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The Flower Girls Characters ó 100 Ð ❰Reading❯ ➷ The Flower Girls Author Alice Clark-Platts – YOU'LL NEVER FORGET THE FLOWER GIRLSThe Flower Girls Laurel and Primrose One convicted of murder the other given a new identityNow nineteen years later another child has gone missingAnd The Flower Gir YOOf murder the other given a new identityNow nineteen The Flower PDF years later another. 2 Sisters go out to play while they are out they abduct and murder a babyThe 2 sisters Laurel and Primose are caught one is charged and is put away for life one is too young to be prosecuted and so has her name changed and her parents and her life is led in secret 19 years on a little girl goes missing at the hotel her and her fiancé are staying atof course the truth of who she is comes outbut is she involved in this crimeshe then decides to go and visit her Sister in prison for the first time then the truth amongst many lies starts to emergeThe book is menacing and certainly didn’t have any ‘LOL’ momentsI found the writing cold but then am guessing it was meant to be that way its not the book to call cosy by any means the regular references to Hindley etc also chill you even The Sisters are both horrible characters again they are meant to be and if the author was hoping to create characters to despise then she succeededThe other players in the book are eually unpleasant and there is an above average uota of stomach acid that they all seem to haveSome of the plot I found far fetched and some storylines petered out I could see why they were there but just fizzled off when kinda ‘dealt with’ There are 2 endings one which I am sure many will guess as I did but then the last 2 pages have an abhorrent ending that and I read a lot shocked me and made me pull a eurrghhhh no way face Then theres an extra bit added to the 2nd ending that made me grimace even If the author wanted to create a book that got you at the end again she succeededA disturbing uneasy read that will stay with you the ending raised my overall score for the book

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Child has gone missingAnd The Flower Girls are about to hit the headlines all over aga. I read The Flower Girls in one sitting utterly compelling and a real page turnerIt’s not a new story – children committing horrific crime then years later the conseuences of their actions still resonate but Alice Clark Platts tells it so well with an underlying and unsettling sense of emotion that gets under your skinThis is a purely character driven drama two sisters one in prison one who was too young to be brought to account and assumed to have been lead by her evil sibling Now another  child has gone missing and the truth will out – or will itThis is a twisted tale indeed with sinister undertones and a genuinely realistic feel Child killers are both horrific and fascinating if we are honest with ourselves and the author plays on that as the drama unfolds cleverly messing with perception and ultimately leaving the reader with a distinctly uneasy feelingOverall this was a terrific addictive read beautifully atmospheric and intelligently wovenRecommended

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The Flower GirlsYOU'LL NEVER FORGET THE FLOWER GIRLSThe Flower Girls Laurel and Primrose One convicted. Dang I figured out pretty early where we were going but the ride was still crazyAnd then it really went berserk I mean WTF just happenedI almost DNFed this at about 30% because it moved a little too slowly at the beginning and in my opinion about 50% of the characters could go with no sacrifice to the story whatsoever but that's small stuff This book is original courageous and starkly terrifying and in the end I was SO glad I hung in there