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Versace sta rientrando da una passeggiata uando sulla scala della sua villa viene freddato a colpi di pistola La polizia non ha dubbi il colpevole è Andrew Cunanan Ma anche uesta volta il serial killer si sottrae alla giustizia ualche Favors Andrew Cunanan Epub #223 giorno dopo infatti Cunanan viene ritrovato morto a bordo di una barca si è suicidato con la stessa pistola con cui ha ucciso VersaceUn delitto la cui eco ha fat. 25 starsI do not read much true crime at all as a genre I find it troubling and exploitative than useful or beneficial I made an exception here because after watching the season of American Crime Story that follows these events it seemed that a lot was left out The television show was very good but had virtually nothing about the investigation and I was curious about how Cunanan managed to avoid capture for so long I also wondered how much of the show was accurate and how much was made up I'll note later with a spoiler tag The book filled in a lot of the gaps but I can't say that I recommend it This was written immediately after the events of the book and it is very much a product of its time It isn't just that most people in this book are terrified of gay people and think that being called gay is a smear on your character it's that Orth herself sees her many gay subjects as other As a work of nonfiction it's hard to call this definitive Much of that is due to Cunanan himself who lied constantly about everything to everyone meaning retracing the steps of his life is going to give you noise than signal And much of it is due to the heightened media coverage which led to anyone who ever knew or thought they knew Cunanan trying to get their money's worth Orth certainly tries to give you as much as she possibly can Unfortunately she throws much of this at you without context some portions of the book feel as if you've been thrown a stack of notes with no central theme or narrative to tie them together At other times Orth treats a hypothesis as truth even though the evidence is contradictory So even without the highly problematic elements of the book I can't say it's a particularly good example of true crime It appears to be very well reported with so many sources it's hard to keep track of them but it feels like almost nothing got left out it's often full of tangents and digressions that seem to have no actual relationship to the central story Orth doesn't give you much guidance as to the demeanor or potential trustworthiness of her sources much of the time though honestly I'm not sure how helpful her opinion would beThe homophobia of the book and the times it's written in are very difficult to get past If you want a time machine to how people talked about the gay community in the 90's this is a prime example Orth calls people gays rather than gay men she straight splains gay culture in ways that are so stereotypical they'll give you a headache from the eye rolling and much of what she says sounds like the kind of hysterical fearmongering you'd hear from a tabloid Orth posits that it isn't just Cunanan's well documented narcisstic personality issues that led to violence but she throws in pornography kink and drugs for good measure it's homophobia bingo the only thing missing is pedophilia which thankfully there's not a hint of I'm not saying she's definitely wrong these could be contributing factors but the evidence is mixed and the idea that pornography leads people to violence is well Partaking in SM isn't the same as being a violent killer though television would certainly have you think soIt's strange to read the book after the show because the show is about crime but it is in large part about the closet and how damaging it is The writers of the show seem to understand that the most important thing after the physical violence is the damage and psychological violence caused by the closet and being gay in a society that hates gay people This never seems to occur to Orth though it is on constant display in the book Several people are outed during the course of the crime spree by overzealous media reports while others insist their friends or family members couldn't possibly be gay because being gay is bad and wrong I didn't get what I wanted from the book Orth lays out several elements of the many investigations of Cunanan's crimes but again she throws so much at you and doesn't provide much in the way of context It's clear that major possible leads were blown because of incompetence and a refusal to cooperate but it's also not clear how many errors were actual violations of expected procedure The investigating departments continually make logical leaps based on gay stereotypes or refuse to acknowledge how outreach to the gay community could be helpful Orth at one point notes that a department's handling of a case with a gay victim should be just fine because they had several openly gay officers Just like how I guess police departments can't be racist if there are Black officers Without context of what a proper investigation should have looked like it's hard to know just how egregious the mistakes are On the one hand it would be nice for Orth to have a clearer narrative on the other hand every time she does so it hurts the book so you can't really winIf you're curious about accuracies of the show a few notes after a spoiler tag since I'm not recommending the book view spoilerOf particular note is that Jeff and David were not romantically involved Ever They weren't close friends either They were connected only through Cunanan and only ran into each other after Jeff moved to Minneapolis and then only when Cunanan was in town Though that seems to have happened often As of the time of the book's writing there was no definitive evidence that Lee Miglin was gay or ever met Cunanan besides there being no forced entry The theory presented by the show is as good as any honestly There is a theory that Miglin's son was gay and had been involved with Cunanan but this also seems mostly like speculation with one dubious eyewitness report Some elements of Cunanan's childhood were exaggerated but most of it was accurate The show certainly gives the same general impression of Cunanan that the book does though without the book's speculation about Cunanan dealing drugs or getting obsessed with porn The book gives very little attention to Versace though it does confirm the reports that Versace and Cunanan met in San Francisco hide spoiler

