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Treacherous Longings Reader ✓ 188 pages Download ✓ Anne mather Ó [Download] ➹ Treacherous Longings ➾ Anne Mather – Treacherous Longings by Anne MatherLingering passionsWhen uinn Marriott is asked to track down reclusive Julia Stewart he knows it will mTreacherous Longings by Anne MatherLingering passionsWhen uinn Marriott is asked to track down reclusive Julia Stewart he knows it will mean trouble uinn once knew Re Treacherous Longings Anne Mather gives us a Typhoon of Tackiness in this one It is another one of her older hyounger H tropes with her standard jellyblob h filled with older woman insecurities This one starts with the 28 yr old H who is an investigator for a tacky TV show producer agreeing to track down the h for a typical exposewhere are they now kinda thing The h was a very famous actress 10 years earlier and suddenly gave it all up and went into seclusion No one has seen her and many assume she is dead So essentially the H is the paparazzi in this What complicates the situation is that when the h was famous his mother who is titled English aristocracy was a celebrity stalker and made a huge point of befriending the h and invited her to stay at the family estate The H was a big cocky 18 year old at the time and semi forcibly seduced the 26 yr old h Then Treacherous Body Syndrome took over and they had a fling and the h lost her mind It really messed her up mentally and the h just disappeared into the ether The H his massive teenage stud muffin ego damaged by the rejection went off on a drug frenzywild woman bedding extravaganza in the wake of her departure for six months causing his Lord and Lady parents a lot of distressThe h was pregnant of course and tired of the notoriety and rumors that continually dogged her and felt very guilty over giving into the H So her agent helped her escape to a small island and the h had her son and became a children's author but unfortunately she still hasn't managed to find a backbone transplant Now the H is told to hunt down the h by his sleazy producer boss and the H feeling used by the h when he was actually the aggressor and perilously close to being a juvenile rapist agrees to take the job cause the h ruined his life Even tho the H is well paid has a girlfriend and a pretty good life So the H bids his titlestatus seeking girlfriend a temporary good bye and it is off to the Caribbean we goHe finds the h but doesn't realize that her son is his too There is angst and anger and roofie kisses and lots of Purple Prose Male Fantasies and the h is convinced that the whole thing is her fault for being famous and beautiful and a nice person and just forcing the H to seduce her However the H does decide not to reveal the h's hideaway unfortunately his slime swiller boss had multiple trackers in place and the h feels forced to return to England to face the public under threat of exposureThen the truth of the H's daddyhood comes out and the H goes into a drunken decline after he shows up at the h's hotel supremely intoxicated and we get another semi forced seduction The H runs off to the family estate after that he was fired from his job and then his mother goes to berate the h and the H's girlfriend has a fling with his brother so she gets dumped Finally the h goes to save the H from his drunkenness After a huge fight about how could the h not tell an immature and near rapist 18 yr old with a celebrity seeking mother about his impending fatherhood the two of them declare mutual love and eternal devotion with their delighted he has a dad son for the HEA I was kinda icked on this one mainly cause there was way too much purple prose and in AM's efforts to make the H seem old enough for the 26 yr old h she characterizes him with extremely domineering behavior towards the very anxious jelly blobule h Which totally ruins ANY illusion of maturity he might have hadEven as an adult he is shockingly manipulated by his hormones and his bullying ways were thuggish not HP alphaness The h was the usual spineless insecure mess and every other secondary character came across as a celebrity seekeruser kind of person While it has tacky moments than the entire first season of Jersey Shore this does a have a strangely entertaining aspect in a National EnuirerJerry Springer kind of way I was not a fan but the HP outing was adventurous and at least there is an HEA

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T love have never abated But Julia has a very specific reason for avoiding uinn a ten year old secret he must never be allowed to guess And the secret's name is Jak This one is in my keeper pile Hero is 18 and the movie star heroine is 28 when they meet and have a brief affair After their summer romance she leaves the hero and HollywoodUK version abruptly and disappears with a SECRET Ha They meet up 10 years later and what ensues is an angsty drama fest that never gets old for me

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Treacherous LongingsJulia intimately than anyone realizes and believes that he caused her to shun the limelight Over the years uinn's treacherous longings for the one woman he shouldn' That was different He seduced her when she was 27 and he was 18 The story starts 10 years later when as part of his job he finds her after she has been in seclusion for 11 years or so She was a famous film actress at the time they met years ago So anyway now he's all grown up and the passion between them is still there A different premise that was well written although there was potential for angst had their affair been found out back then but it wasn't Still plenty of emotion The ending was a bit deus ex machina and abrupt but it wasn't horrible All in all a fun read and extra points for being differentNow about that odd cover