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LakeManning Something in the Way #4Ationship with a man he respects and one I don't know how to forgiveAnd a sprawling beautiful home with one small room I'm afraid I'll never Something in the eBook #9734 be able to fill Manning and I have what happily ever after is made of But I'll beg the heavens for just one thin. 4 ★'s “I’m allergic to stick shift” Happily Ever After could not have happened to a better coupleor a deserving one Granted I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of Move the Stars but this is what we deserved Thank you Jessica HawkinsSo that's pretty much it in a handbasketlots of sweetness and lots of romance but it's not all smooth sailingof course not Lake Manning just have to be tortured a little bit Ugh And it was uite the adventure I do have to say I was shocked that this book is four years after Move the Stars and I was really shocked at how little had actually happenedor hadn't happened Luckily we get to experience all those details Unfortunately I can't share them with you no matter how much I really want to Just grab the book sit back and enjoyyou won't regret it

Summary LakeManning Something in the Way #4

Summary ¼ LakeManning Something in the Way #4 100 ñ ✽ LakeManning Something in the Way #4 kindle Epub ❁ Author Jessica Hawkins – The final book in the Something in the Way series a love sagaManning and I have what happily ever after is made of A home he built us on the unshakeable foundThe final book in the in the ePUB #9734 Something in the Way series a love sagaManning and I have what happily ever after is made of A home he built us on the unshakeable foundation we fought forA life of laughter carved out of heartache and betrayalA love story to stand the test o. Update I’m not sure why I originally gave this 2 stars I didn’t even finish it because I was so annoyed I was a much nicer person in 2018 apparently Pity ————————————————————————— Spoilers I have refrained from reviewing any of the books in this series because I knew the way Hawkins chose to end things would make ALL the difference in my opinion I'll start by saying the writing was great nothing about the plot can take away from that I had a strong emotional reaction to what was happening throughout the story and that will always receive compliments from me but the story itself I also should mention or remind that I tend to be sensitive to the way authors treat women characters so yeah do whatever you want with that Everyone knows I am no fan of doormat heroines but I hate when a heroine exists only as background theme music for the hero You know the ones who gets her heart broken by the hero and her emotional reactions help drive the story but are ultimately disregardedtrivialized in the end While the H moves on and up in life the h sits stagnant pining waiting Dear 2018 A woman can get her heart broken and still move the fck on She can grow without him I promise A lot of books in the romance genre then proceed to hurt and humiliate the heroine repeatedly before gift wrapping her hymen attached for the undeserving hero like a reward for having nice abs and a dick Like Congratulations on being an inconsiderate asshole For all your hard work and sex appeal you win a virgin Lake is one of those heroines and Manning is one of those heroes The thing is there was room for redemption in this story Manning made some cruel decisions liiikeidk MARRYING LAKE'S SISTER but his heart was in the right place sorta but actually no It wasn’t and Lake was screwed over but she had supportive friends and resources to grow from it and become better because of it But naw Dat ain't happen Lake does nothing becomes nothing is nothing without Manning Just dead weight Manning who of course has a great life without Lake reappears like an apparition stakes his claim on Lake and she relents easily We're supposed to ignore the fact that he hasn't checked on her in four years the last time he saw her she was crying and he was breaking her heart and also he's married to her sister Contentedly married Now let's pauseThis is where I have a problem with the author She's been torturing Lake since the first book and putting a spotlight on her pain Manning and Tiffany knowingly broke her heart and watched her fall to pieces yet neither them nor the author felt her hurt deserved any sincere acknowledgment And just when we thought Jessica Hawkins couldn't take anything else from little Lake she took the last ounce of her self respect by making her the other woman and never giving her the chance to redeem herself Lake married Manning in the end but the whole ordeal stank with an air of she's marrying her sister's downgraded sloppy seconds Book4WasSupposedToFixThissss But alas no redemption came for Lake It's as if Hawkins believes giving her the boy in the end makes up for all she went through and all she lost But the thing is he never really stands up for her either It all just rubbed me wrong The conflicts for which this entire series was built on were pseudo resolved in less than a chapter Literally 3 books worth of family drama was dismissed in a few pages Lake finally found some courage and then proceeded to completely miss the point She apologized to everyone no one apologized to her btw basically begged her family to take her back for manning and support her while she marries her sister's ex husband funny Lake put effort into making amends with her shitty family than Manning put in to their whole relationship Go figure And they all lived happily ever after Then there was another 150 pages or so of after happily ever after bumps in the road that focused on getting the hero everything he ever wanted because whatever I don't even care Theee End

