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Sole Survivor A Story of Record Endurance at Sea kindle ✓ eBook 9780807071397 ´ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Sole Survivor A Story of Record Endurance at Sea ⚣ Ruthanne Lum McCunn – When German U boats sank the British Ben Lomond in 1942 its sole survivor was a second Ee years of interviews with Poon and his family reconstructs his remarkable ordeal and the survival techniues that earned him world celebrity and a listing in the Guiness Book of World Records A cla I’ve read a couple of these adrift books such as the man that lasted over 2 years stranded in the ocean In this book covering 133 days adrift I never connected with Poon Lim and I felt the author could have done to really make the story come alive for the reader Some of the reasons for these limitations are listed at the end

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Ssic saga of ordeal and survival that reminds us of the courage strength and resourceful intelligence of which Sole Survivor ePUB #9734 human beings are capable Tillie Olsen author of Tell Me a Ridd Actually read a different version of this put out by scholasticHated it But I still remember parts of it uite vividlyI think it had something to do with the fact that I was used to sanitized adventure novels This one talks all about him eating his own poop and drinking his own piss and cutting off pieces of himself to eat because he's so dang hungryI remember it as being a pretty dull read despite those bits That's toward the end Mostly he's got nothing to do but drift Doesn't have anyone to talk to I also ended the book wondering if we were actually getting the true version of events I wasn't sure I trusted him as reliable source material

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Sole Survivor A Story of Record Endurance at SeaWhen German U boats A Story PDFEPUB #192 sank the British Ben Lomond in its sole survivor was a second steward Poon Lim who managed to stay alive for days on a wooden raft Sole Survivor based on thr This is pretty much a what you see is what you get sort of book Expecting a harrowing tale of survival at sea Well you got it Particularly well drawn is the portrait of Poon Lim the survivor in uestion who during his 133 day ordeal is transformed from a passive and almost dimwitted lackey into a fairly resourceful strong willed person During the first half of the book in fact I was so irritated by Lim's fecklessness and stupidity that I nearly gave up on the story but I knew that something had to happen in order for him to survive The author did a good job of getting into Lim's head to show how this transformation came about I'd wondered how she did this but the postscript detailing her research methods made it clear that she'd had the chance to interview Lim himself Woven into the tale of survival at sea are fragments of Lim's earlier life particularly interactions with his parents which he was able to draw inspiration from in order to deal with challenges he met Lim's eventual inventiveness and the solutions he finds to find adeuate food water and shelter are approached in an interesting way the reader discovers the solutions along with Lim and thus vicariously shares each small victory There's a surprisingly lyrical uality to some of the sections particularly toward the end when Lim finds an odd sort of peace that he'd never known beforeI probably should have read rather than listened to this book as I wasn't very fond of the narrator In this case I really would have preferred a male narrator Johanna Ward while a very clear voiced narrator had a peculiarly schoolmarmish diction that just didn't jive with the tale I grew weary of her over enunciated k's and t's fine I suppose if one's doing Gilbert and Sullivan operetta but completely unnecessary here Passages in which the author describes fairly gruesome things such as drinking urine seemed particularly out of sync with the voice of the narrator