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review Thelema Mystic Will #0 ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub õ [Reading] ➷ Thelema Mystic Will #0 By Marushia Dark – What if you were born into a world where the gods once walked among men and women Where you wake up every morning to find a mystical pendant around your neck and know as everE of the Law to bring about order and justice in the land of Severa When a routine trial by jury gets turned into a trial by combat however the balance of power between mankind and its creations shifts leading some to uestion whether the course of history will be forever changed and humanity’s future suddenly becomes uncertain As everyone tries to find peace and purpose in their lives dark and sinister forces begin to emerge from the shadows thrusting the Department of Justice into a battle for the soul of Severa and the lives of its citizenry Journey now into that world in this fantastical tale of love action intrigue and will. It took me considerable time to read this book One of the reasons is the editing There were some unfinished sentences and soem other errors as well The other reason is the complexity of the story There are lots of characters with their own storylines Sometimes I found it hard to follow that many skipping between characters What I liked was the world building There is magic in this world and technology and vehicles which are part sentient beings I found this pretty cool It would be nice and useful if there was some background info on how thelemas workThank you to NetGalley the publisher and Marushia Dark for my copy

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What if you were born into a world where the gods once walked among men and women Thelema Mystic ePUB #9734 Where you wake up every morning to find a mystical pendant around your neck and know as everyone knows that the gods had granted you this awesome gift to house your will allowing you to perform incredible feats But what if that blessing was also a curse in that it tethered your soul to the world and if you removed it you would forfeit the will to live What if your pendant was merely the missing half to someone else's pendant Someone whom you've never met and may never meet for the gods were selfish and cruel in keeping you. This review is challenging to write Thelema Book 0 is not a bad book per say It makes for a challenge to review due to the fact that it is the first in a series The First book of a series is always a challenge Each author creates their own world within the pages of the book When dealing with a series there is a lot of items within the world that need to be explained in order for you to get what is happening Marushia Dark has created a very rich and distinct world The world of Severa is very much different from ours in almost every single way possible Even the mundane things like vehicles and paying for items have a fantasy element to them It will greatly help you enjoy the book if you have some interest in politics and law She has written this series around the Justice of the Peace members in a world ruled by a complex legal systemPeople are born with items called Thelema this is essentially their soul in a physical form of a necklace This contains a symbol and some wording Each person has a different pattern With the intention that each person is to find their soul mate who has the other half of your patternThese Thelema's also give people the ability to manipulate their surroundings to a certain extent based upon the force of their will The idea of this is fascinating and should make future books a joy to readThe legal system however may be a bit over some readers heads Once a trial is set there is a lot involved The Justice of the Peace or than one depending on the situation can serve as judge and lawyer for the state People can reuest a trial by combat In which case the Justice of the Peace then wields a sword to fight the defendant The justice is allowed to have a clerk for aid The clerk carries a dagger that houses a magical creature that can be summoned as a notary to record the entire interaction Most clerks are skilled in magical healing using their Thelema some can even assist in the fighting A Justice can also summon chambers otherwise known as a magical barrier that encompasses the area and prevents anyone from leaving while heightening the powers of the notary Then you get into a whole group of beings known as juristic persons These cause much confusion They are a magical creation of business owners They grown in power based upon the assets of the company They have free will and minds of their own but are tethered to the companyThese aspects make the book hard to fully get into If you can grasp what is happening legally and all the minor changes in things like vehicles and paying for items then there is the whole religious system and political playground I disagree with some of the socio political views expressed within the book So far these views have only been told from one view point in parts from various characters Perhaps in future books she will have other characters express a different view Things like how to raise children the types of food poor people have access to making you gain weight whether children should be home schooled and other views I get that each character has their own views However all of the characters in this book seemed to have varying takes on one view rather than manyI look forward to future books to learn the results of many background and machinations that have yet to bear fruit People have started lots of different situations that will create conflict and personal growth for the characters Besides this anticipation I almost dread another book I am not sure I want to wade into the legal and political aspects of this world again

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Thelema Mystic Will #0Apart Everytime you gaze down at your pendant you feel the promise of great joy and despair simultaneously as every fiber of your being is drawn to your other half your twin flame If only you could summon the will of a god yourself perhaps you'd be united What if this same world was inhabited by legions of monsters known as juristic persons living breathing corporations with wills and minds of their own What if such creatures had rights and powers that far exceeded those of humans Into such a world were born Dean Maynard and Jane Stewart Justices of the Peace who use the Thelemic arts along with their martial prowess and knowledg. The book Thelema mystic will is a thorough read A detailed fantasy with a parallel insight into our very own realityMarushia Dark is an enchanting author taking his reader through truly vivid scenes properly explained sceneries witty conversations and personable characters making fantasy look just like real lifeThe book Thelema is obviously a first of its series and I can hardly wait to read the subseuent ones Though i will say some of the conversations were unnecessarily long but as a first of its series we really can tell the purpose of the writer yet in relation to thisIt is a true insight into the rule of law and order religion and morality; the true desires of willing minds strong willed personas and relationship tiesThelema Mystic will is a fantasy whose realities is applicable to our very own realities and makes one wonder what lessons to be learnt in subseuent books“Even all my carefully crafted intrigue can’t stem the tide forever There is always a trail and there will always be truth seekers trying to find it”‘With such souls it’s best we seek them out learn who they are and try toreward their curiosity by bringing them into the fold making them one of us ifwe can and destroying them if we can’t A controlled demolition a strategic burn a targeted strike lest we let them slip through our grasp and ruin everything tying off loose ends but soon fray’” Pg 361The depravity our society is revealed in relation to those with assumed power over the law and the use of their power to seek so far it meets their purposesIf you are to read a book that will make you think uestion everything even your existence then reading Thelema Mystic will is the right choice