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Alas BabylonAlas Babylon Those fateful words heralded the end When a nuclear holocaust ravages the United States a thousand years of civ This book was published in 1959 and it feels like it every step of the way The plot is compelling enough but the writing is incredibly wooden I actually laughed out loud at some of the passages and not in a nice way The author drags us through 100 pages of rising action which is annoying because it adds nothing to the plot and we all know the bomb is going to hit before we even read the blurb on the back cover The racism and sexism are also pretty terrible Even after the freakin' nuclear holocaust the Negroes are doing all the housework When the electricity goes out and they need to cook all the meat in the freezer they can't decide whether to throw a mixed party People The world just ended and you can't decide whether or not to let black people come to your BB Also this The he learned about women the there was to learn except that he had learned this they needed a man around First of all find a synonym for learn please Second this was after the aforesaid male practically threw up at the sight of blood ran out of the room and one of the women had to take care of the injury We may need you buddy after all no electricity for vibrators in this grim future but you need us too If you're thinking of reading this book check out The Road instead Same idea but the execution is about 1000x superior

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Miraculously spared the struggle is just beginning as men and women of all backgrounds join together to confront the darknes Review of Kindle editionPublication date June 4 2013Publisher Harper PerennialLanguage EnglishASIN B00CD360Zcom Sales Rank 283371 pagesAs I write this there are 1436 reviews on About 70% five star and 20% four star Most of the one star reviews are complaints about lack of proof reading and typographical errors in the Kindle edition Most of those errors seem to have been corrected There are also a few complaints about condition of used hard copies purchased from third party sellers However there are very few criticisms of the novel itselfFor those who do not already know the title is based on Revelation 1810 “Alas alas that great city Babylon that mighty city For in one hour is thy judgment come” In the novel the first inkling of serious trouble comes in the form of a telegram from Colonel Mark Bragg ending with the words Alas Babylon His brother Randy immediately recognizes the code for danger dating from their childhood Eventually the danger becomes clear nuclear strikes against the USThe novel contains considerable social and political commentary on such issues as race relations but if all there was to it was the exploration of such issues I doubt that the book would have remained in print these last 50 years The essential attraction is the entertaining story of adventure and survival in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear strike Pat Frank wrote a novel which continues to appeal on a variety of levels despite its age

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Download Alas Babylon Reader ¶ 323 pages ↠ [Epub] ❤ Alas Babylon Author Pat Frank – Alas Babylon Those fateful words heralded the end When a nuclear holocaust ravages the United States a thousand years of civilization are stripped away overnight and tens of millions of people are kil Alas Babylon ThIlization are stripped away overnight and tens of millions of people are killed instantly But for one small town in Florida another great survival book this one was surprising because it didn't feel dated at all even though it was written in 1959 i wish there were maybe 200 pages particularly about rita who is how i would want to be in the aftermath shotgun high heels stockpiles i love the image but the reality is that i would likely be holed up in the library probably rereading this book for tips meta to sum it up in a few words armadillos glasses honey kaboom and two things i learned to continue my lists do not pick up jewelry after the blast and buy extra glasses helpful review nope they never arecome to my blog