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FREE READ ¹ Life Reset Environment vs Player New Era Online #2 æ ✿ [EPUB] ✷ Life Reset Environment vs Player New Era Online #2 By Shemer Kuznits ❥ – After defeating the hobgoblin threat Oren is now faced with an even tenacious enemy the players themselves His old guiBuild up his Life Reset MOBI #233 clan and recruit an army of monsters if he's to have any hope of withstanding the coming attac. Yeah the I read LitRPG the apparent it becomes that the settlement building kind is what I really likeThis book was a nice follow up to the series except for the weak points that seem to recur in LitRPG A total disregard for combat time people having conversations while fighting just makes the whole experience absurd way too many remind me need I remind you and as you know extremely flakey info dump through dialogue It was just bad the bad guy's motivation was illogical or rather moronicHad those issues been ironed out maybe a last rewrite or an editor the book could have gone up to a 4 stars because I really liked the world in itself


After defeating the hobgoblin threat Environment vs Kindle #208 Oren is now faced with an even tenacious enemy the players themse. Great read as expectedRead the first was excitedsecond exceeded expectationsGreat litrpg for those not wanting straight pornBuy the book Read the book

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Life Reset Environment vs Player New Era Online #2Lves His old guild have discovered his village's location and a deadly strike force is closing in With time running out Oren must. A decent read if you don't mind some annoying plot holes Main character is still annoying in his naivety and periodic temper tantrums Main draw is still the settlement portion of the book which is still enjoyableThere were a number of plot related events that really just make no sense First of all now that the focus is on the guild being a threat why did Vatras even feel like he needed to betray Oren Why did the lieutenants agree to it despite the very real chance of everything not going according to plan It is just amazing to me that there is not a single example of some event or whatever that would push the upper rank guildies to agree that this was a good idea Obviously there must be something right Why else would people who he has played with since the start of the game the very first people he ever gave skills to would decide betraying him is a good idea Otherwise is this just some weak attempt at garnering sympathy for the main character and his terrible circumstancesSecond wasn't the whole damn point of the decoy chief hut supposed to be that it was a decoy Why the hell would you plan and implement an ambush on a party that just destroyed that decoy and who seem like they may leave An attack like that would do absolutely nothing but confirm that you are exactly what they are looking for and that they should now bring whatever they need to in order to destroy youThird who the hell would ever think that bringing a bunch of high level players to a low level area is a blow to a guilds prestige I can understand if they wipe while trying to do something official but a bunch of people slumming it and just there to kill time or have fun is not exactly an indicator that the guild and its members have fallen from grace Game system is starting to just be there to show that there is a huge gap between the main character and whoever they are fighting This sort of thing always feels somewhat inevitable but the amount of deus ex machina going on in order to have the main character win is a little hard to swallowOverall the book is still worth a read especially if you like settlement sort of LitRPGs I would however take the plot with a grain of salt in terms of its cohesiveness The story is still there and it is progressing but the events that push that progression do not always fit