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The Furies kindle ✓ 368 pages ↠ Katie Lowe ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➹ The Furies ➱ Author Katie Lowe – This page turning harrowing debut is the story of a girl trying to fit in whose obsessive new friends and desperation to belong leads her to places she'd never imagineddarThis page turning harrowing debut is the story of a girl trying to fit in whose obsessive new friends and desperation to belong leads her to places she'd never imagineddark dangerous and possibly even violent In 1998 a sixteen year old girl is found deadShe's posed on a swing on her boarding school's property dressed all in white with no known cause of death Whispers and rumors swirl with no answers But there are a few who know what happened; there is one girl who will never forgetOne year earlier a new student Violet steps on the campus of Elm Hollow Academy an all girl's boarding school on the outskirts of a sleepy “Some things simply cannot be believed Even when you know they’re true”The Furies is a slow burn psychological thriller about four teenage girls who long for power Through the study of art mythology and ancient witchcraft they believe they found their voices However rather than uses these elements as a guide they use them to seek vengeance When Violet a teenage outcast starts attending an elite school she isn’t looking to make friends Having suffered the shock of losing her father and baby sister in a car crash she is merely existing That is until she meets Robin a charismatic bad girl who introduces Violet to a world filled with death destruction obsession and chaos Violet falls uickly under Robin’s spell and in doing so discovers her dark side The Furies is a slow burn character study told through Violet’s eyes The narrative focuses on the relationship mainly between Violet and Robin Through Violet's character Lowe does a good job of bringing teenage insecurities to light especially in how they might lead one down a dark path However I felt like a good chunk of the time I was only hearing about what was happening to Violet vs being able to see her go through the horrors that she suffersThe ending was fitting but at the same time choppy and a bit lackluster There were parts that I loved and others where I had trouble experiencing what was happening to Violet Some events are detailed and fully explained whereas other major events just happen It took me a long time to read this book I would pick it up read a few chapters put it down and then come back to it a few days later The characters felt distant and I struggled with the pacing of the narrative However I was compelled to see what happens to these four girls While I didn’t love The Furies I did find certain aspects interesting and enjoyed Lowe’s take on vengeance I won an ARC of this book from a Goodreads Giveaway

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Coastal town This is her fresh start her chance to begin again in the wake of tragedy leave her demons behind Bright but a little strange uncertain and desperate to fit in she soon finds herself invited to an advanced study group led by her alluring and mysterious art teacher AnnabelThere with three other girls Alex Grace and Robin the five of them delve into the school's long buried grim history of Greek and Celtic legends; of the school founder's academic interest in the occult; of gruesome 17th century witch trials Annabel does her best to convince the girls that her classes aren't related to ancient rites and ritu 5 vicious intelligent sensual stars A warm thank you to GR friend Elaine M whose wonderful review led me to this gem of a debut novel Thanks also to PinkAmy who had a verydifferent experience of this book than my own but also enticed me to read this book pronto I was then fortunate to find this book on Netgalley and want to thank them the author and St Martin's Press for an e copy in exchange for an honest review I was blown away by this first novel by Ms Katie Lowe The book explores the darkness that lies within teenage girls in an insightful respectful yet extremely frightening way We are taken to coastal England to a decaying and dull coastal town There we meet Violet languishing in grief over the death of her father and baby sister and neglected by her increasingly depressed and alcoholic mother She is given a scholarship as a day student to a prestigious all girls arts school and she falls into a trio of girls that wreak havoc on others each other and themselves through violence psychological sabotage and figurative possibly literal witchcraft Nobody is safe from them particularly boys and men that lumber along and do them wrong The writing is neo gothic ornate descriptive and highly sensual You are able to see hear smell and taste what is happening often in very disturbing and revolting ways The horror in this novel is deep frightening and extremely realistic in the depiction of adolescent girl dynamics and psychologies I was of then left holding my breath as I did not want these evil girl fumes entering my being The tie in to local history and the mythic Greek furies is extremely well done and plausible The mysteries are extremely well executed and multi layered If you enjoyed Eileen by Moshfeigh See What I have Done by Schmidt or Dark Rooms by Anolik then you must add this to your reading list I cannot rave enough about this one Fanfuckingtastic

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The FuriesAls and that they are just history and mythology But the she tries to warn the girls off the topic the they drawn to it and the possibility that they can harness magic for themselvesViolet uickly finds herself wrapped up in this heady new world of lawless power except she is needled by the disappearance of a former member of the group one with whom Violet shares an uncanny resemblance As her friends' actions take a turn for the darker and spiral out of control she begins to wonder who she can trust all the while becoming deeply entangled How far will these young girls go to protect one anotheror to destroy one another A sixteen year old girl is found dead in a swing at her boarding school It’s 1998 No one knows how she died Rumors light up and spread like wildfireWell actually a few know what happened but they aren’t talking One student is particularly distraughtViolet is a new student at the boarding school Elm Hollow Academy just one year earlier Violet needs a new start and this will be it; leaving her past behind Like any other teen she desperately wants to fit in though she’s a bit awkward Brilliant but eccentric at timesViolet is invited to a study group led by her art teacher Annabel Alex Grace and Robin are also in the group and they are studying the history of the school It’s rather dark The school founder was interested in the occult and the witch trials played a partA former member of the group has disappeared and she looks much like Violet While her friends take part in and darkness Violet doesn’t know what to do She’s not sure how far this will go and will it go up in flames?I loved the art and mythology This was such a uniue read I love the female slant here It was clever and edgy The Furies is a well written engaging story about toxic friends with a dark backdrop of witches spells murder and magic I found it engrossing and thought churning Katie Lowe definitely kept me on my toes Highly recommended for fans of darkly themed young adult novelsI received a complimentary copy All opinions are my ownMany of my reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom and instagram wwwinstagramcomtarheelreader