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Prithviraj Chauhan Read & Download À 100 É [Read] ➱ Prithviraj Chauhan ➹ Anuja Chandramouli – Prithviraj Chauhan was destiny's chosen one singled out for glory and greatness During the course of an extraordinary life he transcended the limits imposed on mortals and achieved Godlike luster The PrPrithviraj Chauhan was destiny's chosen one singled out for glory and greatness During the course of an extraordinary life he transcended the limits imposed. I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review First a few words about Prithviraj Chauahan He was one of most powerful kings of India and stories of his exploits have reached legendary status He is like a character straight out of a good old adventure novel He was a generous king a mighty warrior a passionate lover a patron of scholars a man of lofty ideals a man who sought glory and above all a king who wanted to protect his kingdom from foreign invaders Unfortunately the mighty king’s story did not have a happy ending His tragic defeat in the hands of the Ghurids changed the destiny of IndiaHistory legend and the author’s imagination have come together to create a pretty good storyPrithviraj was born in the Chahamanas dynasty Similar to royalty in any corner of the world behind the façade of power and wealth lay intrigue treachery envy greed debauchery dirty court politics and assassinations There are uite a few well fleshed out characters in the book I liked the way the author has tried to portray the different facets of the eponymous hero’s character From his childhood he was so different – a person of contradictions Intelligent and generous on one hand wild and impulsive on the other He dreamt of glory fought many wars but at the same time he loved beyond limits was a just and benevolent rulerOne of my favourites is Kanchanadevi Prithiraj’s paternal grandmother What a character she was intelligent and ruthless Ministers would say that her sharp mind was wasted in a woman’s body Kanchanadevi had all the ualities to be a good king but the medieval society did not see beyond her gender She would also train Prithviraj’s mother Karpuradevi into an able administratorThere are other interesting characters warriors pundits ministers rival kings and mysterious assassins History and legends remember the feats of great kings but tend to forget the behind the scene players who were responsible for the victory of their kingWhat I liked best about the book was the way the author has put forward the reasons behind so many foreign invaders being able to loot and plunder this land again and again Our country back then was divided into a number of small kingdoms The internecine struggle between the kings weakened them and their lack of unity in the face of the foreign aggressor made the latter’s task so much easier Also the kings refused to learn from the enemies’ strategies and superior weaponryI have always enjoyed the author’s writing She would write beautifully and all of a sudden she would insert a phrase or a sentence which my teachers would have termed inappropriate or even objectionable It actually made me laugh a few timesIn my humble opinion a good historical fiction should be able to stimulate the reader’s interest in the actual history of the person or the events it describes I am glad to say after reading this book I do feel like learning about the protagonistNow coming to my criticism• I felt the book ended a bit too abruptly• The author has not mentioned any time period in the book• The heading of the blurb was a tad melodramaticOverall the book is well written and if enjoy tales of war treachery and romance – then you can give this one a try

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On mortals and achieved Godlike luster The conuering hero dreamed of a united land where peace prevailed over war and love over hatePrincess Samyukta loved h. Prithviraj chauhan was a very fascinating book Anuja Chandramouli has done a remarkable job I liked that the book started from the events that happened before the birth of Prithvi The palace dynamics powerplaygossips were interesting to read The way characters gained power and confidence in passing time the way a new person emerged from the ashes of another and all was very well written For example how Karpuradevi king’s mother later became like kanchana devi his grandmother I was astonished by the growth of karpuradevi from a awkward unhappy wife to a powerful selfish ueen And the things she did to ‘protect’ her son left me stunned especially the ‘sati’ scene And i hated her there So much And later after Yogitha’s death the confrontation between king and his mother went in totally unexpected way I hated the outcome still it made me respect her just a tiny bitPrithviraj was also the same His growth from a newborn to a both ruthless and kind king was so remarkable In this book most characters had grey shades But still sometimes I found myself sympathesing with Prithviraj About the burden of expectations he had to carry through out his life Minor spoilers aheadThe only reason I am giving this fantastically written book 4 stars is because eventhough Prithviraj loved Yogitha so much he didn’t avenge her death I wanted the culprits to be punished severely And also he gave his promise to his father’s young wife and still didn’t protect her I was so engrossed in this book enjoying alot when prithvi lost his virginity to a courtesan soon after Yogitha broke up with him I was baffled and angry I lost some enthusiasm then And after that I couldn’t concentrate for some pages I was recovering little by little when second ONS happend Ugh I think I should have expected this concubines multiple wives etc Still the author has a natural way of telling a story beautifully The action scenes and little details about that era was also well written Recommended to all who love historical stories with war victory power strugglebetrayal and of course passion

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Prithviraj ChauhanIm from afar and when Prithviraj Chauhan claimed her for his own defying the wrath of an implacable foe their happiness was complete Victorious in love and w. A blend of history and heroes who rule your worldPrithviraj Chauhan was the Indian king who controlled present day Rajstham Haryana and Delhi with some parts of Punjab Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh from 1178 to 1192 Having a large area to rule his legend is well known and his stories are full of inspiration battles and charm His military success and failures shape the future of a vast and still developing continentThis is why he was an important character in the history and portraying him his actions victory and defeats in writing is both challenging and interesting It needs research and then a balance between fiction and reality making the work entertaining for the readers and at the same time presenting the work carefully All the steps have been covered by the author and a commendable book is its result The writing is lyrical and polished As you go on experiencing the ups and downs of the lives of the protagonists there develops a bond which is strong and unforgettable The battle scenes are class apart A cool cover adds fun to the reading experience Anuja Chandramouli's take on Indian history is top notch She sees some incidences minor or major and makes the readers see new perspectives expanding the thinking process and establishing a new found respect and interest for the history culture and traditionsFor experiencing Indian history and its dynamics you should certainly read the works from Anuja Chandramouli