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By the Fates Freed By the Fates #1EalasaidMy life is nothing but a Fates Freed PDF #10003 nightmare Imprisoned Tortured Used I pray for death but the Fates have other plansRaven’s touch awakens me saves me sets my soul ablaze He says he loves me but. Finally finished it and I wish I hadn't bothered There was a warning of the violence contained herein but it was upsetting and imo than needed to further the plot or create ambiance unless the ambiance you wish to create is sickening And the violence doesn't end in the first couple chapters as was suggested but continues almost constantly throughout the book Frankly the long term effects of that kind of scarring is well not something you could EVER physically recover from thus straining and finally braking my 'suspension of disbelief' For people with magical powers they fall into the simplest of traps like the 3 Stooges These are supposed to be uber powerful whatevers sheesh I guess I'd hoped the story would be intriguing enough to warrant the wallowing in horror but no it was like watching a Cronenberg movie Nope actually Cronenberg is worth the cringing thought provokingRomantic not And why is all the sexual violence applied to womenJust ick I need to read something nice and fluffy now to scrub my brain clean

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Rture and is intended for readers over The first two chapters are By the MOBI #233 intended to be difficult to read and should not be read by sensitive readers Please check out the Look Inside feature before purchasin. By the fates Freed by Patricia D EddyNot even halfway through I had to write this author and fuss I was reading on my break and crying; my timer went off and I had to get myself together before I could get back to my desk That is how good this book isI really got into this book right away the story of Elasaid the target of a powerful devil clan They bind her taking her name her voice and her magic Shackled inside the cold stone walls of the devil’s prison tortured and abused she prayfor a death she knows will not comeA few times I had to give myself a break some of these scenes were really intense but the payoff and meeting Raven helped me get through some of the 'raw' scenes Raven a warlock and powerful protector gives a casual promise to his king’s Council results in a life changing discovery He must free her the witch or his very life will be overFreed Elsaid must learn how to trust again But Raven with the face of a dark angel is hiding something — a secret that will give the witch the strength to help her to fulfill her destinyAs she comes into her power she will discover a pure truth that allows her to save herself and the man she lovesThis is the first book in the By the Fates trilogy Warning This book contains disturbing and potentially offensive scenes including forced imprisonment rape and physical and mental torture Suitable for adult audiences only The GoodThis book is very well written some of the 'raw' scenes I described above could have really turned me off but they were tastefully done You feel the heroine's pain without being too weighed down And later when she is free you will cry happy tears of joy with her as she discovers life If that is not enough than let me tell you that the characters are likeable and well written and the plot is a good pace so you can be introduced into this new world without having to go back to the beginning trying to define a term I love bad guys and this had than a few for me to choose from Yay Also a plus is the fact that there were no screaming errors; the book is well edited and there are no glaring plot holes either This book is told in the first person narrative of both main characters I know that a lot of people don’t care for first person; I'm not one of them However for those that do I felt that the break up of point view really helps with the FP Diversity Raven is Dusky Marcus is dark skinned Thank you for writing good diverse characters The bad I just felt that the bad guys need a better comeuppance

REVIEW By the Fates Freed By the Fates #1

REVIEW ´ By the Fates Freed By the Fates #1 ß [PDF / Epub] ⚣ By the Fates Freed By the Fates #1 ✈ Patricia D. Eddy – EalasaidMy life is nothing but a nightmare Imprisoned Tortured Used I pray for death but the Fates have other plansRaven’s touch awakens me saves me sets my soul ablaze He saysI’m too damaged to loveWhen evil finds me once will my fear hold me prisoner Or will Raven give me the strength to fight to survive to loveWarning This book contains several graphic scenes of physical and sexual to. I have to first disclose that this is not the genre I choose to read in fact I had a strict no witches vampires werewolves or anything that hunts any of those policy However when your friend writes and self publishes a book and also names you in the acknowledgments you at least purchase said book I guiltily glanced at it a few times a day on my nightstand and was an outcast at girl's nights for a few months I took it with me on a recent vacation hoping to at least start it I read the whole thing in 2 days like couldn't put it down stayed too long in the sun didn't attend touristy events to keep reading The sex scenes made me sad I was so far from home and the boyfriend I can't wait for the next one to the point that when Patricia tweets about writing one of her other books I am sad and usually reply with a harassing tweet I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys paranormal romance witches love stories or sex Also to people that like to support small independent authors Patricia is an inspiration and I am so proud to be her friend #keepwriting