Summary Vulgar Favors Andrew Cunanan Gianni Versace and the Largest Failed Manhunt in US History

Vulgar Favors Andrew Cunanan Gianni Versace and the Largest Failed Manhunt in US HistoryTo il giro del mondo uno stilista adorato da milioni di persone e un assassino in cui si mescolano intelligenza e suilibrio Favors Andrew Cunanan Gianni Versace PDFEPUB or cosa c’è davvero dietro la tragica morte di Gianni VersaceIn uesto libro frutto di un imponente lavoro di ricerca Maureen Orth ricostruisce un mistero che ha mille sfaccettature da uelle dorate di un mondo avvolto nel lusso a uelle oscure della mente uman. Many pages about a psychotic narcissist can be wearying and Maureen Orth does a lot of pearl clutching about some fairly benign gay sex stuffOnly OK

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Summary á Vulgar Favors Andrew Cunanan Gianni Versace and the Largest Failed Manhunt in US History Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [Epub] ➝ Vulgar Favors Andrew Cunanan Gianni Versace and the Largest Failed ManNew York maggio La giornalista Andrew Cunanan PDFEPUB #232 Maureen Orth sta scrivendo un reportage su un serial killer appena entrato nella lista dei criminali più ricercati d’America Andrew Cunanan Abilissimo nel mimetizzarsi a suo agio in ogni situazione sociale Cunanan sa perfettamente come coprire le sue tracce e sembra imprendibile E Vulgar Favors Kindle tutto spinge a pensare che ucciderà ancoraMiami luglio Gianni. I wish there were serial killers like Andrew Cunanan You always hear of killers being described as loners or introverts or just weirdos but Cunanan broke that stereotype He was a preppy guy who loved reading Vogue He'd make up amazing lies about himself and his past in order to impress those around him In the midst of his murder spree he used to go clubbing and tell his fellow clubbers that he was a serial killer They all laughed Vulgar Favours is a fairly in depth account of the life and murders of Andrew Cunanan Maureen Orth was the media's go to journalist for all the info on Cunanan when he was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list She knows this case inside out so there was no better person to write this book However as much as Cunanan's murders were tabloid fodder Orth's book reads as nothing than tabloid journalismMy main gripe with this book is the same gripe that every other reviewer on Goodreads points out Orth is such a prude There are pages and pages dedicated to descriptions of the 'gay lifestyle' and how omg many people in the gay community take drugs Orth also goes on about Cunanan's addiction to SM and pornography which was essentially nothing than just a kink never mind a motive for murder There are sections of this book which made me think is Orth trying to make a connection between Andrew's ueerness and his penchant for shooting people in the head Many of her observations on the gay community are at best laughable and at worst staggeringly offensive At one point Orth enters a gay bar and states that a man started grinding on her so vigorously that she could feel his 'protrusion' That had me howling It's like this whole book was written by your homophobic grandmother and Orth thinks she's some sort of ueer John Howard GriffinLooking past Orth's prudishness if you can she also could have benefitted from a good editor Sometimes you find yourself deep in a chapter and you realise that what you're reading has absolutely nothing to do with anything Even many of the interviewees are at best stretches at relevancy A lengthy chapter on the ins and outs of the exclusive gay club that Andrew was briefly a member of was the icing on this bulging cakeWhat this book is actually good at is showing the sheer incompetency of the entire investigation There's a reason why the book's original title referred to the attempt to find Cunanan as the 'largest failed manhunt in US history' Cunanan was always ten steps ahead of the FBI and they essentially did nothing The most basic of mistakes such as failing to even hand out flyers with Cunanan's picture and details on them just shows that everything that could have gone wrong with this investigation eventually did go disastrously wrongIt is not egregious to say that if the FBI had actually did their job Versace would not be dead The fact that after killing four people Cunanan was able to stay in a hotel make friends go clubbing and do all this for several weeks just shows what a mess this all was Orth's book isn't great But the absolute outrageousness of the Cunanan case almost makes you forget that Earlier on I said that this book is nothing than tabloid journalism but in many ways that fits Cunanan was a tabloid murderer He used to buy all the newspapers and magazines that wrote about him when he was on his killing spree He loved the attention And he probably would have adored this book