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Kill Count Death Ship #1 Reader ç 964 pages Download Ê Michael-scott earle Ü ❰PDF❯ ❤ Kill Count Death Ship #1 Author Michael-Scott Earle – When Sergeant Jay Lucas is snatched away from his family farm by a diabolical sentient spaceship he thAlien mercenary company he’s soon on the run with a gorgeous space princess Urged to harvest souls by his AI partner Jay must learn to put his awesome powers to work for the good guys The universe just got a whole lot dangerous and a hell of a lot fu What's with all these weak little main chars? You get kidnapped by a murder hobo tortured for a while it attempts to implant a torture toy in your chest only to have that prevented by a bloody BIBLE of all the daft horrid things then goes on to kidnap you to the arse end of who gives a fuck where it tells you to work monkeywork for its entertainment and profit Said murder hobo is then set upon by space insects those were delightful I'd happily read about of them getting suished who starts to cut it apart Whyyy is the reaction to SAVE the torturous kidnapping wannabe slaving murder hobo? You ain't getting back boy stop fronting just let the thing die pref screaming Then as though this weak mewling reaction to kidnapping and torture isn't enough at the end of the book the MC even goes all misty eyed Because you know let's just forget the kidnapping And the torturing And the enslaving You're still a slave Jay you just can't feel your chains

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Beginning of his trials As the bloodthirsty AI trains Jay to harvest souls and increase the duo’s power Jay learns there is a whole universe of bad guys who need killing And when Jay’s unwavering moral compass puts him at odds with the plans of an This is my second MSE series I've listened to There's really nothing new about this series It's really just a bunch of old concepts and some cliches But there's nothing wrong with that at least not in this case It's basically a character that got abducted by a homicidal artificial intelligence to a very far away place and he's trying to get home The good part is that it's humorous So as long as MSE can keep up the comedic aspect then it'll be an awesome series The problem is just like a joke can get old a homicidal AI can also get old Well that's for book 2 to decide The other gimmick is the game elements that MSE weaved into this series The spaceship is upgradeable And the protagonist himself is made upgradeable I think MSE can use a balancing patch but it works well enough I guess There's also the fact that MSE's books are oriented around a horny protagonist I'm cool with that though It doesn't bother me much And at times it's also another type of comedic relief 

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Kill Count Death Ship #1When Sergeant Jay Lucas is snatched away from his family farm by a diabolical sentient spaceship he thought his life was over But when his AI captor pumps Jay full of an insanely powerful liuid metal armor he soon discovers the kidnapping was only the To easyWhy does every tv show movie or book of the type with guns always turn into hand to hand combat?Stand back and shoot the dude with the knives till he's a pile of gooI liked the idea of using soul power to upgrade the ship and the armor however the personality of the ship is gratingThe lead female goes from hate to he's so intriguing awful uick and for no good reasonThe sister was understandable however this will turn into another silly herem series where females throw themselves at the hero for no good reasonI won't be reading book two but will recommend this as an okay read