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Blade of the Destroyer Book ↠ 361 pages í Johnscyclingdiary Æ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Blade of the Destroyer Author Andy Peloquin – Dexter meets the Punisher Durzo Blint meets Ezio Auditore da Firenze An epic fantasy novel of betrayal death violence and vengeance reOne for his mistake When his enemies harm the people under his protection it will take much than an army of criminals to stand in the way of his revengeIf you love anti heroes like the Punisher or Dexter in a breathtaking fantasy realm then immerse yourself in Hero of Darkness today Andy Pelouin delivers an epic tale of one man’s struggle to survive in a world of magic blood and dea This was a good story but I found it confusing at times There were a lot of minor characters and it was hard to remember who was who and why they were important The storyline itself reminded me of an old show I used to watch Highlander I liked the character of the Hunter and found him interesting I would have liked background on him as one minute he's a mysterious character and the next we find out he is half demon If I could give this book 25 stars I would At times I had to put the book down as it got bogged down with the minor characters and I found it hard to get through I did like the fighting scenes however Overall an interesting tale though I feel it could use some improvement in making the story flow better and less players to the tale

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Dexter meets the Punisher Durzo Blint meets Ezio Auditore da Firenze An epic fantasy novel of betrayal death violence and vengeance readers are calling fearless uniue and above all dangerous Readers' Award Finalist RONE Awards FinalistThe best assassin in the world doesn’t come cheap Betraying him will cost your soulThe Hunter is a name feared by all in Voramis He is an outcast driv The title definitely lets you know what this story is going to be about so if you like assassins you may want to check this one outThe main character is simply known as “The Hunter” he’s an immortal being that works as an assassin for all sorts of clientele – the only thing that matters to The Hunter is if the client has the money He has many lifelike masks he uses never wanting anyone to see his real face to keep his identity a secret – and he can also adopt multiple personality types to go along with those masks He carries something called Soulhunger a dagger he uses while on the job and it literally takes his victim’s soul transferring it to the blade It’s both sentient and telepathic and mostly uses their link to beg The Hunter to kill everyone around them The Hunter has no sense of remorse he doesn’t feel anything but pleasure when he kills mostly thanks to Soulhunger After killing someone he gets a brief reprieve where Soulhunger goes dormant for a few days and instead of enjoying the silence where he’s not constantly bombarded by the dagger begging for blood he feels empty and alone He would go into fits where he couldn’t sleep or he slept all the time and still woke up exhausted It seems that while Soulhunger sleeps so do his powers He has extremely shakey and disjointed memories of his life before he came to the city of Voramis he doesn’t remember his real name doesn’t know where he came from and doesn’t know how he came to have Soulhunger It’s been so long though he doesn’t care any he’s lived in Voramis for hundreds of years and has given up on trying to discover his pastThe first half of the book focuses on what The Hunter’s daily life is like how he takes jobs and gets new clients etc He gets into a lot of sticky situations one of which almost killing him He gets on the wrong side of the Bloody Hand which is a group of 5 people who run most of Voramis They don’t like the fact that The Hunter is working in their territory and want him gone The Hunter is immortal and this was put to the test when he was captured by the Bloody Hand they spent a lot of time slicing and dicing him even stabbing him in the heart to see if there was a way to kill him He manages to escape and then falls into the hands of a priest of the Beggar God This is about 50% through the book and where things pick up The priest knows much about The Hunter’s life and backstory than he does he knows where he lives what he’s done with his life who he was before his memory went blank etc I won’t go into that since it’s spoilery – but it’s revealed that this priest works for a group that helps keep the demons out of Einan The Gods once went to war and they called demons from other realms to help fight in their wars it left humans devastated and a few demons stayed on Einan after the wars The priest belongs to an order that makes sure the banished demons don’t make it back to Einan and he needs The Hunter’s help to keep them at bayThe Hunter is a very grey character anti hero than a villain but it could be argued either way Although he doesn’t feel remorse when he kills he does mostly kill assholes and there are people he feels a need to protect and keep safe He has lines he won’t cross he doesn’t approve of the slave trade or sexual assault so it’s clear he has at least some baseline of common morals but in other areas he’s far from what you’d call a good person It took me a while to warm up to this guy though in the beginning of the book I was worried about what kind of depth could be achieved with the way the story was going but there were glimpses of layers under the psychotic serial killer persona The Hunter lives in an abandoned building surrounded by the homeless and beggars he deliberately makes his home unattractive to people so no one comes in He says he hates every single human around him but he contradicts himself by watching after the homeless he sees himself as their protector and although he doesn’t interact with them he likes the company He went so far as to leave them bundles of food clothing and he tried to find medicine for a sick old lady He has a lot of contrasting character traits that may or may not work for you – they mostly worked for meThis was a pretty dark book the character does a lot of objectionable things a lot of people die there are demons and torture scenes If you’re not a fan of grimdark I wouldn’t read this bookThis was extremely fast paced there was almost always something going on For some people it may be a little too fast paced maybe a little rushed in a few places but nothing that was so rushed I was left feeling confused Many things were spelled out for the reader particularly when we were introduced to this priest who knew everything about the character so there was a bit of info dumping in those scenes The writing style was pretty straightforward it was told in the third person mostly from a single POV There are minor POV’s throughout the book but many times those characters meet up with The Hunter so it’s all related and easy to follow There isn’t a ton of cursing in this there were only two fucks through the whole book – so if you’re okay with light cursing this is thatI definitely see the appeal in this book it’s done very well for itself over on Goodreads with a 411 average with 450 ratings It took me a while to get into though as the first 30 – 40% or so didn’t catch me but I’ll also point out I’m not typically one for darker characters However I wanted to read all my books front to back and I’m glad I kept going because I got into it as the layers of the main character were pulled back a bitAudienceFor people who like assassins sentient weapons mysterious magic darker tone greyanti hero characters demons mysticancient orders Gods nonhuman pov’s RatingsPlot 1115Characters 127515World Building 1215Writing 10515Pacing 1215Originality 1115Personal Enjoyment 62510Final Score 75100 or 3755 on Goodreads

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Blade of the DestroyerEn by a cursed dagger with an unuenchable thirst for blood and deathYet he follows one simple code kill those who truly deserve to die His creed is put to the test when deceived Blade of MOBI #233 by a shadowy employer he unknowingly slaughters an innocent manWith the most powerful criminal organization in the city after his head the Hunter must fight for his life and find a way to at I hardly think the premise does the book justice; here's a review that does