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FREE READ Î Frank Rizzo Ì ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ Frank Rizzo Author S.A. Paolantonia – Here is the tenth anniversary edition of the first full scale biography of Frank Rizzo one of the most beloved and feared public figures in urban American history Sweeping and finely detailed this is Here is the tenth anniversary Here is the tenth anniversary edition of the first full scale biography of Frank Rizzo one of the most beloved and feared public. I searched for a biography of Frank Rizzo after reading Mike Royko's wonderful Richard Daley biography Boss On Boss this is a slim political biography that reads like a novel beautifully written really painting a picture of the city of Chicago the political system cultural change and Daley himself I did not grow up near Chicago but after reading Boss I feel like I know something rich about 20th Century Chicago history and political culture Boss reminded me of Robert Caro's The Power Broker which is ostensibly a biography of Robert Moses but is really a story about the history of 20th Century power in New York City and New York State I can't recommend these two books highly enough and that's why I wanted to read something similar about the bigger than life politician from my childhood and young adulthood in PhiladelphiaThis book seems to be the best out there but it's uite disappointing compared to the very high bar I'd set for it The subject matter is genuinely fascinating both Frank Rizzo the man and the public figure both shaped by and shaping his era spanning the 50s through the early 90s For this reason the book which benefits from access to many people in and out of the Rizzo camp is still worth readingUnfortunately however the book is ultimately disappointing because the writing is simply OK but not wonderful And even importantly the editing is abysmal inexcusably so The book was written shortly after Rizzo's death in the early 90s and I bought the 10th Anniversary reissue from the early 2000s so it's inexcusable to find structural flaws and even typos in a book that may have initially been rushed to print but which had a decade in which to be properly edited or revised as needed Beyond the pure sloppiness of misspellings there at least a handful of instances of awful seuence errors stories would refer to a person or event that had not yet been described with the reader needing to know who a character is or what event had occurred in order to understand the current story or anecdote but then pages or even chapters later the character or event in uestion would be introduced ignoring the incomplete reference earlier in the bookI can still recommend this book to my contemporaries people like me born in the 60s who will clearly remember Rizzo being mayor in the 70s and a constant political figure in politics throughout the 80s The book introduces and gives fascinating background on many stories and persons whose names were familiar to me but which I really didn't fully understand or remember If you sort of know that Billy Meehan was an important guy running the Philadelphia Republican party for decades; if you're heard of the famous 50s60s reformers Clark and Dilworth; if you vaguely remember risking Democratic star Ron Castille who was Philadelphia DA then had his political career flame out when he Rizzo smeared him in a mayoral primary; if you've heard of or remember the MOVE crises of the 70s and 80s and Wilson Goode allowing a West Philadelphia neighborhood to be bombed and burn to the ground and then being reelected over Rizzo then this book has a lot of information and stories that you will find really interesting


Colorful new details and revealing new stories about a man whose life demonstrated how the force of personality can affect histor. A book that I picked up to learn about a man who still looms over the City of Philadelphia what I got was a primer into the city's politics since the early start of the 20th century This was an incredible read not just for documenting the rise of Frank Rizzo from high school dropout to Mayor of Philadelphia but for filling in all the other details about the city as well Unexpected but truly brilliant this will stay on my shelf for awhile and also presents the perfect material for a tv series

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Frank RizzoFigures in urban American history Sweeping and finely detailed this is a work of scholarship that reads like a novel packed with. I read this book when it first came out almost 20 years ago After the dramatic stories about the Rizzo statue coming down I felt it worthwhile to revisit itSal Palantonio; of ESPN fame tells a well rounded storynot only about The RizFrank Rizzobut he offers a well researched history of Philadelphia's politics in the 20th Century Anyone truly interested in how Philly got this way needs to check this volume out Rizzo was a uniue populist who had a feel for his peoplewho by the way were back and whiteHe rocked the hidebound political parties and his story for the last 20 years of his life was Philadelphia's storyPalantonio got inside and does his homeworkWell worth a relook4 jimmys out of 5