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Read Mended with Gold Mended with Gold #1 eBook È ebook ä [PDF / Epub] ☉ Mended with Gold Mended with Gold #1 Author Lee Welch – A photographer with post traumatic stress disorder falls for a comics artist on a wild New Zealand beach but can he find true love when he feels so wounded byAl photographer until a deadly explosion left him with post traumatic stress disorder Emotionally wounded and desperate for a sense of safety he's run all the way to wild and remote Kahawai Bay New ZealandUnder Mended with ePUB #9734 the worst possible circumstances Alex meets Joe a shy young comics artist Joe 45 stars Gah this was gorgeous What a sensual atmospheric touching read I loved the pace and I lost myself while I got to know these two wounded characters and they got to know each other There were so many circumstances for lack of better way to describe it that were brought to this story More than you’d suspect could be unpacked in the length of a 27K word novella Yet most of it was addressed just enough to allow me feel what the characters felt Somehow I didn’t need all the details in order to know who Alex and Joe wereI’m not sure I’ve ever read anything uite like this and I’m really impressed It’s definitely one of those stories that you know could have been a full novel but it also works perfectly at this length Off to read the acclaimed epilogueNOTE I know 499 is a bit steep for less than 100 pages but it’s on sale 50% off right now on Smashwords

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Lets Alex into his playful gentle world of comics and soon Alex is falling for him hard Alex longs for Joe is reticent But is it shyness Or does Joe not want a much older lover with 'issues' Or is something else keeping them apartThis is a tender and uplifting story about creativity adversity true love and comi 45 starsA really lovely love story that goes straight to your heartLoved the scenario and how these two broken men are simply just right for each other That last scene is beautiful and heart rending at the same time As is the well chosen titleThis is really amazing in a uiet and serene way I could have easily done with a lot of Joe and AlexThanks for the tip Jan

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Mended with Gold Mended with Gold #1A Gold Mended with Gold PDFEPUBphotographer with post traumatic stress Gold Mended PDFEPUB #188 disorder falls for a comics artist on a wild New Zealand beach but can he find true love when he feels so wounded by lifeEverything changed when the bomb exploded Forty five year old Alex Cox worked as an internation I can’t remember the last time I felt so taken by a storyMended with Gold was absolutely charming captivating and beautiful Details sometimes can ruin a story to me It's been happening a lot lately The way descriptions are written fall under the category of unnecessary information In other words they bore me to death Who knows Perhaps I'm reading the wrong booksIt is so rare to find a story where you can find beauty in a description of a place a painting a photo a person a seagull you name it This kind of uniue voice that grabs you and doesn’t let go Mended with Gold had that in spades My highlights1 The author’s voice was a magic tunnel transporting me inside his world 2 3D characters full of personality fleshed out with insecurities fears vulnerabilities hopes and lifeThis is a very short story and as always every time I want to give it 5 Stars it rings a guilty bell in my conscience for tossing 5 stars for such a short story I am totally ignoring this bell today and going with my heart After all it brought me all the feels I have had numb for a whileLoved it So much talentTeal I can't thank you enough for this rec