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Lizzie Borden Book È Zombie Hunter ñ Johnscyclingdiary Æ ❴Epub❵ ➚ Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter Author C.A. Verstraete – New 2nd editionEvery family has its secretsOne hot August morning in 1892 Lizzie Borden picked up an axe and murdered her father and stepmotherNew nd editionEvery family has its secretsOne hot August morning in Lizzie Borden picked up an axe and murdered her father and stepmother Newspapers claim she did it for the oldest of reasons family conflicts jealousy and greed But what if h This is a fast paced zombieghoul slaying tale that answers the uestion you never knew you had about the Lizzie Borden case What if a zombie plague were the reason Lizzie Borden wacked her parents with an axI LOVED this set up and that it jumps right into the grisly murders And they are grisly Unfortunately for me at least I had a little trouble with the aftermath of it all The story follows the Borden trial and tries to stay true to events that happened in real life all while a zombie plague is brewing in the town Lizzie stays mute about the truth and this is where I had trouble shutting off my brain because I felt she should’ve been screaming the truth from the rooftops in order to prove her innocence That’s what I would’ve done instead of sitting in jail and having the town turn against me and thinking I was a murderess of innocents I suppose I’m selfish like that Worse though was that she was covering up for some fickle man and a secret ghoul slaying society and that irritated the heck out of meSo because of this I found the book a little bit of a struggle for me personally Lizzie’s motivation and strange romances didn’t sit right with me either With that said it was certainly gruesome and action packed and there was a nice ghastly twist at the end that made me cringe and there isn’t much that makes me cringe these days

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Er parents were already dead What if Lizzie slaughtered them because they’d become zombiesThrust into a horrific world where the walking dead are part of a shocking conspiracy to infect not only Fall River Massachusetts but also the world Lizzie Borden is in trouble after killing her father and stepmother she faces the scrutiny of officials but what the law and the masses hurling insults outside her home don't know is that she had to defend herself from them They were no longer living flesh but were mindless and intent on causing harm Determined to protect her sister and help with the threat to society Lizzie accepts the conseuences of her actions She just hopes the noose doesn't get to her first before she can solve the mystery surrounding her familyWARNING This review contains minor spoilersI received this book in exchange for an honest review I thank CA Verstraete for giving me the opportunityWhat struck me first and foremost was the creative concept we all have heard of dear ol' Lizzie Borden right ❝Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks When she saw what she had done She gave her father forty one❞ Implementing zombies into the mix promised entertainment of the undead variety and that's indeed what Verstraete succeeded in doing Whilst staying true to historic events as much as possible a mystery involving Lizzie's deceased father brought with it an air of intrigue There were secret societies many battles and a nefarious plot with all the trimmings The writing was also uite decent as well if not for the over use of certain words when describing the zombies though I imagine there's only so many ways to describe a rotting corpseI did have some other issues that I'll get into The romance aspects didn't make much sense to me; they added nothing other than a thirty something year old woman pining over men like a teenager I wouldn't even consider it  romance per se  there was very little development and chemistry between characters It merely consisted of Lizzie swooning over how handsome they yes than one were The saturation of romance in fiction bothers me a great deal because it's not needed to make or improve a story Friendship can be eually heartwarming and definitely a better option than a shoehorned relationship that brings nothing to the table I also believe that taking into account Lizzie's monologue about being a spinster and proud of it she was awfully hypocritical Lizzie's motivations certainly weren't clear and I would have preferred depth and less of the bizarre man lusting There's also the fact that weapons seemed to materialise out of thin air just when they were needed Hatchets pipes and whatever else were conveniently in place to save the day multiple times It's these little bits and pieces that were glossed over; suspension of disbelief relied upon There were glaring flaws I found in the plot as well Lizzie immediately acted guilty of murder hiding and destroying evidence when she could have easily admitted to self defence I understood the desire to stay close to the documented real life happenings but thought could have gone into the execution As fun as I think the book was when it comes down to it it held many holes that stood out to my critical mind The biggest strength was the ending which was grim in a way I thoroughly enjoyed It was a nice surprise indeedIn conclusion Action packed and full of decay this instalment as the first of a duology had promise It served well for a bit of pleasant amusement but as soon as I started thinking about it too much certain elements like the lack of character building got to meNotable uote Her father's face never handsome yet commanding just the same resembled an image from one of her childhood nightmares© Red Lace 2018Wordpress  Twitter

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Lizzie Borden Zombie HunterBeyond Lizzie battles to protect her sister Emma and her hometown from nightmarish Lizzie Borden PDF or ghouls and the evil forces controlling them Read the continuation in Lizzie Borden Zombie Hunter The Axe Will Fall under name CA Verstrae I am a huge Lizzie Borden fan so anything that even has her name on it is fodder for my obsession and this fit that bill perfectly and zombies too Well that was too good to pass up The first book started out pretty normally just like the events of that day but the difference is that Lizzie comes upon her stepmother or stepmonster as some people who follow the case would call her in the bedroom and when she turns around Lizzie sees something unspeakable and has no idea what is happening Abby Borden is SOMETHING but of course you are reading the book and you have to consider that back in her day they would have not even known what the word zombies was Then of course her father has also turned and both of them are axed to death by Lizzie with the help of her sister Emma Now if you follow the case Emma was supposedly out of town at the time of the murders so she was never a suspect What I love about this book is that every chapter starts with a REAL uestion from Lizzie's inuisition that she faced And then follows a story about how Lizzie has to realize that although SHE and The Society as she comes to know them know of the zombies no one else does and she is still seen as a murderer by the people The difference is that her sister does not she knows what really happened that day But neither can say anything because The Society has told them they can have no part in the case or in the public eye Soon the streets are filling up with zombies and even though the neighbors start to come out their doors they don't seem to realize what is going on but of course who would In those days that was unheard of I think that is what makes this series so great is that Lizzie becomes a heroine in her own right rather than someone who is looked upon as a possible murderess from the readers' perspective I personally never thought Lizzie committed the crimes but that is my own opinion I really enjoyed watching Lizzie's character go through the changes becoming an amazingly strong and efficient killer of zombies And she also realizes that her father is somehow involved in all of these people being turned but she has to figure out how and she has to do it uickly uietly and not get turned herself and at the same time protect Emma And all this while preparing for her own trial knowing that she is innocent and knowing she could prove it if she found out the truth but wondering how that will be possible with The Society involved It's definitely a page turner and after finishing this one I couldn't wait for the second book to find out what really happens In a big way this book also reminded me of the Pride Prejudice Zombies book because the females became the well trained and intelligent ones and they learned how to defend themselves I give this book 5 stars