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Tell Me Everything Ebook ☆ 288 pages Download Á Sarah enni à ✯ Tell Me Everything Books ✴ Author Sarah Enni – YOUR SECRET’S SAFE UNTIL IT’S NOTIvy is the shy artist type and keeps a low profile—so low that she’s practically invisible to everyone at BelfrYOUR SECRET’S SAFE UNTIL IT’S NOTIvy is the shy artist type and keeps a low profile so low that she’s practically invisible to everyone at Belfry High School except for her best friend Harold As sopho year begins Harold takes up a hundred activities leaving Ivy on her own Luckily she’s found a distraction the new anonymous art sharing app VEILSoon Ivy realizes that one of her classmate Read this review and others on my blog I’ve been a loyal listener of Sarah Enni’s First Draft podcast since 2014 so I was psyched to pick up a copy of her debut novel Tell Me Everything follows Ivy a sopho photography nerd who’s been struggling with growing distance between her and her BFF Harold To take her mind off her absent over scheduled friend Ivy becomes engrossed with the new app VEIL which allows users to view Instagram style anonymous pictures local to a five mile radius The book follows Ivy as she attempts to uncover the secrets of the students at her school posting on VEILIt’s a cute short book that I read in less than twenty four hours I really enjoyed the local art scene focus and I feel that there’s a missed opportunity here for the book to include some photographs and illustrations to color the narrative like in a Ransom Riggs book Yet the book isn’t without its flaws; it felt plotless for a good portion of the book like we were being treated to individual scenes that made up some sort of abstract whole The voice too is a bit younger than I usually read More a preference thing than an actual detractor You know how a lot of readers rightly complain that a good portion of YA isn’t really YA any but really just New Adult repackaged with “eighteen year olds” and pretty YA covers This isn’t that; it reads young and Enni was clearly purposeful in the decision to make Ivy and Harold sophos instead of upperclassmenI’ll admit that the tone of the book was a bit off to me There is a lot of uirk for uirk’s sake almost reminiscent of Katy t3h PeNgU1n oF d00m That combined with an especially cringy cringey scene between Ivy and Harold that read like progressive buzzword mad libs had me not exactly racing for the end of the book but still edging toward eager to be done territorySPOILER INCOMINGI did also feel like some uestions briefly raised throughout the book weren’t explored deeply enough In this book online anonymity and an unmoderated user base butt heads with “safe spaces” and helicopter parents There is a kind of resolution to this conflict in terms of the VEIL app but not a satisfying one in my opinion and what resolution Enni offers us doesn’t do much to address the very real debates that society is currently having about social media platforms VEIL is deleted in the end but let’s face it Mark Zuckerberg isn’t about to delete Facebook nor Jack Dorsey Twitter so what exact lesson are we supposed to take from Tell Me Everything into the real worldSo some good some bad Tell Me Everything was a pleasant uick read for a Sunday afternoon but I wouldn’t highly recommend it for older YA readers though a younger less picky crowd might have some fun here

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S is the VEIL user who Tell Me MOBI #233 needs new paintbrushes and another is the one visiting the hospital every week and another is the one dealing with their parents’ messy divorce While she’s too scared to put her own creations on the app Ivy thinks of an even better way to contribute by making gifts for the artists she’s discovered The acts of kindness give her such a rush that whe This was a fun uick read While I loved the portrayal of the town and the app VEIL the themes in this book felt a little on the nose and overly simplistic Maybe this is just a result of me reading older YA and having unfair expectations for a book that's decidedly younger Tell Me Everything is definitely out of my wheelhouse and I probably wouldn't have picked it up if I wasn't already familiar with Sarah Enni from her podcast which by the way I highly recommend This is of a 35 for me but I'm rounding up to 4 stars since I think other readers would get a lot out of this

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Tell Me EverythingN Ivy suspects Harold is keeping a secret she decides to go all in Forget gifts Ivy wants to throw Harold a major partyBut when all those good intentions thrust her into the spotlight Ivy’s carefully curated world is thrown into chaos Now she has to find the courage to come out of the shadows about her art her secrets and her mistakes or risk losing everything and everyone she loves the most I got an advanced copy from Eldeweiss Plus to review before getting a physical copy to get signed by the author at a festivalWhat drew me to the book was the art app after seeing the trailer for the bookI loved Ivy and enjoyed reading about the art aspect of the book and her working to discover the VEIL users identities and doing surprise anonymous acts of kindness to them I even liked it when one of the acts went wrong becoming a story that could happen in real life because real life isn't perfectI could see and feel Ivy's strugglejourney to feel accepting of being able to show her art and her struggles with figuring out her feelings towards her best friend Harold and a school classmate NateThe story is full of art learning confidence and trying to understand one's self It's a good read for teens You ART to pick up this book