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doc ✓ Camilla or A Picture of Youth ✓ Kindle Edition ✓ [Reading] ➽ Camilla or A Picture of Youth By Frances Burney – Camilla – A Picture of Youth deals with the matrimonial concerns of a group of young people Camilla Tyrold and her sisters the sweet tempered Lavinia Lf and her eligible suitor Edgar Mandlebert They have many hardships however caused by misunderstandings and mistakes in the path of true loveFrances Burneywas Camilla or PDF an English satirical novelist diarist and playwright She is best known for her novels Evelina Cecilia Camilla and The Wanderer Burney's novels ex Same ole Burney here Ingenue learns life lessons Yay I mean imma gonna read all of her books though

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Camilla – A Picture of Youth deals A Picture PDFEPUB #187 with the matrimonial concerns of a group of young people Camilla Tyrold and her sisters the sweet tempered Lavinia and the deformed but extremely kind Eugenia and their cousin the beautiful Indiana Lynmere Central theme is the love affair between Camilla herse Holy mama I think that I deserve a cookie after reading this bad boy I don't know why this novel felt so long to me because I really enjoyed it for the most part but it is nearly 1000 pages so you can only have so many excursions and letters before they all start to feel the same in a way this novel was kind of like Don uixote; it all felt very much after page 450 or so that we've been here before I was debating whether or not to take a break and read something else for a few days when the narrative did take an interesting turn around page 550 so like hang in there if you get stuck I didn't find the same Fanny Burney in this book as I did in Evelina and while that was mostly okay I did feel that Burney spent time than necessary on moralizing Heaven knows I'm fine with some good old moralizing in these kinds of texts but there was a lot of it Like a lot a lot and it didn't even have the decency to be as funny as Austen's moralizing I wanted social discourse and analysis rather than blatant moralizing As far as the narrative goes other than being occasionally redundant as noted it's really uite charming and engaging I was shocked and thrilled to see a little bit of a BronteanHardy esue development near the last fourth of the book; Burney went to the dark side for a little bit and I really loved it I think that the characters are for the most part phenomenal Eugenia is one of my very favorite fictional characters and at times I kind of wished that the novel would have adopted her as the heroine as opposed to Camilla although perhaps the length of this project would have taxed that love for Eugenia as it did a little for Camilla and that would've been a shame There are characters with whom I'd like to hang out characters I'd like to slap characters that are so weird that you can't help but like them and characters I'd love to see out in the real world I kind of wish that I hadn't read as much Bronte and Austen lately because I was comparing Burney to them throughout the novel and that's not uite fair but if you're wondering how she compares Burney likes people than the Brontes do and she's funny in her treatment of those people like Austen is though not in my opinion as funny For me the moralizing gets a little tedious some of the situations could have ie should have been avoided altogether and there were one or two characters who I really just couldn't get behind but overall this was an enjoyable read

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Camilla or A Picture of YouthPlore the lives of English aristocrats and satirize their social pretensions and personal foibles with an eye to larger uestions such as the politics of female identity She has gained critical respect in her own right but she also foreshadowed such novelists of manners with a satirical bent as Jane Austen and Thackeray I'd really like to give it three and a halfI'm torn Lots of great Dickens esue characters and the provision of a real understanding of the perils of women during the time period push it to four The social commentary is important and something so alien to us now that it's definitely worth reading if only for that But it needs a good edit in the middle I would have gotten the point with a little less fainting and tearfulness on Camilla's part and fewer long tangents Was Burney paid by the word Eugenia's subplot was one of my favorite things about the book The ending was satisfying and pulled together every thread of the story some of which I didn't even realize were being planted And I found I really cared about the characters even some I thought I didn't like I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to reading Evelina which I hear moves at a faster pace