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Summary Fix Her Up ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Fix Her Up Author Tessa Bailey – A brand new romantic comedy from New York Times bestseller Tessa BaileyGeorgette Castle’s family runs the best home renovation business in town but she picked balloons instead of blueprints A brand new romantic comedy from New York Times bestseller Tessa BaileyGeorgette Castle’s family runs the best home renovation business in town but she picked Fix Her PDFEPUBballoons instead of blueprints and they haven’t taken her seriously since Frankly she’s over it Georgie loves planning children’s birthday parties and making people laugh just not at her own expense She’s determined to fix herself up into a Woman of the World whatever that meansPhase one new framework for her business a website from this decade perhapsPhase two a gut reno on her wardrobe fyi leggings a. This book is five years behind its time as seen in its creepy overprotective easily angered love interest and an air headed literal clown main character My list of things I disliked about this book was vast but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I cannot BELIEVE this book was published in 2019 especially through such a massive publisher For me to have enjoyed this I think it would need a huge facelift in how the love interest treats the main character the descriptions were written and how childish the characters came off Here’s a breakdown of everything I didn’t like The writing styleFrom metaphors and similes that literally made no sense to cringey dialogue to sexual descriptions that made absolutely no sense this book needed an editor bad Some things I let slide than others but the phrasing of this book was just SO awkward and I didn’t vibe with the writing at all Travis’s personalityTravis was the worst love interest He considers Georgie his little sister for half the book but still sexualized the hell out of her in literally every single scene she’s in He was also SO jealous and overprotective of her even when they weren’t even together and Georgie let him get away with doing super sketchy stuff like sabotaging a date just because she thought he was so hot The pacingI can’t tell you if this book took place over 3 days or 3 weeks It was so messy and the author would throw in random scenes with random side characters to make it look like the book wasn’t just focusing on the two main characters but those scenes were so dry and pointless and you could tell they were included just so a token POC could have some time on the page I was so confused why these women made a “club” whose focus was hating men and yet all they did was get together and talk like friends do I skim read anything that wasn’t the main drama because it was so boring and half bakedThe cringeworthinessThe main problem in this book that made me cringe was the fact that Georgie is literally a clown as her career which is a fact that the author brought up—i shit you not—almost every page From there being so many references to her clownery to the terrible dialogue especially during sex or telling her things like “You’re about to meet your God” in reference to his dick I was cringing so often while reading this I cannot believe this author has dozens of previous books because this was so unpolished and needed a lot editing or at least someone to point out when dumb lines should’ve been cutDumbchildish main characterI mentioned before that this main character is a clown and I cannot emphasize that enough She is completely stupid in a way that makes me ashamed that this book was written by a woman From letting herself be walked all over by Travis to enduring a “whoAAAaA i didn’t know i was hot” transformation to literally being considered a child by everyone around her it was just unbearable Her entire conflict in the book was trying to be legitimate so that people would take her seriously but I still considered her a joke by the end of the book because her actions and dialogue were so ridiculous The sexYikes Any enjoyment that could have been gleaned from the sexy scenes was ruined by Travis’s completely disgustingcringeyterribly written dirty talk and the author’s absurd descriptions From both a storytellingcraft perspective and the actual situations themselves the sex was horrid It didn’t help that Georgie was a virgin which Travis glorified really creepily and then the author later glossed over unrealistically There’s public sex at a baseball field which definitely is a felony and the rest of the scenes were either so absurd or so badly written that it was difficult to get through them like Travis fucking her wedgie or something eually as groan worthy and not in a good way Also the entire book Travis calls Georgie “baby girl” every other word which uickly became a sure way to induce vomiting This book just wasn’t for me whatsoever I feel like I read a 2014 Colleen Hoover romance If that’s your jam then go for it and enjoy it but I could not get past its issues in order to read this story for what it is It just read SO childish and corny and borderline creepy and abusive The title should have warned me away from it but I thought I would at least hang around for the smut Spoiler alert the smut is uncomfortable and cringey at best For screenshots of cringey uotes and my reactions see my full thoughts here

