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Download Heart Broken Musings ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF õ ❰Ebook❯ ➧ Heart Broken Musings Author Raunak Agarwal – This book is a sarcastic and humorous take on love life and everything in between expressed through 51 beautiful chapters of relatable uotes musings and poMusings and poems It basically deals with what Heart Broken MOBI #233 we hoomans go through on a day to day basis Moreover every chapter i. Well I started reading this book a few days after it arrived because of some personal problems And I finished it in just one day But before reviewing the book I would like to tell about its majestic cover According to me it is one of the finest and deepest cover art I have yet seen so far Perhaps the book is deep itself Although the author wrote most of the lines in either humorous or sarcastic way but it had true and deep meanings Non Fiction doesnt fascinates me much but I must say that I enjoyed this book a lot I agreed with most of the viewpoints made by the author the poem about women was my favourite But at some points the author should've taken a girl's prospective as eually as that of guys But that's exceptional The poems are really touching and deep

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S accompanied by a uniue and perfectly orchestrated author's rant or opinion focused on one single person You This edition is out of print. This book is a collection of poems and rants which are funny amusing and entertaining You get motivated by this uniue piece of 50 odd rants and poems surrounding the various aspects of lifeThe poems have been explained by the author which teaches further about the life and the way to live it All and all a good one time feel good kind of bookA special mention to the beautiful cover of this book

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Heart Broken MusingsThis book is a sarcastic and humorous take on love life and everything in between expressed through beautiful chapters of relatable uotes. I rarely read poetry but this collection of musings was such a pleasant surprise and a breath of fresh air for me Heart Broken Musings Rants Poems uotes is a collection of 50 short poems about every day to day topic and explores various aspects of life including parents and child relationship bond between friends the good bad and ugly of a relationship between lovers the loss and pain of the said relationship and other different social topicsHowever what set this book apart is the funny and sarcastic explanation made by the author in the footnote I thought it was a really uniue approach I know poetry is all about finding your own meaning in the words but the footnotes made sure that whatever the author is trying to convey reaches its readers And sometimes we just need that sometimes we need to read things which are relatable and eye opening These poems and the author's perspective certainly made sure of that The poems in itself are deeply moving and are written in a most subtle and lucid way without getting too heavy or preachy Some of them are even thought provoking and most of them are so congenial and pleasant I really enjoyed the poems based around the parent child bond expectations and the one where the author condemns suicide The only drawback of this book is it gets a little too biased in the chapters with themes of love with one gender getting the upper hand and say That said I really enjoyed reading this book a lot than I expected and if you are someone who is looking for an inspiring relatable and fun stuff to read pick this up You will laugh out loud but this book will also make you think and will certainly motivate youPS The cover of this book is extremely gorgeous Review copy received from Author in exchange for my honest opinion