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The Fatal Series Volume 3 Fatal Jeopardyatal Scandalatal FrenzyG for her and her teamFatal Frenzy Lieutenant Sam Holland is on leave recovering from an attack that shook her to the core With no case to distract her she’s trying to stay busy even voluntarily meeting with her new White House staff But it’s not enough to keep the horrific memories at bay and her family is worriedespecially her husband Vice President Nick CappuanoWhen two college girls go missing in the midst of inauguration madness the chief of police needs the one cop he can count on to find them and save the Metro PD from disgrace In a case full of ugly twists and turns Sam will have to confront her past and find her strength againbefore it’s too lat Great series This is a great series which tear at your heart and keep you reading and waiting This series keeps you wanting

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mobi Î The Fatal Series Volume 3 Fatal Jeopardyatal Scandalatal Frenzy ñ Kindle Edition ½ ✍ The Fatal Series Volume 3 Fatal Jeopardyatal Scandalatal Frenzy pdf ✎ Author Marie Force – Enjoy books 7 9 in The Fatal Series from New York Times Enjoy books 7 9 in The Fatal Series from New York Times bestselling author Marie Force now in one box set Fatal Jeopardy includes a bonus storyWashington DC Police Lieutenant Sam Holland and her husband US Senator Nick Cappuano have been looking forward to a uiet Thanksgiving with their son But any thoughts of a restful holiday are dashed when Sam and Nick return home to a gruesome scene Sam’s seventeen year old niece Brooke barely conscious and covered in blood on their front stoopWith lines between personal and professional blurring in this emotionally charged deeply personal case Sam will need to decide how far she’s willing to go to prove Brooke is a v Three books in one difficult to put down Book 7 Fatal Jeopardy Sam finds her niece Brooke wrapped in a sheet covered in blood dropped on her door step This book covers a deadly high school party and how it got so out of hand Teens are “indestructible “ Brooke will carry the scars of this night with her forever Gonzo gets good news A team member gets shot Book 8 Fatal Scandal Sam’s team is having individual crisis Gonzo hailed as a hero is recovering from the gunshot wound in Book 7 is now being accused of murder Elin gets beat up at her gym Cruz is off with her The threads from Book 7 seem to still exist As Sam pulls them her nemesis has a plan none of us saw coming Nick starts work what work? at the White House Book 9 Fatal Frenzy Sam is off kilter from the events ending in Book 8 She is actually uestioning if she wants to return to police work She is cleaning cooking and meeting with her staff at the White House Even Scotty knows this isn’t the real Sam While putting off the shrink at cop central Nick asks Harry to talk w Sam Gonzo is in charge of a knife killer while Sam is off and soon Cruz is off too Sam speaks to Harry and begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel While she has the nerve she goes to see the cop shrink who ends up giving Sam her “go back to work” papers when she is ready Unfortunately it takes a member of their team to be fatally hit for Sam to come back to work All just days before the inauguration While hunting a killer and being fitted for a gown to wear to the inaugural balls the team continues to take hits This inaugural parade is the likes of why we get lost in books The very ending good newsScotty is legally a Cappuano All three of these books tie together What happens in Book 7 still has things reeling in Book 9 I admit I cried in Book 9 These characters are no uestions family

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Ictim not a murdererFatal ScandalAs a new year dawns in the capital city dual scandals rock the Metropolitan PD and Lieutenant Sam Holland is right in the middle of them Chief Farnsworth is catching heat for the way he handled a recent homicide investigation and Detective Gonzales is accused of failing to disclose an earlier connection to the judge who decided his custody hearingWhen Gonzo’s fight for his child turns deadly and he has a shaky alibi Sam must defend two of her closest colleagues All while her husband Vice President Nick Cappuano settles into his new office at the White House As the evidence against Gonzo piles up Sam suspects someone is gunnin EXCELLENTLoved all three of these stories I lMarie Force is such a wonderful writer This series is so good I love all the characters I love the way she weaves in the personal stories of all the supporting characters as well as the main story of Nick Sam and Scotty It makes the books so richly textured and interesting The suspense and action in these books is unpredictable and riveting The books are sexy sweet funny heartwarming and filled with family friends and co workers that we all would love to have So far every book in this series has been excellent and I am thinking to myself that I have to read slower because I don't want to get to the last book 😁