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F time But between a trust that can’t be broken LakeManning Something PDFEPUB or joy that can’t be bridled and passion that would scorch the sun the empty spaces are becoming and difficult to ignore Fears that keep Manning up at night as he slips from our bedOur complicated rel. SpoilersUpdated to a 1 star because I am still angry about how the heroine was treated and I dont think the fact it was well written makes up for the bad messaging this book sent outMaybe 25 so no rounding for the entire series down with this new book unfortunately Move the Stars was meant as an ending so I put a lot a weight on that being what Jessica intended us to have ONLY I am not uite sure why she did book 4 but it did nothing for me This series was my introduction to Jessica Hawkins and initially I liked this story the premise was good I liked the first book but somewhere along the way I diverged on the path and went into the dreaded I really don’t like this book everyone else loves Don’t get me wrong I liked parts of it but over time as I have gotten a new book my enjoyment level went further down The whole pacing of this story was a mess I still don't understand why the entirety of the second book was to bond Manning to Tiffany when the aftermath would all be solved with ONE conversation when he finally got with Lake anyways why take it so far if you weren't going to utilize any of the drama that came out of it beyond some cliche plot points to do a time jump Whatever I think what it all comes down to is I had always thought this was mostly Lake's story because her emotional POV was the forefront always but I realize now my frustration is because it was never about Lake this story was all about Manning This is how I know me and Jessica do not operate on the same wavelengthI will break it down below with some spoilersI love her writing style I have no complaints there She writes beautifully I love her words if I had been able to buy into this story I would have been a happy camper but alas I admired the words but really disliked the story they were putting togetherI would have liked it if I liked both characters but I only liked Lake Manning is the worst kind of hero he is the one that does so many horrible things and never faces conseuences for them that rival what the heroine had to go through It’s also the fact we got it force fed down our throat how selfless he is and he was anything but in my eyes I just never could buy into his epic love for Lake her character propped the love story her emotional reactions to things he did to her is what kept the story going without it the love story would have withered and died a million times This whole series was about him despite that what he wanted when he wanted it and it was told at the expense of the female character and you can call me a ragey feminist but its 2018 I don’t want to read this kind of crap I want fully formed heroines who have agency in the book who aren’t in the story to be a hero’s reward Manning could have spit on her and she would have taken him back probably 11 years and she never met ONE man who she could have been happy with except Manning while he had her and her sister What happened to this realism I hear so much about The entirety of this new book was Lake gushing over him and I just can’t believe I paid for this Lake was an afterthought this entire series and I just can’t forgive that and I refuse to support a female author who has the audacity to give me this heroine in 2018 I am assuming Jessica just fell in love with her hero and let him monopolize the entire story Hey that is realistic I guess you could say a man who comes in acts horrible and still gets everything he wants This entire book is her trying to give him a baby lolWhen I read a book I experience the emotions the characters experience as they go through their conflicts so I develop expectations for what I want from the story to resolve those conflicts Lake’s pain was visceral in some areas and was described in great detail I expectedneeded atonement for that In 3 books I got not ONE narrative plot point that I can say satisfied that need for myself and I figure in books I like I get at least a third so that tells me I don’t vibe with the author if all my pent up frustration never gets released It annoys me that my bonding with her in these books was pointless because she was never going to get her comeuppance for all the times she was shafted in these books which means I feel shafted as well I got SOME things in book 4 but as I said too little too late I already was wallowing in my bitterness over how things played out before and it was also just cheesy and forced Focusing on Lake in this book just felt like an afterthought and a new way to make Manning the glorified hero he isn’t There was nothing uniue about this story for one it was based on The Bronze Horseman a misogynistic mess of a story about a toxic relationship followed a lot of those plot points thank you for leaving out the physical abuse Also just in general it was another story about a girl who waits around for a guy to get his shit together not exactly new ground Also the Notebook ending of the third bookI mean come onThis book 4 felt like it took every criticism the series had and gave one scene to correct it which felt weird No Manning POV of course not why change that now The fact he slept with her sister for FOUR YEARS is just over in a chapter one big happy family No one ever found out Tiffany helped put him in jail SHE GETS A HAPPY ENDING LOL I honestly don’t know what this was I am kind of speechless I had to see it through though and it was a hard book to get through I could never have predicted that when I first picked up Something in the Way I would end up feeling like this but I wish I had never read any of it tbh Again I know people say realism is what Jessica does best but for me nothing in these books was dealt with in a real way Ha ha Manning remember when you used to f my sister ha ha Lake I do let me go have a cigarette with her brb JUST WHAT IS GOING ON Also the love scenes in the first books were sensual and sexy the ones in this book were so OTT I just had to laugh This book I guess was just meant for ppl who idolize manning and want one of their own that is not me I dont care how great he looks without a shirt in the fictional world he inhabits lolI know I am in the minority with this but I needed to say my piece because this is honestly the most frustrating story I have ever read in terms of the characters and their actions I can overlook some uestionable things authors do but it was just too much in this case I realize this may seem harsh but I am just so tired of how female characters always are written to service male characters painissues This series may have just been my breaking point but it really struck a nerve in me All in all I am going to avoid her books and that way she doesn’t have to see my ragey reviews