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Me spree the hows and whys of vicious juvenile crime were as relevant in the so called Age of Innocence as they are today Jesse Pomeroy was outwardly repellent in appearance with a gruesome dead eye inside he was deformed beyond imagining A sexual The Shocking True PDFEPUB #182 sadist of disturbing precocity he satisfied his atrocious appetites by abducting and torturing his child victims But soon th. Harold Schechter really is at the top of the true crime game Not only is he a solid writer but he is also something of a true crime historian He reads less like a tabloid reporter which is the way of most true crime authors I've read than a professor taking a serious look at killers and their wider sociological impact And then there is his choice of criminals Schechter is always picking the obscure and fascinating killers that others miss Case in point Jesse PomeroyPomeroy was the boy fiend of post US Civil War South Boston A process killer who started out by torturing eight boys younger than himself his crimes began at twelve in increasingly brutal ways before eventually moving on to the even brutal murders of one young girl and one young boySchechter covers all of that in the first half of the book carefully cutting from Pomeroy himself to the wider Bostonian and even wider US landscape of violence to contextualize Pomeroy's crimes He uses the second half of the book to shift his focus to the US culture of carceration using Pomeroy's fifty plus years in solitary confinement to examine uite subtly the ethics and arguments surrounding imprisonment He takes no side in any of this well mostly There are times when Schechter's judgment can be felt but this is mostly reserved for Pomeroy his mother and others who claimed or believed that Pomeroy was innocent simply presenting the facts of Pomeroy's incarceration alongside the arguments of those who believed that solitary was necessary and those who believed it was cruel and inhuman punishment Fiend is a work of demystification when it comes to the legends that sprang up around Jesse Pomeroy diminishing the boy fiend apocrypha a particularly fun version of this can be found in Caleb Carr's The Alienist of bed time stories and fictional accounts and showing instead that Jesse Pomeroy was a evil at its most banal I wonder Can Schechter do the same with Carl Panzram

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Fiend The Shocking True Story Of America's Youngest Serial KillerE teenager's bloodlust gave way to another obsession murder Harold Schechter whose true crime masterpieces are well documented nightmares for anyone who dares to look Peoria Journal Star brings his acclaimed mix of page turning storytelling The Shocking True Story Of ePUB #9734 brilliant insight and fascinating historical documentation to Fiend an unforgettable account from the annals of American cri. I can't say I had much pity for this kid after the horrid things he did And most likely if all those people that asked for pity for him had their own infant suffer to his evil intentions they wouldn't feel his sentence was too much He got what monsters deserve This is another good book from a great true crime author It just reminds about how forgiving people are to others when nothing bad happened to them When their own child gets lured out to a remote place and is tortured and carved up we'd see how forgiving they really are

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Fiend The Shocking True Story Of America's Youngest Serial Killer Free download ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮Epub❯ ➠ Fiend The Shocking True Story Of America's Youngest Serial Killer ➟ Author Harold Schechter – AA MONSTER PREYED UPON THE Shocking True PDFEPUB #233 CHILDREN OF NINETEENTH CENTURY BOSTON HIS CRIMES WERE APPALLING AND YET HE WAS LITTLE MORE THAN A CHILD HIMSELF When fourteen year old Jesse Pomeroy was arrested in a nightmarish reign of terror over an unsuspecting city came to an end The Boston Boy Fiend was imprisoned Fiend The Kindle at last But the complex uestions sparked by his ghastly cri. When Jesse Pomeroy was arrested in 1874 he was fourteen years old When he was twelve he had abducted and tortured young boys this lead to him being sent to reform school He fooled people into believing he had changed and was released Returning to Boston he went to work in his mother’s store eventually killing two young children He was dubbed “The Boston Boy Fiend”This book covers the life of Jesse Pomeroy as much as is known the crimes the details of the investigation trial and Pomeroy’s eventual sentence It is also a history lesson detailing how life was at that time how ‘the good old days’ were not always so good And how juveniles committing crime is not a modern day phenomenon I know some will take exception to Pomeroy being labeled a serial killer because he only killed two people however if he hadn’t been caught he would surely have killed He fits all the other criteriaWhen reading Schechter I have learned to carry a notebook with me he has so much other interesting information in his books This is another well written book that I have no problem recommending