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You Were Never Really Here free read à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð ➾ [Download] ➾ You Were Never Really Here By Jonathan Ames ➳ – A short sharp and supremely hardboiled thriller from the author of the brilliant Wake Up Sir A former Marine and ex FBI agent Joe has Never Really MOBI #242 A short sharp and supremely hardboiled thriller from the author of the brilliant Wake Up Sir A former Marine and ex FBI agent Joe has seen one too many crime scenes and known too much trauma and not just in his professional life Solitary and haunted he prefers to be invisible He doesn't allow You Were PDFEPUBhimself friends or lovers and makes a living rescuing young girls from the de. If revenge is a dish best served cold Joe the main character of this story is serving up some icy entrees If this story were a person it’d be lying passed out face first on the floor of a dive bar in a puddle of various human and some inhuman liuids covered in cuts and bruises and upon hearing your approach would stagger upright spit out a tooth take a double shot of whiskey and lurch outwards to pick a new fight with anyone The shadow of death and hopeless despair hangs over this story and I love it Jonathan Ames is best known for his excellent and cancelled long before its time HBO series “Bored to Death” a comedic detective series about an inept amateur sleuth and his friends solving cute and silly mysteries while stoned in and around Manhattan This ominously titled story “You Were Never Really Here” is the polar opposite to that show’s tone This story is pitch black noir at its finest Joe is a past middle aged hitman with a troubled past Beaten ruthlessly by a now dead alcoholic father in his youth he took his psychologically scarred self into the marines and got trained up to kill and fight becoming the best Leaving the army he went to work at the FBI and when he left he found employment working as an assassin for hire Now living with his senile and deaf mother he heads out on a case for a politician that goes pear shaped when he realises too late the mob are involved and things aren’t as they seem Now Joe a jaded and worn out man armed with a hammer sets out to save an innocent girl’s life no matter what the cost to himself because he doesn’t have anything left to live for A highly skilled killer with a deathwish on a mission is there anything better to read The unstoppable tough guy is a trope we’ve all read many times before in books and comics and film but it’s told again and again because when it’s done well it’s compelling as hell and Ames’ writing is so good that this story is well worth reading The writing isn’t as lifeless and limp as Lee Child or James Patterson though the story is similar to something both would write but reads much vibrantly and intelligently It’s still exciting and dark and full of action but Joe as a character really feels like a person and Ames’ deft touch gives meat to the story which would otherwise in summary feel too straightforward to be interesting Ames’ writing is Chandler esue but modern all the archetypes are here but feel updated and visceral What’s amazing too is that it’s only around 50 pages long but feels like Ames got an entire 300 page novel reduced to the bare minimum in this story By the end I could’ve read another 200 pages easily I’d gotten to know Joe and wanted to see him continue his avenging mission right to the end here’s hoping Ames decides to develop this short story into something substantial and if he does I’m there If you enjoy Raymond Chandler Michael Connelly Frank Miller’s “The Hard Goodbye” for Marv Garth Ennis’ “The Punisher MAX” series the movie “Taken” and of course Jonathan Ames’ previous writings this one is right up your alley “You Were Never Really Here” is an amazing short story well worth checking out Read it wearing your best fedora

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Adly clutches of the sex trade But when a high ranking New York politician hires him to extricate his teenage daughter from a Manhattan brothel Joe uncovers a web of corruption that even he may not be able to unravel When Were Never Really PDFEPUB #187 the men on his trail take the only person left in the world who matters to him he forsakes his pledge to do no harm If anyone can kill his way to the truth it. This novella packs a punch in its short pages You Were Never Really Here opens with some action and the pace never stops until the end I had no idea what to expect when I started it but by the end I was wishing it was a full novel because I didn’t want it to endI’m not going to lie I was drawing comparisons with a certain Mr Child and his Jack Reacher character while I was reading this book Joe is very similar to Reacher which in itself if was enough to make me want The plot for such a short book was gripping The sex trade is never an easy one to tackle and especially not when you add in corruption and murder I found You Were Never Really here to be violent but unflinching readI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and like I said I only wish it was longer Seriously that is my only criticism Gripping violent fast and full of action it is a brilliant novella So much detail and excellent characterisation sueezed into so few pages and yet it is still superb

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You Were Never Really Here's JoeNovelist essayist creator of the beloved TV series Bored to Death and Blunt Talk Jonathan Ames is celebrated not only for his comic sensibilities and devotion to the absurd but for his lurid attraction to inner demons In this shocking and suspenseful thriller the author goes darker than noir with an ass kicking and psychologically tormented guardian angel who rescues others but refuses to save himse. After watching the movie of the same name and ending up befuddled over what was just seen I then read Jonathan Ames' novella You Were Never Really Here and was pleasantly pleased with both Be forewarned both are with graphic violence Also if one intends to watch the film I would suggest reading only about half of the novella And to be honest I would do the reading before watching the film Unfortunately aspects of the film are too ambiguous and reading half of the novella explains away the ambiguity You Were Never Really Here is about a psychologically and physically damaged man named Joe and his downward spiral into madness and violence Joe is a war veteran and former FBI agent As an FBI agent Joe mainly investigated human trafficking and after leaving the FBI Joe now rescues children mostly females from victimization To tell would offer too many spoilers What is favorable about the novella is that Ames does a very good job explaining how Joe has arrived where he is today and why he is the way he is Recommended to those that enjoy dark unflinching fiction