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Characters ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Linda Gillard Blind since birth widowed in her twenties now lonely in her forties Marianne Fraser lives in Edinburgh in elegant angry anonymity with her sister Louisa a successful novelist Marianne's passionate nature finds solace and ex. The great obstacle of forty something Edinburghian Marianne Fraser’s life has not been her blindness nor her being widowed in her twenties Rather it’s been not allowing the fact that she has been blind since birth define her Instead of taking offense to the cliché seeing idioms such as “watch it are you blind See what I mean May I see that” – after all the world is defined by sight – Marianne uses her sharp wit to dodge pity and normalize herself So when Keir Harvey shows up on her doorstep of the flat she shares with her older sister Louise she knows she’s met her match Not because he shares the name Harvey with her late husband or he works as an oil riger but because Keir in his matter of fact nearly insensitive sensibility feels no obligation to apologize for her blindness Their immediate repartee reaches beyond sight jokes to the senses that create Marianne’s world sound and touch Keir has the uncanny talent for translating visual images into classical musical scores or opera solos so that for the first time Marianne can envision the grandeur of nature and the masterpieces of mankind like cathedrals and skyscrapers She’s not sure what to think when after what feels like a relatively brief acuaintance and an undetermined relationship Keir invites her to stay at his home on the secluded island of Skye However she can’t turn down such a chance for adventure bring what it mayAfter recently reading and loving Linda Gillard’s nearly perfect first novel Emotional Geology I knew I wanted to read Star Gazing And I meant definitely sooner rather than later The refreshingly lyrical and vivid writing combined with the rugged beauty of the Scottish isles just gets under your skin The characters too stand out as one of a kind in their colorful personalities and tough cores There is also a certain strength in the sparse pointed and witty dialogue which is riveting It certainly doesn’t hurt that her books are so intriguingly titled or that the starry cover art for Star Gazing is strikingI’m happy to report that Star Gazing meets all of the above Again the author’s featured a rather rare type of protagonist this time someone who’s never had the gift of sight This may have made me realize my knowledge of music and sound is sorely lacking and my senses are uite dull but it never failed to be an interesting and uniue point of view Without literally being in Marianne’s shoes I connected to her small isolated existence Even though she has no comprehension of color I found her world to be very colorful I love what she says about water as it relates to color It’s a paradox Things that look colorless to you are my artist’s palette Rain is the only thing apart from my sense of touch that gives me any sense of three dimensions Water falling from the sky defines shape size and uality by the sounds it makes when it lands Water colorless Not for meKeir also stands out in his uniuely brilliant comprehension of sound and the environment I love Marianne and him together and found their stay on Skye a real treat I flew through the end of Marianne’s visit their navigations of past wounds and future possibilities were so compelling I didn’t realize how spoiled I was for the first half of the book until I finished the last half It was if all Marianne and Keir’s time together was already spent In Keir’s long absences on oil digs Marianne lets doubt and fear slowly take over and the times they are together felt stilted To a certain point I understood her deep rooted feelings of expected loss and heartache much of which originates from her first marriage But after awhile I couldn’t help but feel a disconnect between Marianne’s true feelings and her actions It was frustrating seeing her make choices with which I disagreed or what I saw as unnecessarily grief inflicting That said I still flew through and enjoyed the latter half– particularly the subplot with her sister Louise who is a vampire novelist and the fling with her much younger Goth assistant Garth Entertaining funny stuff I’m also randomly wondering how Keir’s oft used expression “Och” sounds and if there’s an American English euivalent Star Gazing was impossible to put down and I liked it enough to recommend I’m left seriously interested in getting my hands on A Lifetime Burning and any future novels by Gillard

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Characters ï Star Gazing 108 Ð ❴Epub❵ ➛ Star Gazing Author Linda Gillard – Blind since birth widowed in her twenties now lonely in her forties Marianne Fraser lives in Edinburgh in elegant angry anonymity with her sister Louisa a successful novelist Marianne's passionate nat Blind since birth widowe Ion to her condition He is abrupt to the point of rudeness and yet oddly kind But can Marianne trust her feelings for this reclusive stranger who wants to take a blind woman to his island home on Skye to 'show' her the star. Call me sentimental but I loved this book It made me cry which is OK It ended the way it should have but a little bit of me was hoping it would go the other wayMarianne blind from birth lives with her sister in Edinburgh One night whilst trying to open her front door she drops her keys and a kind stranger walking by helps her They have a rapport but it is fleetingThey bump into each other again and Keir the kind stranger starts to pursue her but as a friend not a lover yetThey go on a mini holiday to his home on Skye and become loversMarianne's backstory is that she was widowed in her 20's and lost a baby when her husband got killed on the oil rigs off shore As it happens Keir also works on the rigs but he has a special job as a forecaster of accidentalweather events He has a second sight which he can't explain but has predicted several large events in the past He says he sensed her distress on the night she dropped her keysLovely sad romantic story The narrator was brilliant

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Star GazingPression in music a love she finds she shares with Keir a man she encounters on her doorstep one winter's night Whilst Marianne has had her share of men attracted to her because they want to rescue her Keir makes no concess. have for as long as I can remember had a habit of saving new things as the excitement is often in the anticipation It is no surprise to me then that I have been saving ‘Star Gazing’ This is Linda Gillards third novel and I enjoyed the previous two so much that this new one held a high element of expectation for me Hence the savingI knew from reading an article by the author that this book was somewhat of an experiment for her in that her heroine was blind and that it was written in the first person Well I was not disappointed Linda has done so with great success and I loved this latest addition to her I think varied repertoire No sticking to a formulaic outline for this authorI loved ‘Star Gazing’ and was glad I had saved it for a time when I knew I could relax and enjoy it without interruptions I did however find it a rather short and uick read I think for that reason alone I still prefer A Lifetime Burning as it was an altogether much substantial novelStar Gazing is an unconventional romance set in Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye with descriptions that will have you enthralled and characters that you will become emotionally involved withAll the protagonists are extremely well portrayed Marianne Louisa Keir and Garth Set in the period of time from the winter of 2006 to the summer of 2007 the story draws you in to the trials and tribulations of the lives of these fourThe fascinating aspect of the story for me was the fact that the main protagonist Marianne was congenitally blind and how well thanks to Linda Gillard’s descriptions I was able to understand her experience of life There is one particular scene where Marianne gets lost which had me near to tears with frustration for her Marianne is portrayed as a strong independent woman but this just makes you realise the difficulties she faces to be so There was also a point in the story where her decisions were making me so angryKeir the man with the chocolate voice love this analogythat Marianne meets by chance shares her passion for music and has a wonderful ability of describing what he is seeing to her I felt at times he was almost too good to be true and he was so patient with Marianne There was at least one occasion I felt I wanted to shout at him not about patience with her physical abilities but when she was making decisions His way of describing sights via musical comparisons was intriguing and something I will certainly think about in futureLousia her sister and Garth who works for Louisa are the minor characters but they make an important contribution to the story and both made me laugh relieving some of the sadder elementsTo sum up a modern romance with a uniue angle and enough twists and turns and heartache to make it a captivating highly recommended readAs you will realise if you have read all this review this is a story that will stir your emotions