read and I think those interested in political adult fiction will enjoy this one Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher Meerkat Press for providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review Blog | Twitter