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And spirit In this engaging and practical guide she shows readers how to embrace the keep it simple and sensible Sisu In Search PDFEPUB #228 daily practices that make Finns one of the happiest populations in the world year after yearTopics include Movement as medicine How walking biking and swimming every day are good for what ails us and best done outside the confines of a gym Forest therapy Why Sisu In Search of Courage ePUB #9734 there's no substitute for getting out i. How I Came to Read This Book I was curious to learn about Hygge a little while back so I read a book on it This in turn led me to learn a bit about some other similar tomes focused on different cultures like Swedish 'Lagom' and Finnish 'Sisu' I borrowed this one from the libraryThe Plot Katja Panzar moved from Canada to Finland she is the daughter of Finnish immigrants as a young woman She ended up getting married and having a child there all while becoming immersed in Finnish culture One particular notable aspect of the culture is a term known as 'Sisu' which like Hygge doesn't have a direct English counterpart It's essentially a mixture of iron will practicality a belief in picking yourself up and dusting yourself off and weathering the elements It might sound a little bland and compared to the warm and cozy vibes hygge is all about I guess it is but there's still some interesting stuff to be had for incorporating a little sisu into your lifeThe Good The Bad When I read the Little Book of Hygge I thought it was a fun if frivolous read The challenge with this book is it's trying to be much serious And really sisu IS serious than hygge so that sort of makes sense But where the hygge book was very much illustrative and descriptive and ultimately a lifestyle guide this one comes off a bit like a memoir supported by some weak research conducted largely among the author's friends or some very theoretical professor types Part of the issue but also a strength is the fact Pantzar isn't a native Finn As a result the book doesn't feel like it speaks on behalf of the Finnish people Rather it seems like capitalizing on this trend of understanding other cultures and adopting their seemingly superior ways into your own life And emphasis on the word superior there cause Pantzar's tone is another issue I had with this book She has a very 'us vs them' vibe going on in terms of comparing her lifestyle in North America to what it is in Finland something I never saw in my hygge book or the lagom one I've paged through that's sitting on my nightstand It really started to make my eye twitch as I actually felt in a lot of spots that elements of the Finnish lifestyle are comparable to how myself and many other Canadians live Not all to be sure but it wasn't uite the black and white dichotomy Pantzar tries to paint in than a few spots Not all is lost though There were some things I liked about this book In some ways Pantzar's outsider stance makes for an interesting read as she tries to hone in on what makes Finland so fantastic Her Canadian background also makes for an interesting comparison and contrast although notably she only lived in the nation's two largest cities so yeah she's going to have a limited view of what lifestyles are like in other parts of the country I also really enjoyed the little checklists at the conclusion of each chapter that encourage you to adopt elements of sisu into your life; some reasonably than others And some of the truly uniue aspects of Finnish culture like winter swimming albeit even Pantzar acknowledges that many Finns don't partake in this extreme winter sport and visiting the sauna are explored well In all though it felt prettylight Which is weird because it was a way technical book than the hygge one I read or the lagom one I have to read Pantzar's ten chapters cover all manner of Finnish lifestyle from fitness to nutrition to parenting with a large emphasis on wellness in general with chapters dedicated to 'nature therapy' and 'movement as medicine' the latter of which was a particularly problematic chapter that suggests many mental health issues can be cured by engaging in physical activity or spending time outdoors Each chapter follows a similar format as she details her experience with that element looks at how it aligns with the broader Finnish population and then speaks to her friends and or experts for insight I'm not saying it had to be like the hygge book but the result is less of a lifestyle guide and of a lightly researched anthropological textbook of Finnish culture and values I DO get what sisu is though the closest word I can think of is hardiness and for that I tip my hat to Pantzar The Bottom Line A well intentioned look at Finnish culture and how much of it can be tied back to the concept of sisu that offers tangible direction on how to add sisu to your life The book suffers however from being overly technical and a bit repetitive seriously winter swimming makes it into almost every chapterAnything Memorable I have actually adopted an idea or two from this book I'm trying to spend at least 30 minutes a day in nature and thinking of ways I can add incidental exercise to my life I've actually visited a Nordic spa and tried an icy pool before; I'd love to try it again with a better understanding of how to approach it and would be keen to try real winter swimming one day I've even tried dousing myself in cold water via the shower I liked the tips on diet in terms of the balance your plate should be 50% veggies 25% starch 25% protein Even stuff like mentions of garage sale day and restaurant day were cool Oh also the epilogue was a bit of a sad shocker as you find out something revealing about the author's life Hope she's taking care2018 Book Challenge Book #37 in 2018

Free read Finding Sisu In Search of Courage Strength and Happiness the Finnish Way

Finding Sisu In Search of Courage Strength and Happiness the Finnish WayNto nature on a regular basis Healthy eating What the Nordic diet can teach us all about feeding body mind and soul The gift of sisu Why Finns embrace a special form of courage grit and determination as a national virtue and how anyone can dig deeper to survive and thrive through tough timesIf you've ever wondered if there's a better simpler way to find happiness and good heath look no further The Finns have a word for that and this empowering book shows us how to achieve. Coming from a Finnish parent I was interested to read this book for not only wanting to know about my heritage but to see whether I see similarities within my own family and the Finnish community and SisuSisu is a totally different concept from hygge it is about endurance and perseverance and getting outside amongst nature and being active for a healthy mindset I have never been to Finland but when the author described the Finnish people and their habits I saw that in my own family and community here with their determination hands on approach to life getting things done and being part of nature wherever that is getting out walking everyday or camping when they can The author has done a lot of research into this concept of Sisu and how we can bring a little Sisu into our own lives so we can have a healthy mind and learn to endure whatever life may throw at us in a healthy way I really wanted to learn about this concept and the Finnish way of life after reading this book and I can see how Sisu is a way of life not something you learn

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Review ↠ Finding Sisu In Search of Courage Strength and Happiness the Finnish Way Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free å ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ Finding Sisu In Search of Courage Strength and Happiness the Finnish Way Author KatjIn Search ePUB #9734 An engaging and practical guided tour of the simple and nature inspired ways that Finns stay happy and healthy including the powerful concept of sisu or everyday courageForget hygge it's time to blow out the Sisu In Search of Courage ePUB #9734 candles and get out into the world Journalist Katja Finding Sisu PDF Pantzar did just that taking the huge leap to move to the remote Nordic country of Finland What she discovered there transformed her body mind. Most boring book I have ever read on this topic Except the pretty cover there is nothing interesting about it