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Re pantsPhase three updates to her exterior do people still waxPhase four put herself on the market and stop crushing on Travis FordLiving her best life means facing the truth Georgie hasn’t been on a date since well ever Nobody’s asking the town clown out for a night of hot sex that’s for sure Maybe if people think she’s having a steamy love affair they’ll acknowledge she’s not just the “little sister” who paints faces for a living And who better to help demolish that image than the resident sports star and tabloid favoriteTravis Ford was major league baseball’s h. Once you read a Tessa Bailey romance there is no going back And FIX HER UP is not an exception because you will fall in love with Travis and Georgie instantly Instantly you are drawn to this marvelous cover and then you read the synopsis and you think WOW GIVE ME THAT BAD BOY RIGHT THIS MOMENT Let me just start this review by saying that if you have not read a book by Tessa Bailey then why are you even here I mean why are you waisting your time by reading this review Totally kidding maybe not I don't know But in all seriousness if you have not read a book by Tessa then I HIGHLY recommend that you start as soon as you can There is no denying that Tessa's writing is uniue in its own way The best kind of way that will have you drawn to the page making you crave and through every turn of the page every swipe you make every word you may listen With FIX HER UP she has gained so much respect than what I original had towards her because of how she describes the female main character—Georgie When you are first introduced to Travis and Georgie you do not expect the scene that you read That's how Tessa bring the BAM to the beginning of the story Known from their childhood and been neighbors who live in Long Island which is where I am from sueals and grew apart because of their own differences Travis becoming a professional baseball player whom throughout out ends up getting injured and his career comes to an end Georgie has known him since she was little the youngest sister of Travi's best friend Steven Always running around and following them as a child She always attended all his games Travis' biggest cheerleader Georgie became enad by him To him Georgie has always been Steven's little sister that no one pays attention to But after one hangover morning Travis' perspective towards her changes in the best of way She is now all grown up has bought her own house is a clown for a living YUP You read that correctly one of my favorite female characters of 2019 is a CLOWN FOR A LIVINGGeorgie is a clown for a living ladies a gentlemen it does not get better than this And I am not being sarcastic at all Seriously I am NOT I love that Tessa has created a female role in which she enjoys the perspective of entertainment for kids Yes it is a fictional story in a fictional world but I just adore how uniue her career is in comparison to other careers we read about in romance novels She is an independent individual in which is also another shot of perfection about this novel She is all grown up now but grown up in the best of way that Travis slowly learns to adore and love most about her The affection he has towards her charisma and attitude really warms your heart You just want to hug Travis you want to ravish him Of course in the best of ways wink wink But he is not only sweet he is this possessive jealous delicious and scrumptious of a specimen Seriously ladies and gents depending on your taste you will be enthralled at how lovable Travis truly is Especially when he is in awe of Georgie; He wanted to give her pleasure Wanted to protect her And fuck the conseuences he wanted to turn himself into her addiction The story plot itself continues after agreeing to a deal of being in a fake relationship for the sake of his career and hers as well Pretending turns into wanting between them both when it comes down to the emotional and physical side of a relationship Travis' restraint is at its thread or truly wanting Georgie while she is virgin who is still enad with her childhoodteenage crush Once they are together however everything around dissolves and it's only them two The witch craft that Tessa has with her writing is one that always fascinates me and truly does leave me flabbergasted And once you read their story your heart will forever be melted with Tessa's writingOverall FIX HER UP is a comedic romance novel that will forever be engraved to your heart Once you read Tessa's writing there is no going back There is no thinking Oh should I read it There is only thinking adding to my TBR and my bank account is going to hate me laughs at own joke Thank you to Tessa for always being a sweetheart Long Island girls have to stick together in the best of ways ; ARC galley kindly provided by Tessa in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me OnBlog ♕ Instagram ♕ Facebook ♕ Twitter

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Fix Her UpOttest rookie when an injury ended his career Now he’s flipping houses to keep busy and trying to forget his glory days But he can’t even cross the street without someone recapping his greatest hits Or making a joke about his bat And then there's Georgie his best friend’s sister who is not a kid any When she proposes a wild scheme that they pretend to date to shock her family and help him land a new job he agrees What’s the harm It’s not like it’s real But the girl Travis used to tease is now a funny full of life woman and there’s nothing fake about how much he wants h. calling your dick two bats isn't cute 😣 Travis is a dummy bitchis he trying to be batman baby boy you could never 🙄🙄🙄🙄also Georgie from this book reminds me of Georgie from IT and the Georgie in this book is a clown but the Georgie in IT got eaten by a clown 🤡🤡🤡this book was boring and the only thing giving me motivation to read this were the sexy scenes 🤷‍♀️Travis is the actual clown 🤡I also cannot get over how he said “My dick aches so bad Make it stop” LMAOO it's just so funny Your dick is always aching It will never stop 😪this book was trashbuddy read w a Sol