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Download Walking to Listen 4000 Miles Across America One Story at a Time Mobi ä 415 pages Í Johnscyclingdiary ã [PDF] ✩ Walking to Listen 4000 Miles Across America One Story at a Time By Andrew Forsthoefel – »Was auch immUrch die USA führte Auf seinem Rucksack ein Schild Walking to listen So machte er sich auf den Weg zu den Menschen und ihren Geschichten durch ein Amerika der Vielfalt – landschaftlich wie menschlichAuf seine Fragen nach dem was wirklich wichtig ist im Leben erhält er vielfältige Antworten – philosophische pragm I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway and the publisher included a letter asking me to review to book in exchange for “winning” the copyI didn’t look too much beyond the title and the blurb touting it as a journey across America on foot wherein the author explores the stories of the people he encounters along the way which both sounded exciting and interesting I was super excited when I was notified that I had “won” the book that was over a month ago It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I was already in the middle of several books and trying to finish up some essays for classes so I glanced at it and set it on the shelf next to my bed for reading later in the weekI picked it up shortly afterward to give it a good “once over” The art on the dust jacket feels appropriate for the genre and for the title I took my time reading the inside flap front and then I got to the inside flap back and felt a little sorry that I received this from the publisher The letter that arrived with the book reuested a review to be posted anywhere and everywhere that I would like to but I got to the author blurb and photo on the back cover and my opinion of the potentialities of this book dropped significantly In the future I will probably take care when entering drawings by checking out the age and background of the author I don’t want to know that much about a book before I start reading it so I don’t spoil anything for myself which has happened in the past but in this case I wish I hadThe author is a 23 year old at the time he set out on this journey white male read privileged My initial reaction was oh a newly minted baby man He had only graduated from college and he set off to discover himself and the world asking the people he met along the way what they would ask their 23 year old selves in hopes of finding answers to uestions concerns and issues he had about his own nebulous futureThe back cover has uite a few blurbs that make extravagant claims as to how important it is for people to read Walking to Listen and some even suggest that this book will redeem public opinion of millennials I don’t have a low opinion of millennials in general; I think like all previous generations the media seems to hype a divide that indeed exists much the same way that the “mommy wars” exists but that I feel is often artificial and inflammatoryOnce I got over my initial annoyance and I’d had a chance to think about it who else but a young white guy could walk across the United States be relatively safe? Probably not a young woman of the same age as the authorheck even at 46 I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it Maybe not a person of ANY color even Forsthoefel uestions at several points in his video what would have happened to him if he had been black instead of white on this journey I think that a non white person might be harassed often but I also think skin color and maybe age might change the demographic of who is willing to approach them andor offer help Once I wasn’t slightly indignant about the author’s demographic I had a much enjoyable time readingHaving finished the book I am 100% comfortable giving it a solid three star rating Walking to Listen is somewhat similar to other books of this nature though most of my experience with this protracted journey on foot is with stories blogs and videos is the Appalachian Trail Wild by Cheryl Strayed for example Forsthoefel’s book reads part travelogue and part personal journal I feel like what keeps Walking to Listen from being bogged down by his mostly melancholy musings about the purpose of his life are the stories that he shares with the everyday people that he encountered on his journeyI enjoyed the book most when he was writing about how hard I was just to get up and walk 20 miles a day and what that did to his body how he struggled with loneliness especially has he got further along and when Forsthoefel wrote about the people he talked to and who took him inI couldn’t see my way to giving it stars though because I feel like this has been done and done better before but also because he never provided an overall picture of his travels How many nights did he spend camping because no one would take him in? He only speaks briefly about negative experiences on the trail I really wanted to see some breakdown how many nights he camped out with and without permission how many nights he spent in hotels and how many nights people took him in and whether he asked them to or if they just offered and how often was he stopped by law enforcement of some sortOverall a solid read interesting enough to keep me coming back but it didn’t knock my socks off and I don’t feel like this book in some way redeems millennials who I don’t feel need to be redeemed as some of the blurbs and press for the book claim If you like soul searching dark night of the soul travelogue type books then you will probably enjoy Walking to Listen Happy reading

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Atische humorvolle nachdenklich stimmende Dieses außergewöhnliche und farbenreiche Porträt erlaubt einen ganz neuen Blick auf die Vereinigten StaatenEin Aufbruch ins LebenWalking to listen – eine poetische Lebens ReiseBegegnungen die ein neues Bild der USA zeichnenFür alle Suchenden die offen durch die Welt gehen I think I would probably give this of a 25 than just a 2 If this memoir hadn't been selected as this months book club read I don't think I would have ever picked it up Andrew's decision to walk across America to learn other peoples stories to understand himself made me groan in annoyance after reading the preface I just knew I was going to be annoyed throughout and I often was I felt like this whole year was his whiny I'm not ready to be an adult excuse for not finding a job I was so tired of every story circling back to learning a lesson about himself Sigh The first 12 of the book was slow for me I decided if I was going to finish I had to just sit down and power through Saturday was my day I read the rest basically in one sitting I will say I enjoyed the Navajo portion of the book and the ending I could relate to Andrew's mothers' tears I teared up too when she received him at the beach at Half Moon Bay I really feel its because my daughter Taryn is out of the United States for a year so missing her is a daily worry and heartache too

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Walking to Listen 4000 Miles Across America One Story at a Time»Was auch immer mir auf dieser Reise begegnet jeder Moment jede Begegnung zählt« Andrew ForsthoefelViel Wissen hatte er angehäuft nach seinem College Abschluss vom Leben selbst wusste er aber nichts Um das zu ändern begann Andrew Forsthoefel direkt hinter dem Haus seiner Mutter eine Wanderung die ihn 4000 Meilen d Andrew is finished with college but doesn't know what to do next He decides to take a walk Across America A walk to see if he can find out the important things in life He does It's an almost year long journey from Pennsylvania down South through Texas across New Mexico and Arizona to California Along the way he meets people and true to the sign he wears he walks to listen And boy do people talk They tell stories about their lives about the deaths of people close to them about health troubles about friendships about worries about jobs and work and play and food and all the other things that make up a human life Andrew listens And writes it all down Reflects on it And keeps walking You don't want to miss this book