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Lennys Book of Everything Ebook Ô 352 pages Download ☆ ❮Epub❯ ➞ Lennys Book of Everything Author Karen Foxlee – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk I knew my brother I knew when he talked too much about Timothy his imaginary pet eagle He was scared'Whatever you do' I said to Davey on the walk to school 'Do noLd beetles birds uasars uartz and dream about a life of freedom and adventure visiting places like Saskatchewan and Yellowknife and the gleaming lakes of the Northwest Territories But as her brother's health deteriorates Lenny comes to accept the inevitable truth; Davey will never make it to Great Bear Lake An outstanding novel about heartbreak and healing by an award winning autho Where is that 6th star? I need it to rate this book I've bought a copy for myself and two copies for school this is one of the most beautiful sobbing into my nightie in the middle of the night sad can't stop reading books I've ever read What a treasure this is From the moment you meet Lennie and Davey you will be swept up in their hilarious imaginations and you'll want to keep them with you as you go about your days until you head to bed early so that you can get back to themLenny's little brother Davey was born normal even though his Mum had a weird feeling that something was going to happen Lenny and Davey's Dad has gone off and nobody has seen or heard from him their Mum works hard to try and make ends meet They don't have much but they are happy in their world with their neighbours who care and the excitement that their Mum winning a set of encyclopedias brings Both Davey and Lenny are desperate for knowledge about the world and about everything in it and they pour over the encyclopedia entries for hours Lenny is particularly fond of the bug entries she intends to study beetles when she grows up Davey is keen on rivers and log cabins and exploring the wilds of Canada During the times when their mum is at work the children are cared for by Mrs Gaspar their neighbour she who smokes too much gasps for breath often and who has very entertaining dreams which she tells them about in great detail It is a simple and happy life One day when Davey is 5 he starts to grow at an extraordinary rate he shoots up and up at amazing speed an inch a night sometimes On the outside he becomes as tall as a man but on the inside he is just a small child It is weird Eventually he is taken to a specialist and I cannot say hereI see that lots of people consider this a book for children I don't believe that this is so This is a book for everyone it is so full of heart and comfort The writing is stellar and the way that the author has made a world with few characters and places but which feels so big and real is perfect I was so drawn into this book that I was sobbing those big messy sobs with the catch in them the ones where you need 3 breaths to complete the sob the ones where your partner comes rushing in to see what is wrong and then goes oh sad book huh? and leaves you to it This is now officially my book of the year I might have to go back and read it again

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I knew my brother I knew when he talked too much about Timothy his imaginary pet eagle He was scared'Whatever you do' I said to Davey on the walk to school 'Do not tell people about your eagle Do not tell Miss Schweitzer about your eagle'He looked crestfallen His shoulders slumped He looked to make sure Timothy hadn't fallen offLenny small and sharp has a younger brother Davey who Not long after David Davey was born his mother Cynthia Spink’s Cindy knew there was something not uite right about him It shortly became clear that he was growing faster than he should something that never happened with her first born Lenore Lenny Once Davey turned five Cindy’s husband Peter got on a greyhound bus and never came back Cindy was left a single parent to raise her two children on her own Raising two children on your own didn’t come cheap so Cindy had no other option than to go to work each day to keep the wolf from the door It was soon realized that Davey had a rare condition where he couldn’t stop growing but with that came new clothes and shoes as he was growing out of his old ones uicker than you could blink your eyes Cindy is always worrying about how she will cope with the never ending bills and she worries about her children especially Davey When Cindy enters a competition to win the Burrell’s Build it at Home Encyclopedia set she didn’t imagine she would win but she did Each week the latest issues arrives and it’s here where Lenny and Davey discover a whole new world of birds beetles and many other creatures and places they had never heard of With each new issue came new adventures and once again Lenny and Davey were taken on a journey like no other With each passing month Davey continues to grow only doctors are at a loss as to how to manage his condition I have to say how surprised I was about this book as it truly was a pleasure to read and one in which I thoroughly enjoyed I’ve had this book sitting on my bookshelf for uite some time and as soon as I finished reading it I asked myself why didn’t I read this one sooner This book is listed as Young Adult or for children from the age of ten but in my opinion it’s suitable and would be enjoyed by all ages Highly recommended With thanks to the publishers Allen Unwin for my uncorrected proof copy to read and review

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Lennys Book of EverythingWon't stop growing and at seven is as tall as a man Raised by their single mother who works two jobs and is made almost entirely out of worries they have food and a roof over their heads but not much else The bright spot every week is the arrival of the latest issue of Burrell's Build It at Home Encyclopedia Through the encyclopedia Lenny and Davey experience the wonders of the wor starsLenny’s Book of Everything is a 2018 release written by Australian author Karen Foxlee published by Allen and Unwin It has been classified as a middle grade ages 10 book but it is a story that I feel has such widespread appeal that it can be enjoyed both young and adult readers alike The promotional material slotted inside my copy of Lenny’s Book of Everything stated ‘discover the wonder of the world and the beauty of being alive’ This is a perfect description of a brilliant novel Lenny’s Book of Everything is a story that uietly surprised me with its understated but sheer beautyLenny short for Lenore Spink is the young narrator of Karen Foxlee’s latest tale She and her brother Davey live with their mother who has been left to care for her children single handedly and hold down a job at the local retirement home Davey is a very different young boy he has a rare form of gigantism which causes him to continually grow Life is fairly simple for the Spink family The beacon of light in their lives is the weekly delivery of Burrell’s Build It at Home Encyclopedias a prize that Cindy won Each week the encyclopedia collection allows Lenny and her brother’s knowledge to expand From the comfort of their home they are introduced to new places concepts key figures and creatures It also inspires the duo to seek a life of adventure far away from their current existence However when Davey’s gigantism takes over Lenny must rise above her family’s challenges Lenny’s Book of Everything is a touching heartbreaking and introspective novel It provides a solid sketch of family life love sacrifice and acceptanceLenny’s Book of Everything immediately caught my eye due to a couple of factors It has been endorsed very widely by some of my fellow reviewers bloggers and major booksellers With so much buzz around a middle grade children’s novel I was intrigued I was lucky to receive a copy of this book via the publisher Allen and Unwin I have to admit that my first impressions of the book were set high The cover is red very bold and absolutely stunning It features an eagle in full flight with the inside of this majestic creature filled in by a colourful map of well known locales When I opened the front cover inside I was greeted by a stunning map of the world which also extended to the back coverI couldn’t wait to delve into this story Immediately the sense of intrigue is established by Foxlee and we receive a big hint that something epic is about to begin‘Our mother has a dark heart feeling It was as big as the sky kept inside a thimble That’s how dark heart feeling are They have great volume but can hide in small places You can swallow them with a blink and carry them inside you so no one will know’Little did I know how I would be changed by this deceptively simple children’s bookI did come into my reading of Lenny’s Book of Everything with some trepidation I knew that this book was narrated by a child and I wasn’t entirely sure if I was ready for another child narrator story after reading a few over the last year However my worries were soon abated and I was rewarded with a story that I consumed in a sitting I could not stop reading this book and I soon found that I was very much attached to Lenny her brother Davey their mother and the other full bodied characters that fill the pages of this novel Lenny’s narration is remarkable She offers an original and wide eyed take on the world around her I enjoyed her world view very much and I felt that Foxlee fully embedded h