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Read & Download ☆ Claiming His Hidden Heir ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Ebook] ➨ Claiming His Hidden Heir By Carol Marinelli – “Did you forget to tell me about my baby”He won’t be denied his heirButtoned up PA Cecelia Andrews’s resignation released hL never let coldhearted Luka make her daughter feel unwanted But when Luka uncovers her deceit there’s no escaping the conseuences of her passionate surrend. No just no This does not even deserve 1 star at all I cannot believe this is a Carol Marinelli or a Harleuin read This book has absolutely no place in Harleuin Presents and shame on those who placed it there because it is not safe contemporary or what we expect from HP books The story plot was awful and the characters just plain despicable A Hero who was a paid Gigolo and a heroine who contemplates abortion and sleeps with a Fiancee while fantasizing about the Hero While I thank you NetGalley for giving me this free read I am so very grateful that I didn't spend my hard earned money to pay for it If this is the direction Harleuin is going you are going to loose many loyal customers like me

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“Did you forget to tell me about my baby”He won’t be denied his heirButtoned up PA Claiming His PDFEPUBCecelia Andrews’s resignation released her secr. Hero was a playboy pig with big emotions Heroine was a buttoned up PA with no emotions Greek hero made his fortune by leveraging his earnings as a male gigolo preying on tourists He started with a restaurant and then added on to build a resort and then hotels and now he's based in London making sure the women pleasure him He's everything you don't want in a partner So when the heroine finds herself pregnant after a couple of times with the hero she had already resigned because she was in love with him she didn't try very hard to tell himHero sees her on the street a year later and does the math He is angry and tells the heroine he hates her and that he plans to take her daughter away And he means it They go to Greece where the hero finally calms down and realizes he's in love with the heroine That's the bare bones of the plot There are other scenes that show the hero in a favorable light the heroine's birthday that the hero remembered his concern for his mother his standing up to his bully of his father There are scenes that show the heroine in a not so great light She's engaged to a dry stick and eventually has to break it off She's jealous and judgmental of the hero's lifestyle but she is drawn to it They were an interesting pair not the most ethical or moral or logical pair But well matched I liked this exchangespoilers There’s been no one since you’She hadn’t believed him when he’d told her that last night Cecelia had thought he was just saying the words she wanted to hear‘I think I loved you back then but hell Cece you made it hard to get close All I can say was I loathed the thought of you being gone’She was starting to believe that there might be a chance for them but her mind knew only how to doubt‘Even if we try to make a go of it one day you’ll throw it back in my face that I kept Pandora from you’‘Would the world end if I did’ Luka asked He guessed that from the way life had treated her or rather people had treated her that yes it would seem that way to herHe smiled that rare smile and she glimpsed a future one where he tossed her flaw in her face and it did not end them‘No’‘And when—if—I do hurl it at you perhaps you will remind me of the many women I bedded and the flowers you ordered on my behalf and what an ass I was’‘Yes’ she said torn between laughing and cryingIt was a love where perfection was not a prereuisite one where you were allowed to mess upadjusts rose colored glasses Pandora will be a great next generation heroine And good heavens look at that cover Heroine looks like a blow up doll with synthetic hair that the air is slowly leaking out of

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Claiming His Hidden HeirEt raw desire for her demanding playboy boss Luka Kargas One year after his callous dismissal Cecelia’s hiding an even greater secret their daughter She’l. H was a gigolo h imagined the hero while sleeping with her fiance she was cold he was cold I hated this it was awful the only thing I liked was their cute daughter