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kindle ô Advice for Future Corpses and Those Who Love Them ´ Hardcover read ↠ johnscyclingdiary ´ ➺ [Reading] ➼ Advice for Future Corpses and Those Who Love Them By Sallie Tisdale ➯ – Sallie Tisdale offers a thPalliative care she provides a frank direct and compassionate meditation on the inevitable Well this made me think about death even than I usually do but I found Tisdale's thoughts on it and on the process of dying to be helpful and sometimes illuminatingI have no doubt that all of this would resonate even with someone either suffering from a terminal illness or helping someone else through the last stages of their life but even from my relatively fortunate angle this provoked me to consider and sometimes reconsider what I think makes a good death what role a funeral plays what body disposal techniue would suit me and what the cultural environmental and personal impacts of various end of life practices are I don't think I'll reread this but it was a solidly good thing to have ruminated over all this There's a lot I didn't know the low bar for something to legally ualify as hospice the difference between hospice care and palliative care that there's a new techniue that will freeze your body and then vibrate it into ice crystals Sold Something that Tisdale uietly and persistently evokes is that there's no simple answer to any of this You can have a bad death at home surrounded by your family what happens if you don't want to be surrounded by your family If their love makes it hard for you to actually take the necessary step of dying and a good death in a hospital Bodies decay or are suirm inducingly destroyed and that's unavoidable no matter how you choose to have yours gotten rid of You can think you know exactly how someone you love wants to die and you could be entirely wrong about that and maybe in a way that would have hurt themThere really is a practicality at the heart of a lot of this Tisdale lays out pros and cons of different practices includes the emotional aspects in that calculation and explains her own reactions The clarity of those sections even when what's being made clear is ultimately that this is all impossibly ambiguous made them my favorites For me the parts where Tisdale talks about how to interact with the dying were less helpful in part because it all seemed to boil down to just let them do and say what they want and by the way 95% of the things you'll want to say will be wrong and unhelpful Some of it was obvious but concrete and sadly still necessary don't tell someone their loved one's death is God's will or the result of their karma but some of it gets into a kind of amorphous nitpicky vagueness that to me seemed to be making an impossible demand for the caretaking person to foresee all possible reactions to every word out of their mouth This got a little repetitive after a while because these particular issues never really changedBut the practical side of things is genuinely helpful because it makes you consider issues you might as well start resolving with your loved ones now finding out what they want working out what you want The death plan and guidelines on advance directives in the back were particularly helpful in that regard I didn't find as much profundity here as many reviewers did but I still found plenty to value

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Sallie Tisdale offers a thought Future Corpses PDFEPUB #193 provoking yet practical perspec I admit the title is what drew me to this book I continued reading because it is an unsentimental non religious practical look at death and dying As the author points out birth and death are the two experiences that every living creature shares that no one can practice for and that are the big mysteries of existenceIn case you think this is a depressing book it is not Realistic advice on how to control what you can and make dying easier for yourself and others

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Advice for Future Corpses and Those Who Love ThemTive on death and dying Informed by her many years working as a nurse with than a decade in I’ve never felt better Last Words of Douglas Fairbanks Sr If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions the road to death is paved with platitudes Nigel BarleyI know this will likely sound maudlin I promise you I’m a joyful person but I’ve been thinking a lot about death in the last few years especially after my Father died and as with everything in my life I try to find answers or at the very least a path to understanding through books This was an eye opening one filled with the practical and the emotional the intimate and the spiritual and it illuminated some previously dark cornersThe author is a nurse end of life educator Buddhist practitioner and teacher and explains how ‘these strands have given her a measure of euanimity about the inevitable sea of change that is human life’ With eual parts compassion and frankness she addresses among other things what it means to die ‘a good death’ what to say and not to say last months weeks days and hours; what happens to a body after death and what can be the all consuming griefOver and above all that I learned I really appreciated the appendices preparing a death plan advance directives organ and tissue donation and assisted death Not subjects we want to address but necessary because none of us is getting out of here alive We forgetthat love and loss are intimate companions that we love the real flower so much than the plastic one love the evanescence of autumn’s brilliant colors the cast of twilight across a mountainside lasting only a moment It is this very fragility that opens our heartsI read this with a nonfiction book club and the meeting turned out to be such an interesting experience and it reminded me how little we know of the often painful road each of us travels in our lives If I’d known people better I would have demanded a group hug at the end of our discussion Grief is a story that must be told over and overGrief is the breath after the last oneRecommended if you’re willing to face some grim realities with a little bit of humor and a large does of kindness from a wise teacher