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FREE READ ´ Identity Theft í ❴Download❵ ✤ Identity Theft Author Debra Meyerson – I dentity Theft follows Stanford professor Debra Meyerson’s journey to recover from a severe stroke that initially left her physically incapacitated and unable to speak In addition to providing real I dentity Theft folloI dentity Theft follows Stanford professor Debra Meyerson’s journey to recover from a severe stroke that initially left her physically incapacitated and unable to speak In addition to providing realistic expectations for the hard work needed to regain everyday capabilities Meyerson focuses on the less freuently documented emotional journey in recovery Virtually every survivor is haunted by uestions like “Who am I now” and “How do I rebuild a meaningful and rewarding life” after losing so much of what they had before ca. Debra and the survivors in this book are truly inspirational This book includes multiple factors related to stroke recovery It also points out how the values and identity make an impact on the people going through a life journey


Ientist sharing stories from several dozen fellow survivors family members friends colleagues therapists and doctors she has met and interviewed By sharing this diversity of experiences Debra highlights how every person is different every stroke is different and every recovery is different She provides a valuable look at the broad possibilities for successfully navigating the challenging physical recovery and the eually difficult emotional journey toward rebuilding one’s identity and a rewarding life after a trauma like stroke. I was excited to read this book because while I have not had a stroke I have personally experienced identity loss due to medical trauma and chronic health problems It’s an issue that I don’t often see discussed and I think many people could benefit from reading this book The author shares her own story of having multiple strokes and her healing journey as well as sharing other people’s stories She also cites relevant studies and provides numerous notes and referencesThe book was very readable encouraging and at times humorous I appreciated how the author shared stories that were inspirational as well as stories of people who are struggling to recover She distills these experiences into practical advice for accepting your new reality and forging a new identity focusing on “building a better future rather than recovering the past” I have a better understanding of post traumatic growth after reading this and I feel hope that I will be able to create a fulfilling life The author also discusses how relationships can be affected and the need for a support network This book will be particularly helpful for stroke survivors but I think it will be useful for anyone trying to recover from serious illness or injury It would also be helpful for caregivers family and anyone else who wants to understand the psychological challenges faced by survivorsI was provided an ARC through NetGalley that I volunteered to review

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Identity TheftPabilities careers and jobs relationships and This is a book full of hope for survivors from stroke or other injuries as well as their families and support networksAll author proceeds from this book will go to Stroke Forwardorg a nonprofit initiative that will support stroke and other survivors and advocate for a human centered approach to health care  Identity Theft centers on Debra’s experience her stroke her extraordinary efforts to recover and her journey to redefine herself But she also draws on her skills as a social sc. This is a truly inspiring book about re inventing ourselves after a devastating event such as a stroke But it’s so much than that Identity Theft is an honest and vulnerable story about confronting fears and other inner demons head on in order to live fully and freely than ever before It’s a must read for anyone seeking inspiration to live life to its fullest