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Read ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ê Karen Ranney Rebellion drove Mercy Rutherford to an Heiress PDF #180 Scotland to escape the possessive grip of her fiancé But it’s fate that lands her in the crumbling highlands castle of Ross Caithart A dreamer with visions of inventing airships he’s most certainly mad Handsome beyond words he’s also causing an irresistible flutter. To Wed an Heiress by Karen Ranney is book Two in the An All for Love Series This is the story of Mercy Rutherford and Ross Caithart This can be a standalone book Mercy is running away from a fiancé who is very controlling Mercy along the way meets Ross who some think he not all there but he works on inventions When her fiancé comes for hershe makes a deal with Ross for him to take her money for his protection A deal is struck but will this have a different ending Enjoyed their story

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characters To Wed an Heiress All for Love #2 ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ❰PDF❯ ❤ To Wed an Heiress All for Love #2 Author Karen Ranney – Rebellion drove Mercy Rutherford to Scotland to escape the possessive grip of her fiancé But it’s fate t Ion no matter how utterly beguiled he is by the wildly independent American heiress And yet with so much at stake how can he possibly say no But when their unconventional union grows into a passionate and inseparable love than Gregory’s obsession threatens them Now Ross and Mercy will have to risk than their hearts to save i. Karen Ranney is one of my favorite authors and I always look forward to reading her books Each of her novels provides its own challenges and enjoyment I find her characters to be real and believable even if they do not always stay on the path of goodness and honor There is romantic attraction that meets compelling conflict interfering with the developing relationship Ultimately that discord draws the protagonists together enabling them to find the love they deserve To Wed an Heiress develops along these linesMercy and Lennox meet under rather unusual circumstances which initially put them at odds with each other They are from two different clans clans with an acrimonious history between them and this further divides them However as their paths cross over the weeks that follow Mercy and Lennox become strongly attracted to the other while believing that their feelings are not reciprocated Enter a “villain” in the form of Gregory Mercy’s former fiancé who insists he still plans to marry her Adding to the conflict are Mercy’s hostile grandmother her rancorous great uncle and her father’s subseuent arrival from America With all that against them Mercy and Lennox join forces to face their pasts while looking forward to an uncertain future All’s well that ends well as they ultimately find their HEA

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To Wed an Heiress All for Love #2In her stomach beyond reason When Gregory arrives to see their arranged marriage to its bitter end Mercy desperately turns to Ross with an offer of her fortune and her hand in marriageThe Earl of Morton has a reputation To Wed eBook #224 for being a daredevil eccentric but even he is hesitant to engage in such a rash proposit. Wealthy American heiress Mercy Rutherford ventures to Scotland to escape her controlling grasping fiance Gregory and the immovable plan her loving but overbearing parents have made for her life Upon arrival she meets with an accident that leads to a developing friendship of sorts with her family's neighbor Lennox Caitheart the Earl of Morton The blurb has him named Ross but he was Lennox in my ARC Mercy soon learns that her Scottish family is horrible and Lennox isn't insane as she first thought but rather he is a genius and very lonely inventor Despite the feud between their families Lennox and Mercy develop a tentative friendship that could develop into but given the threats of Gregory and his obsession with Mercy as well as her family's rigid expectations for her future there may be too many obstacles to overcome in order for them to be togetherIn Lennox Ms Ranney has created a lovely brooding hero which I'm a huge fan of Lennox is lonely and reclusive but is a good man just trying to preserve his family's legacy He doesn't uite know what to make of the American heiress just learning independence and he challenges her to change her thinkingMercy's family was just awful I kept expecting some sort of redemption or justification there but none ever came; it was rather an anticlimactic ending on that front I kept expecting someone to stick up for Mercy but no one ever did except Lennox which just made him an even better hero I was frustrated by Mercy's failure to stick up for herself especially at age 28 even after she'd decided to make changes and started to voice her own opinions; it's like she kept regressing Despite that I still liked her and the book overall especially Lennox as a refreshingly outspoken hero who also showed growth and development