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7 Wall Street speculators and forged an uneasy and glittering new society in New York City The best of the best were Caroline Astor's families and she shaped and ruled this high society with steelA Season of Splendor is a panoramic sweep across this sumptuous landscape presenting the families the wealth the balls the clothing and the mansions in vivid detail as well as the shocking end of Season of Splendor The Court PDF or the era with the sinking of the Titan. This is a great book if you want to learn some salacious gossip about the great families of the Gilded Age Although the book is titled The Court of Mrs Astor it actually encompasses all of the who's who of that era I especially loved the chapters on etiuette balls and servant life It's truly remarkable the strict decorum with which these families lived their lives Definitely a must read for anyone looking to learn a little bit about Gilded Age New York

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A Season of Splendor The Court of Mrs Astor in Gilded Age New YorkJourney through the splendor and the excesses of of Splendor PDFEPUB #228 the Gilded AgeEvery aspect of life in the Gilded Age took on deeper transcendent meaning intended to prove the greatness of America residences beautified their surroundings works of art uplifted and were shared with the public clothing exhibited evidence of breeding jewelry testified to cultured taste and wealth dinners demonstrated sophisticated palates and balls rivaled those of A Seaso. There isn't a whole lot to this book catalogue after catalogue of fortunes fancy dress balls and feasts Greg King's spare and effective prose kept me reading though He adds the right amount of human interest without becoming gossipy the right amount of historical fact without becoming dry and dustyThis isn't a sweeping overview of the Gilded Age nor a learned analysis of the social or economic factors that led to it But read in conjunction with such books it provides a concrete measurement of the wealth that defined the era it makes you realize just how opulent and decadent the time was There's also a healthy dose of lifestyles of the rich and famous here if you like that sort of thing plenty of mansions and art collecting and multi million dollar shopping sprees I found it a bit tedious to say nothing of the crass materialism but I can understand the appeal of thatWith its smooth and effective narration you could do worse than this book if its narrow focus is what you're looking for

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A Season of Splendor The Court of Mrs Astor in Gilded Age New York review Ú 100 Ö ❮Download❯ ➺ A Season of Splendor The Court of Mrs Astor in Gilded Age New York ✤ Author Greg King – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Journey through the splendor and the excesses of the Gilded N MOBI #233 European courts in their refinement The message was unmistakable the United States had arrived culturally and Caroline Astor and her circle were intent on leading the nation to unimagined heights of glory From A Season of SplendorTake a dazzling journey through the Gilded Age the period from roughly the s to when bluebloods from older established families met the nouveau riche headlong railway barons steel magnates and Season of Splendor PDFEPUB #18. A fascinating look into the Gilded Age and the people who were holding court during it Caroline Astor the Vanderbilts; the Belmonts are just some of the Gilded Age families The Kardashians can't hold a candle to these people The incredible amounts of money spent on anything and everything was boggling King gives the amount of money in sums of the day and also what that would be in 2008 terms Chapters on transportation the houses the jewelry Newport society and homes all open a window to this time gone past