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Risen by J. Knight review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ➹ [Read] ➵ Risen By J. Knight ➼ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Welcome to Anderson It's pretty uiet here and that's the way we like it One thing though Madge Duffy murdered her husband John last week or thought she did She spent the night in jail but theH grind in the night I don't know what it is but I'll tell you this It scares me One helluva read Don't start this book unless you've got an evening free – George Beahm author of The Stephen King Compani. The author sent me an advanced reading copy of this book thanks It did not apprear to be something I would ever pick out to read But I am so grateful that I did not pass it by The small town of Anderson is full of wonderful characters and ordinary people But all of a sudden people who died during the day started coming back to life at midnight I'm still not a fan of coming back from the dead fiction but I have to say that JKnight writes one hell of a story Some of his side vignettes are so vivid and memorable that I have to stop and think if I'm remembering something that actually happened or if I read it in the book When this comes out in January treat yourself

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Welcome to Anderson It's pretty uiet here and that's the way we like it One thing though Madge Duffy murdered her husband John last week or thought she did She spent the night in jail but then John walked. Reading horror started for me around age nine of ten when I bought a copy of Dean Koont z Phantoms and David Robbins The Wereling at a local Bells yes that Belks Talk about hooking this impressionable kid like a fish Over my youthful years this kid would hit the stores with limited funds and agonize over a twenty book selection of horror but only able to pick out one or two I loved the cheesy skeleton adorned covers and ditto for the actual stories themselves As I got older and the horror i grew up loving turned into something called splatterpunk my interests went elsewhereNow as a man in my fifties whose tastes now runs towards espionage or crimessassin thrillers I still have in my possession those old horror novels from mostly the 80s and 90s some from early 2000s My nostalgia began speaking to me and I jumped back into re reading these books i loved back then The nostalgia proved stronger than the uality of the writing unfortunately I couldn't believe how lousy the vast majority actually were I loved these books what happened Maybe tastes do change over time But then when I was about to give up I found Risen by J Knight Holy holy what a book Not only did it being the nostalgia back but the writing was fantastic and this little horror nugget was amazing Let's just say that where most of the other disappointments from my younger years have vacated my keeper shelf Risen is staying put right beside Phantoms still love it and a few others that made the cut Thank you mr Knight for keeping the nostalgia alive

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Risen by J. KnigOut of the morgue none the worse for wear And there's a bullet hole in Deputy Haws' shirt that he can't explain Something's going on in this town of ours Something that makes your skin crawl and your teet. J Knight Risen 2001 WarneriPublishFifty pages into Risen I was ready to throw it to the dustbunnies But I kept going and I'm glad I did I thinkThere's nothing overly original here the inhabitants of a small town in the middle of nowhere find one morning that the recently deceased are in the words of a now famous newscaster returning to life No eating of the living this time however The recently deceased have one goal to convert their still living friends and neighbors to their own state of Risen hood thus the book's title thus making the town one big happy recently deceased familyIt's a beautiful metaphor and one that is simple enough to be used for any mindless process of conversion Knight gives a number of strong implications she's looking at organized religion but it doesn't take much stretching to put it into other contexts There is a good deal to be said for the zombie as metaphor line and all of it can be said about this book There's also enough scenes of sheer gross out to keep the horror reader happy especially once the ball gets rolling which happens about seventy pages in Knight also has a deft enough hand at plot twists especially the wonderful ones where the reader knows than the characters in the novelWhere Risen falters is in Knight's writing style The book has been rather aggressively marketed via email as if you like Stephen King Every avid reader knows that if you like is second only to in the tradition of for setting off warning bells In this case blatant comparisons to Stephen King only serve to highlight the differences some subtle some not so that put King firmly in the pantheon of genre fiction writers Most of them can be encapsulated in the statement that King regularly transcends genre with his writing ability while Knight does not This is not a bad thing in and of itself; genre writing is certainly capable of being good work and it is for the most part in this case Just don't let the marketing campaign get to youIn any case I have digressed There are a number of places where Knight's style jars small errors in judgment which add up over time The one that sticks with me I finished the book about a week ago is Kngiht's inability to gauge where to stop in drawing a simile for maximum effectiveness If you say something's like a diamond let the reader draw the proper conclusions; no need to write out the ways in which the simile works It's not a big thing if it happens once or twice in the span of a novel especially one that runs four hundred pages but the repetition drives the point home A good editor would be able to fix such problems with minimal effortIt's a good read if you're a hardcore fan of the horror genre Others should probably approach with caution 12