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Affairytale Affairytale #1 Characters  102 Ü [Reading] ➿ Affairytale Affairytale #1 By C.J. English – #1 kindle bestselling book diaries and journalsI’d fallen tragically in love with a man who was always just out of reach I knew two things for certain Levi was the man I could never live with GraKindle bestselling book diaries and journalsI’d fallen tragically in love with a man who was always just out of reach I knew two things for certain Levi was the man I could never live with Affairytale Affairytale PDFEPUB or Grant was the man I could never live without Grant was a rare gentleman intelligent and gorgeous a man every woman desired Every cell in my body was telling me that he was my happily ever after I was stuck in a marriage of mediocrity I ached for red silk romance and carry me away passion but not with my husband I craved Him Li. FOUR STARSBR with Mel and SharonI wanted to live really live before I die I wanted to know what it feels like to be loved by the man of my dreamsLevi was the man I couldn't live with and Grant was the man I couldn't live without This is the second non fiction book I've ever read of my own free will The first was Rob Lowe's autobiography and let me just say I enjoyed CJ's book far That's really a compliment because back in my early days I was head over heels in love with Rob Lowe In the beginning of the story I started to uestion if it was a good idea to read someone's real life memoirs because what if I ended up hating this book It would be hard to criticize the author I'm not going to lie in the beginning I was having a tough time liking her She didn't paint herself as the saint or victim but I did relate to her I too married Mr Wrong when I was younger for stupid and naive reasons Friends and family warned me not to but I didn't listen just like CJSome of us when we're younger make really bad decisions Sometimes we just have to learn the hard way It was so obvious from the start that CJ never should have married Levi There was an instant connection between her and Grant As soon as he enters the story you can't help but find yourself rooting for these two to get together There are some seriously horrible fights that go on between CJ and her husband I wished that I could have been friends with her at this time and told her that life is too short to spend it with someone who is so clearly not the right person for her These two were like oil and water My buddy reading pals and I had a tough time during these arguments because CJ seemed to be the evil witch during these moments and Levi was the unsuspecting husband desperate to make that connection with his wife again Desperate for her love It wasn't until after I had a chat with my girl Allison that I got a little insight into why the author wrote these scenes the way she did If I were in her shoes I probably would have done the same or just would have cut out a lot of the fight scenes all together since the story really was about CJ and her one TRUE LOVEGrant and CJ spend many years apart from each other But no matter how much time went by they always found their way back to each other I was dying for CJ to get her man Honestly Grant seems too good to be true He's every woman's dream come true I honestly don't know how she didn't just jump his bones all those times they were aloneThere are some sexy times but they're mainly glossed over and that was fine with me I must add that they don't have sex until after she has left her husband and moves into her own apartment I really just started to love the book once it mainly focused on CJ starting her new life and relationship with Grant I felt for her every time she was a bit insecure and worried that Grant would never end up committing to her I was right there with her when she was having that melt down in Hawaii I'm happy that she got her man and the HEA she wished for It makes me believe that maybe there is a prince charming out there for those of us who still haven't found him yet

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Cular” SueBee Prepare to love it or hate it Affairytale will rip your heart out and make you hate the author so bad you’ll want to throw ither at the wall Or you will understand and root for love to win Not for readers under not for readers who can’t stomach real life affairs and why they happen not for readers who send hate mail and not for readers who like to settle in and get comfortable This is a cringe worthy stomach wringing pain inducing true account of a real life affair that will leave you with no doubt that true love really does exis. 5 Consuming gripping yet Beautiful starsFirst of all I just want to say how awed I am by this author not only because this is her first book but because she has given us something special she's put her heart and soul into this book This isn't a fiction Novel it's AMemoir it's her life it's her experience its raw intense and had me gripped at the edge of my seat and reading at all hours to see where it was going and how frankly she became who she is today This is CJ and Grants story and although it is an Affair for me it didn't feel wrong nor much of an affair as I connected to both and saw CJ's struggles at the beginning it didn't phase me if your worried about Angst I really honesty don't think you need to worry here again just My point of view What's it aboutDon't when young want love we want to feel cherished savoured and loved We want to find that special person yet you can rush into something which isn't right because you want a family and you want to be happy sometimes those aspects make us miserable CJ was young and she wanted to find the one except she wanted to do what was right in turn she ended up with someone that took a lot of work again love isn't always easy it takes time and work and as a woman I think we can do what we think is right for the people around us therefore CJ settled with someone she wasn't necessarily in love with but just liked I sympathisedExcept as time went by she knew she wasn't happy This spans of a period of time where she fell for the man of her dreams and when she caught sight of Grant she knew he was meant to be hers Ultimately this is a story about how they met how they fell and how they became each others Forevers What I enjoyed and immersed myself in was how natural and real this story was how you can find something you find yourself in well it was like that for me It can't be easy to tell the world your secrets and how you felt through periods of hate resentment and heartbreak yet she did CJ poured her heart and soul into her life and shared it with us honestly I had tears with just that she really is a special lady for that Love shouldn't be hard though even though at times you have to work at it it shouldn't be hard that person is the person you call in the day that person is the person you reach out to when your down and that person is the one you should trust and let in 110% and CJ knew it wasn't right with her 'currant' husband she knew she struggled and they she hoped for she hoped for a