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read doc ↠ Lucy Maud Montgomery ↠ Hardcover â mª isabel sánchez vegara ¹ [Read] ➫ Lucy Maud Montgomery ➳ Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara – New in the Little People Big Dreams series discover the incredible life of Lucy Maud Montgomery the faAs a little child with a dream These books make the lives of these role models accessible for children providing a powerful message to inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world I uite enjoyed the text in this book I don't know much about LM Montgomery so I found this uite interesting this one didn't seem to be as vague as some of the books in this series After reading some about LM Montgomery and finding that when her mother died and she was left with her grandparents her father moved away and remarried and started another family I was very surprised that in this book we are told her father ' sailed off far away from the little island' This made me wonder if he had been lost at sea or joined the navy when actually something uite different had happened I've no idea why this wasn't told in this storyAs often happens in this series the clothes are anachronistic In the 1880's an elderly strict religious woman would not wear a short skirt Also the design around the home was totally out of place A three legged turuoise foot stool giant zig zag print purple and sky blue sofa a turuoise desk a purple desk pink and red diamonds on the floor hair bands instead of ribbons black slip on ballet slipper style shoes would not have been worn for school I doubt they even existed then surely they would have worn lace ups probably boots did children of this era really carry red rucksacks? So disappointing the illustrations are so misleading and for an introduction to a certain period of history these illustrations are useless

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New in the Little People Big Dreams series discover the incredible life of Lucy Maud Montgomery the famous writer in this true story of her life With stylish and uirky illustrations and extra facts at the back I really like the concept of these series of books as they each feature a woman who made a significant contribution to society The books give a brief history with illustrations of the person featured in this case author LM Montgomery In my opinion the series best appeals to kids in the 4 7 age range Some of the women featured in other books include Anne Frank Rosa Parks Ella Fitzgerald Frida Kahlo and Mother TeresaLM Montgomery created the iconic character Anne Shirley who is so dear to many of us readers This book provides a little bit of biographic info on the author and her childhood as well as what led to her writing the Anne of Green Gables books The illustrations are colorful and appealing other than the grandmother's nose which I thought resembled a pig snout This is the type of book that is really fun to share with a child as they get to learn about someone who was special to you when you were growing upThank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an advance digital copy

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Lucy Maud MontgomeryThis empowering series celebrates the important life stories of wonderful women of the world From designers and artists to scientists all of them went on to achieve incredible things yet all of them began life If my children were young I really wouldn’t purchase this bookCompared to children’s stories years ago this is very poorChildren have short attention spans but this is so uneventfully boring I as an adult wasn’t enjoying the sense of it eitherThe illustrations are very poor workmanship and not something that appealed to my friends Granddaughter at allIt sounds harsh but it needs body to thisI realise that there are big dreams in this book and helping children to strive towards their dreamsBut what if their dreams do not aspire to reality?Will they feel a failure?OK it’s a kiddies bookI’m an adult and I still believe in Father Christmas