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Louisiana's Way Home doc Û Hardcover Read ↠ [Read] ➳ Louisiana's Way Home Author Kate DiCamillo – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk From two time Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo comes a story of discovering who you are — and deciding who you want to beWhen Louisiana Elefante’s granny wakes her up in the middle of the night to From two time Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo comes a story of discovering who you are and deciding who you want to beWhen Louisiana Elefante’s granny wakes her up in the middle of the night to tell her that the day of reckoning has arrived and they have to leave home immediately Louisiana isn’t overly worried After all Granny has many middle of the night ideas But this time things are different This t The story opens with the narrator Louisiana who’s abruptly awakened by her granny at 3am At first she doesn’t think much of it “I thought I was caught up in some middle of the night idea of Granny’s and that when the sun came up she would think better of the whole thingThis has happened beforeGranny has many middle of the night ideas”Once she realizes that they are about to enter Georgia she asks Granny when they’ll be turning around to go back home Granny simply tells her that they won’t be going home and that the time for turning around has ended “Because the hour of reckoning has arrived” said Granny in a very serious voice “and the curse at last must be confronted”Louisiana is aware that there’s a curse on her head–a family curse that’s been passed down from generation to generation even though she doesn’t completely understand it Even with this uite adventurous road trip Louisiana is angry She wants to go back home to her friends in Florida and find out where her cat Archie is In the days that follow Louisiana will learn many things about herself that she never knew Her future becomes uncertain as she begins to uestion her existence She’ll have to figure out how to find herself again and face some important decisions with difficultyThis book was really interesting in the beginning and we were enjoying it but parts of it seemed a little humdrum in between when there wasn’t much going on The premise is good and the writing great but it was roughly half way through that it really grabbed our attention We had no idea what was going to happen and wondered what the end would be like It was very surprisingI’ll say that between the three of us reading the book we all had different feelings My daughter didn’t love it my son absolutely loved it and I simply liked it I think for my younger daughter it was because she wasn’t picking up on some of the complex topics and themes and we had to discuss these because the recommended reading age for this book is ten and up It was still my turn to read at the end of the book and I couldn’t even finish the last four paragraphs or so My daughter had to read it while my son and I cried our eyes out It was at that point that all the emotions came together What a storyWith themes of friendship family love and forgiveness this book made me think about my dad who was in a very similar situation as a teen In his case this was something that he never got over I think there are many children out there that could use some support and will benefit from reading Louisiana’s storyWe haven’t read Raymie Nightingale yet and I noticed in the blurb that it’s this book where Louisiana is first introduced I sort of wish we would’ve started with that one first because I believe it’s possible that Louisiana plays a large role in it but we’ll be reading that one soon–right after The Tale of Despereaux4You can also see this review

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Ime Granny intends for them never to return Separated from her best friends Raymie and Beverly Louisiana struggles to oppose the winds of fate and Granny and find a way home But as Louisiana’s life becomes entwined with the lives of the people of a small Georgia town including a surly motel owner a walrus like minister and a mysterious boy with a crow on his shoulder she starts to worry that she is des A friend and I were discussing Raymie Nightingale and Louisiana's Way Home and she mentioned that some adults feel discomfort with DiCamillo's books because often the children in them have no safety net I chewed on this observation all morning and having finished the book during lunch I've come to a conclusion Kate DiCamillo doesn't write fantasy or realistic fiction or historical fiction or magical realism She writes modern day fairy tales Sometimes with animals Despereaux Tulane but recently with humans Flora Raymie and now LouisianaBy and large the children of fairy tales are not safe They are forced to navigate a world that is cruel and they must become their own agents of change Occasionally these children will encounter someone or something that shows them kindness but ultimately they must make crucial decisions on which their entire fate hinges Through the eyes of an adult this is terrifying Through the eyes of a child this is empoweringWhat happens to Louisiana in this book may seem utterly ridiculous the dentist the crow the motel owner the peanuts the organ player the reverend but the events in this book would easily overlay any Grimm tale Take The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs an episodic adventure into the depths of hell that plays with character tropes risk and gasp no safety net Louisiana is similarly in the depths of her own hell nothing is uite as it seems and she is battling her way out of confusion and despair DiCamillo has stripped the magic of fairy tales away and instead plays with the familiar pieces in a contemporary setting This is a magic less but fanciful contemporary fairy tale DiCamillo's forte But what of the child's safety in Louisiana's Way Home?Well like with most fairy tales even if there is suffering and sorrow and harm and horror that precedes it we know the ending will be happy There's your safety net

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Louisiana's Way HomeTined only for good byes Which could be due to the curse on Louisiana’s and Granny’s heads But that is a story for another timeCalled “one of DiCamillo’s most singular and arresting creations” by The New York Times Book Review the heartbreakingly irresistible Louisiana Elefante was introduced to readers in Raymie Nightingale and now with humor and tenderness Kate DiCamillo returns to tell her sto NOW AVAILABLE ”I am going to write it all down so that what happened to me will be known so that if someone were to stand at their window at night and look up at stars and think My goodness whatever happened to Louisiana Elefante? Where did she go? they will have an answer They will know “This is what happened“I will begin at the beginning”And with those words Louisiana Elefante’s journey with her granny begins In the middle of the night they leave their home in Florida friends pets and everything Louisiana has ever known and head toward Georgia If you’ve already read DiCamillo’s Raymie Nightingale you will be familiar with Louisiana’s character a spirited ten year old girl who has “swampy lungs” and a rather eccentric granny If you haven’t read Raymie Nightingale this can be enjoyed without having read it but I read these two books back to back and so for me there is no real ‘gap’ in the story There is a lot of wisdom between the pages of this story some of which is uplifting but this story is not without some sadness life is after all a balance between sadness and joy Even children and young teens need to learn how to deal with their own sadness by how others deal with sadness and the frustrations that come with the inconveniences of life Overall though I would consider this a story of life love and the stories we tell ourselves and others and home the ones we first know and the ones we make for ourselves ”Perhaps what matters when all is said and done is not who puts us down but who picks us up” Having read Because of Winn Dixie and having loved it I was pleased to have an opportunity to read this story her latest and hoped for the same level of charm I was not disappointed in the least Pub Date 02 OCT 2018Many thanks for the ARC provided by Candlewick Press Candlewick