future she wanted love everyone should have that chance We don't want to be alone it's scary and it's not nice I can also sympathise with that it's a very lonely world when your husband is the one person you can't talk to and speak your honest mind Our loves should be the one person that pushes us to do what we want to do they should just support your decisions to become and be happy Grant was that for CJ this was their story and how that came about I can't express enough how inspiring both CJ and Grant are they inspired me to take courage and make things happen in our life if we so choose to It wasn't just a love story but a story about making the right choices and not to always do what she think is right The thing is doing what's right isn't always right for you that's something I've learnt over time and this read made me love how courageous CJ was by doing what's right for her to do what made her happy and uench the choice she ran with Above all this was a delight to read it was heaven and it was joy I could connect to the author and her love and I could understand her she spoke to my heart on so many levels It was so normal and Real Her writing is so poetic honest and as a debut author it was detailed in the most easiest way possibleA little bit about meI'm just going to express a little bit about me I think that most readers can relate to some aspect of this story the first few years of my marriage were hard and I laughed when CJ wanted to murder her husband I could see myself in that scenario at times Alls good now but it took a little time at the beginning I have come from a step family and my husband was married before I came along So I suppose for me I was able to connect on a deep level to the FairyTale that it was Love should be easy and this book was just that I applaud CJ for giving us her and Grant Give it a chance you won't regret it A big thank you to Allison for encouraging me to read it Want to win a signed PB 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Affairytale Affairytale #1Ving without him was cruel and unusual punishment even for my wandering heart Finalist National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist Readers Favorite Book Awards Finalist Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards Finalist Beverly Hills Book Awards “a story you only read once in a lifetime Her writing was unconditionally spell binding” Belgian Naughty Reader Book Blog Together they prove true love is worth waiting and fighting for Beaute' De Livres Book BlogWe found ourselves riveted Totally Booked Blog “mesmerizing breathtaking and specta. 299 on AMZ this weekend only reg 499 61214 All Consuming Stars Photo credit Pinterest Affairytale CJ and Grant English photoshootAffairytale A Memoir was unlike any other reading experience I've encountered EVER Let me preface my review with the fact that I have NEVER read a non fiction book I guess I always thought non fiction was autobiographies and I uite frankly could care less about famous people's self absorbed life stories I had no idea non fiction has love stories This is the life love story of a young woman named Charmaine nicknamed CJ her story to tell and nobody else's And what a beautiful one it wasAffairytale takes place in Minnesota and spans a timeframe of twelve years CJ is our narrator and we take a journey in her shoes one day at a time From those early days of first love with Levi the birth of her daughter Dani her marriage and her summers spent at the cabin by the lake with her family in Northern Minnesota It's during those summers that CJ begins a friendship with a handsome athletic guy named Grant English Grant fast becomes her brother's best friend and she's the third during all the fun times each and every summer Day by day week by week summer after summer her feelings grow from that of easy fun to a deep seated love and yearning for a man she can never have Affairytale is uite simply a love story of epic proportions It's about finding your one true love that is meant to be your soul mate thru every fiber of your being yet being bound to another It's the tug within your heart that reaches deep for that connection grasps it yet you just can't hang on because your heart has been promised to another even if your heart isn't 100% invested any It's about marrying a person you love the father of your child because it's the right thing to do but the relationship is far from perfectit's also the most selfless sacrifice to your happiness in this life I knew within 10% of this book that I was reading something special Affairytale is a very candid engrossing friends to lovers trope yet as I read along I kept thinking to myself This story is real and this is their love story They're living and breathing and Ms English has ripped open her chest and poured out her heart for me and all the world to see Because of this I couldn't help but personally reach out to CJ Via emails and messages I connected wholeheartedly to her as a person on page and in real life telling her that it was surreal for me to actually chat with one of my book heroines The book is so personal and she is so like able it just added to my reading experience tenfold CJ English has a writing style I don't see too often Her prose is poetic detailed and almost lyrical It is amazing to me that this is a debut novel for a woman that started out writing a dietexercise book and ended up telling her and Grant's love story Because the writing was so beautiful and the story so touching I found myself reading at a snail's pace my heart pounding closing out the world around me just to live within the pages of this book This isn't a book for her to claim to be a victim It's not vindictive She highlights her mistakes her flaws her feelings turmoil and eventual happiness to finally connect with her one true love I've never dealt with most of the things she's endured but I did find myself comparing my marriage to some of the things I too encountered in those early years together we fought dirty Thank goodness for gradual maturity But I guess that made it even relatable to me Let me approach the elephant in the room This is not a book about cheating I know the title is a cute pun on the word affair but it's really not the focus at all It's their fairytale romance come to life Yes there's cheating I know that's a hard limit for many and I respect that wholeheartedly Let me also say this is not smut and the way that it's written with the years upon years apart fighting their inner feelings not even admitting to each other how they felt I found myself uietly rooting for CJ and Grant It's almost impossible to truly put yourself in her shoes and NOT root for happiness for all including Levi Nobody is at fault Nobody is innocent Everyone is imperfect and this is not a book about pointing fingers and she and Grant just hopping into the sack It's a slow build of epic proportionsyears in fact and the emotional side of the affair outweighs anything physical But the eventual physical sideview spoiler the actual intercourse occurs AFTER her separation from Levi and it hide spoiler