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Evening author Susan Minot review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB è ❮BOOKS❯ ✸ Evening Author Susan Minot – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk With two novels and one short story collection published to overwhelming critical acclaim Monkeys takes your breath away said Anne Tyler; heartbreaking exhilarating raved Gland coast with motorboats buzzing and bands playing in the night and the devastating tragedy that followed a spectacular wedding Here in the surge of hope and possibility that coursed through her at twenty five in a singular time of complete surrender Ann discovers the highest point of her life Superbly written and miraculously uplifting Evening is a stirring exploration of time and memory of love's transcendence and of its failure to transcend a rich testament to the depths of grief and passion and a stunning achievemen. This book could have been good instead it left me hating all the characters except for Buddy Wittenborn who turned out to be conseuential to the story than he originally appeared The author uses a LOT of stream of consciousness which worked well in some places and was too jumbled to actually read and understand in others In what I assume was an attempt to show the jumbled stream of thoughts in Ann's mind she would write entire pages without using any punctuation whatsoever no periods no commas nothing which was in my opinion rude to her readers Also she was too lazy to use uotation marks or any other notation to mark dialogue making it extremely difficult to tell who was speaking and what was actually spoken in the same paragraph Overall the characterization of Ann was good though it was almost impossible for me to actually like Ann The imagery created by the author was also good though sometimes extremely random Minot clearly has an eye for detail and vivid imagery she's just an unfortunately bad story teller

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With two novels and one short story collection published to overwhelming critical acclaim Monkeys takes your breath away said Anne Tyler heartbreaking exhilarating raved the New York Times Book Review Susan Minot has emerged as one of the most gifted writers in America praised for her ability to strike at powerful emotional truths in language that is sensual and commanding mesmerizing in its vitality and intelligence Now with Evening she gives us her most ambitious novel a work of surpassing beauty During a summer weekend. I've been re reading old favorites lately One of the most beautiful things about language is the deep sense of emotions that can be brought about by words strung together in a logical context Sometimes you read a book because of the emotions it causes Often for me I reread books that have moved me emotionally; that have made me feel This is such a book Rather than a wonderfully technical book well plotted and adept this is a book that evokes emotion namely melancholyIt is the reflection of a woman who is dieing and a moment that changed the course of her life I have heard some people remark on this woman's selfishness that rather than thinking about her family her children she is pondering one long lost summer weekend I've always felt these people to be a bit harsh To me life is made up of many moments These moments change our lives they shift our direction In retrospect sometimes the smallest of moments such as an encounter one summer weekend can utterly change our life I think this is on what the character reflects the life she could have had And that is what brings about the sense of melancholy Who knows if it would have been a better life But it would have been a different life and that other life ended before it even began It's a book about what might have beens and often what might have been is the thing of which we cannot let go the thing that wakes us up in the middle of the nightSo this is a melancholy book because of the might have beens but it is also a book that I think is great for that same reason

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Evening author Susan MinOn the coast of Maine at the wedding of her best friend Ann Grant fell in love She was twenty five Forty years later after three marriages and five children Ann Lord finds herself in the dim claustrophobia of illness careening between lucidity and delirium and only vaguely conscious of the friends and family parading by her bedside when the memory of that weekend returns to her with the clarity and intensity of a fever dream Evening unfolds in the rushlight of that memory as Ann relives those three vivid days on the New En. If you prefer a straightforward linear plot with clear language and tidy endings you can skip this review and skip this bookIf like me you are entranced by passages of unpunctuated stream of consciousness inner monologuesIf you are comfortable contemplating the “evening” of one’s lifeIf you are untroubled by random jumps in time and narratorIf you appreciate unsolved or unexplained people and storylinesIf you have a deep appreciation for beautiful languageThen you should discover the complex slightly unsettling extremely thoughtful Susan Minot Two books in I’ve fallen hard for Minot’s books and her writing This novel isn’t easy; it reuires attention and patience but I found it incredibly rewarding“For a moment she felt an astonishing brilliance and heat and light and all of herself flared up and the vibration after sixty five years was not weakened by time but dense then suddenly it was as if the flame had caught the flimsiest piece of paper for it flickered up and flew into the air then uickly sank down withered into a thin cinder of ash which blew off inconseuential Her life had not been long enough for her to know the whole of herself it had not been long enough or wide”Read alikesJulian Barnes especially The Sense of an EndingJoan Didion in particular The Year of Magical Thinking