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Unbreakable Highlands Forever #1 Free read ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Unbreakable Highlands Forever #1 ✩ Author Violetta Rand – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Sworn to forget his pastAlex MacKay has roamed the world as a mercenary trying to forget his shattered past But wThe MacKays need an heirFacing yet another marriage she doesn’t want Keely tries to resist Alex’s loveless seductionBut as time passes old feelings are rekindledWill Alex finally admit he wants a second chance at love or will he once again deny fate when the Sutherlands claim his marriage to Keely is invalid and try to force her back to Dunrobin Castle to marry the earl's youngest so. Unbreakable is about a hero who returns to his homeland after five years away and a heroine who rejected the hero to marry his brother instead only to run away on her wedding night and shelter with the enemy of the McKay clan I'm not sure about this book There were things I liked and things I disliked but it was a fast book after all and I did want to keep reading right up until the end Things I Liked Things not being glossed over simply because it's a romance book War death women being sold into marriage at a young age slavery it's all included the writing easy to read and uick to get through the obstacles in the relationship between Alex and Keely they weren't obstacles solely born out of misunderstandings they actually had to work to overcome what had gone wrong before Things I Didn't Like fine include slavery in the hero's past spoiler he's not the slave because yes in that time period it happened far freuently but don't have the hero justify it in such a way that it's obvious the reader is supposed to agree with him the actual relationship between Alex and Keely I wasn't rooting for the two of them in the end view spoilerI think it would have worked out better for Keely if Alex's brother had survived and she had remained his wife hide spoiler

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Sworn to forget his pastAlex MacKay has roamed the world as a mercenary trying to forget his shattered past But when he’s summoned by his brother to defend clan lands the very man who betrayed him and married the woman he Unbreakable Highlands Kindle loved he’s surprised to learn that the spirited Keely not only abandoned his brother on their wedding night but never returnedSworn t. Visit my blog for reviews Sportochick's Musings Author Violetta Rand scores another homerun with Unbreakable Book 1 of the Highland Forever series This book is filled with lost unreuited love which shaped Alex into a cold hard killing machine But things aren't always what they appear and as the reader gets further into the book they will see that things are not as black and white as Alex thought How the author takes Alex through this discovery is handled with finesse and the reader will feel rewarded as they deal with all the feelings invoked in this bookKeely's choices she made in the past and even currently were kind of mind boggling at first but they all make perfect sense as the story progresses and I came to admire her strength of commitment to her beliefs It is obvious when you finally meet her family how she got to be so strong willed and found the strength to run away on her wedding night all those years agoBy far my favorite secondary character is the scholar Petro de' Medici He added the much needed relief and common sense to Keely and Alex's constant fighting Don't get me wrong they weren't always fighting and the loves scenes where just plain hot adding to the reader's enjoyment of the storyI give this book 45 STARS for all the emotions that came out while reading this bookReceived an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review

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Unbreakable Highlands Forever #1O embrace a new futureKeely Oliphant fled home on her wedding night and sought refuge among the Sutherlands the enemies of her clan Years later ready to make amends for her past Keely braves returning to her familyBut nothing is the same and Keely is forced to face the new MacKay laird Alex the man she once lovedAlex refuses to forgive her but demands she honor their years old betrothal. This is the type of story that keeps a knot in your throat throughout I mean that in a very good way as a compliment This author became new to me last year and I have not been disappointed with anything she has written I have come to look forward to her Stories The plots are always very good not vanilla and she is very accurate to the time she writes about She does not sugarcoat things which I appreciate very muchHere we have Alex McKay a man who returns to his home in the Highlands after 5 years of being a mercenary in Constantinople He has been away because of the hatred he feels for his only older brother and the woman who betrayed him and broke his heart He is no longer the man he used to behe is a very hardened mercenary At his arrival his clan the McKay's are having to defend themselves against their enemy the Sutherlands He knows he must assist his clan eventhough he just wants to turn around and board his ship and return to the foreign lands he has come to know these past 5 yearsThere are several turn of events that will challenge Alex throughout the storyKeely MacKay has chosen now to seek absolution after 5 years of being away from the McKay Clan For five years she stayed with the Sutherlands When she arrives to McKay land she realizes how bad things really are Sometimes confronting your past can shaken you in the present as she will come to see Rooted deep down in Alex and Keely's souls is an unbreakable bond that neither one will come to easily realizeThere are some very very passionate scenes that make the pages sizzle There are also scenes that make you laugh out loud scenes that will make you cringe and scenes that will sueeze at your heartI love this story It is a keeper for me I look forward to book 2 in the Highlands Forever Series undeniable with Jamie McKay as the hero and Helen Sutherland as the heroine Hopefully it will come out soon and I won't have to wait very long to continue with this awesome series