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Tarted to go wrong on her very first day she hit a bad patch of ice on A Nancy PDFEPUB or a run down the slopes and broke her leg in a couple of different places Then a doctor decided she needed a giant cast and lots of bed rest It’s been a week of unfortunate events for rest the resort too there was a sabotaged opening dinner multiple hotel room break ins and a dangerous trap was set for the star chef And if she thought t I really liked this one a lot I don't know why I haven't picked up Nancy and Hardy boys collaboration of classic collection before I am definitely going to pick one up now As for the mystery its really great Next to impossible to guess whudunit For middle grade standards that is really goodNancy is at a ski resort and not so surprising she falls in for a mystery uite literally will Nancy save the day Well you read it Bess and George are not with Nancy at resort but she has got help from Hardy boys or boy to be precise Their contribution is less though I felt that they were added as the substitute for muscles of Ned and smartness of George I would have loved their active role However their collaboration was good to see It's nice to have detectives aroundThere were few scenes where I had to hold my breath it was that scary people I thought we will almost loose Nancy in this one but we don'tOverall this book definately was upto my expectations

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A Nancy Drew Christmas Nancy Drew Diaries #18Hings couldn’t get any worse a giant storm is heading her way and may just snow everyone in for days Trapped in a hotel with someone bent on destruction Cast or no cast you know this sleuth is on the case It’s almost Christmas and both guests and staff are starting to panic With all the odds stacked against her can Nancy solve these crimes in time and save the holiday season Or is this one Yuletide she’ll wish to forge I'm a lifelong fan of Nancy Drew but until now I haven't purposely picked up a Nancy Drew Diaries title I thought it would be too young for me maybe in the vein of the ND Clue Crew series that seems targeted at elementary school aged kids Though it's worth noting that the original Nancy Drew although she was in her late teens was published as a children's series back in the first half of the 20th century so maybe one ought not turn one's nose up at books based on their target audience In any case my fears were unfounded This Nancy very much in the spirit of the original goes off on a ski vacation by herself practically without knowing a soul at the ski resort Her father is supposed to join her but of course he gets delayed by bad weather and never actually shows up a plot device that made me think wistfully of the Her Interactive Nancy Drew video games which when they were still being produced often used a similar device to explain why Nancy had so much free time on her hands to explore and solve mysteries The unfolding mystery was believable and well conceived for modern times featuring such modern timely characters as politicians receiving shady corporate contributions environmental activists who might be unscrupulous in their methods celebrity chefs famous for their TV appearances sexist law enforcement officers and even a proposed oil pipeline that predictably divides the townsfolk There was also plenty of old school charm however an overly helpful front desk attendant a rumor about buried treasure and secret passages and even a couple of teen detectives who wind up sort of investigating the same case As a lawyer I was pleased to see that the legal aspects of the action whether regulatory criminal or contractual seemed to be fairly accurately portrayed As a mystery lover I was pleased to find a couple of plot twists that I hadn't seen coming Surprises and stakes raising were found in perfect proportion and all in all I thoroughly enjoyed this read It doesn't hurt that it's also a perfect start to the holidays just reading about snow starts to put me in the holiday spirit Although there's less Christmas to the story than one would think from the title it's good wintry fun

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kindle î A Nancy Drew Christmas Ó Nancy Drew Diaries read Ì johnscyclingdiary Í ➲ [Read] ➭ A Nancy Drew Christmas (Nancy Drew Diaries, #18) By Carolyn Keene ➽ – Nancy finds herself a Christmas mystery in this super special eighteeNancy finds herself a Christmas mystery in this super special eighteenth book of the Nancy Drew Diaries series a fresh approach to the classic mystery seriesNancy is spending her winter vacation at the most beautiful ski resort in Montana Everything looks perfect from the spectacular mountain views to the cozy rooms inside complete with fireplaces and holiday decorations Unfortunately not all is as jolly as it seems Things s 275 Stars1 star for the glittery snowy Christmasy cover So pretty and textured1 star for the inclusion of the Hardy Boys I pictured a young Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson in each of their scenes Hi Shaun How you doin75 stars for the mystery they gave me my favorites hidden passageways and a mazeAs far as the story you askPreach preach preach green sustainable business environment people over profits there is no planet B stop the pipeline corporate greed corrupt law enforcementDear lord stop I'm not saying I agree or disagree with any of the above I'm saying I'm reading a Nancy Drew Mystery as a form of escapism If I want to see all this prattling bloviating preaching I'd go to FacebookI learned how to speak properly from this book however so there is that The old me would say I love Nancy Drew books The new me will now say I love Nancy Drew books as long as they were written in the last centuryOh how I miss the 1900s