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review ✓ Black Mountain Isaiah Coleridge #2 â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à [PDF / Epub] ☂ Black Mountain Isaiah Coleridge #2 By Laird Barron – Ex mob enforcer Isaiah Coledrige has hung out a shingle as a private eye in New York's Hudson Valley and in his newest caseEthing deeper and insidious than he could have imagined in a labyrinthine case spanning decades At the center are an heiress moonlighting as a cabaret dancer a powerful corporation with high placed connections and a serial killer who may have been honing his skills since the Vietnam WarA twisty action packed follow up to the acclaimed Blood Standard Black Mountain cements Laird Barron as an inventive and remarkable voice in crime fiction. This one really wowed me It's even darker funnier assured and real than Blood Standard the first installment in Barron's Isaiah Coleridge series if you didn't know which I really enjoyed Not only is this the best Laird Barron novel it's among my favorite things he's written and I've read all of it Can't wait for many installments of the continuing adventures of Coleridge

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Ex mob Isaiah Coleridge PDF #204 enforcer Isaiah Coledrige has hung out a shingle as a private eye in New York's Hudson Valley and in his newest case a seemingly simple Black Mountain Epubmurder investigation leads him to the most terrifying enemy he has ever facedWhen a small time criminal named Harold Lee turns up in the Ashokan reservoir sans a Mountain Isaiah Coleridge PDF #199 heartbeat head or hands the local mafia capo hires Isaia. When two mutilated bodies of local criminals are found signs point to a hired killer called The Croatoan But the Croatoan has been dead for years right That's what Isaiah Coleridge wants to find outLaird Barron jumped nearly to the top of my favorite authors list in 2017 When this popped up on Netgalley I had to read itBlack Mountain continues the story of Isaiah Coleridge part Maori former hitman trying to leave the killing behind As Coleridge plays sleuth his violent nature stares him in the face again and again In this volume Coleridge tries to find the perpetrator of two murders and winds up with much on his handsLaird Barron's writing is as great as ever part Chandler part Thompson part Ellroy and even some Roger Zelazny in the mix eually adept at poetic descriptions and stark violence I had no idea who the killer was for most of the book I was too busy trying to piece things together along with Isaiah and LionelFor part of the book I thought Isaiah was a little too capable and the book meandered a bit Then the rug got yanked out from under me and I wolfed down what was left in one long ass numbing sitting The Croatoan wound up being far interesting than your run of the mill serial killers The book flirted with cosmic horror a bit at times Maybe the Children of Old Leech will be mentioned in the next oneWhile I love his brand of horror sometimes you just want to see bad guys get got Laird Barron delivers the goods here Four out of five stars

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Black Mountain Isaiah Coleridge #2H Coleridge to look into the matter The mob likes crime but only the crime it controls and as it turns out Lee is the second independent contractor to meet a bad end on the business side of a serrated knife One such death can be overlooked Two makes a man wonderA guy in Harold Lee's business would make his fair share of enemies and it seems a likely case of pure revenge But as Coledrige turns over stones he finds himself dragged into som. Laird Barron's BLACK MOUNTAIN is his best novel yet which is saying something Expertly blending crime and horror Laird's non supernatural horrors become cosmicexistential in scope and feel similar to Peter Straub's genius novels KOKO THE THROAT