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EPUB ë The Earls Irresistible Challenge The Sinful Sinclairs Book 1 ó Lara Temple Could this infamous rake finally have Irresistible Challenge eBook #9734 found his countessWhen Lucas Lord Sinclair receives a mysterious summons from a Miss Olivi 4☆ Enthralling Passionate Regency Romance Mixed with a Compelling MysteryThe Earl's Irresistible Challenge is the first book in a new series Although some of the characters from the previous series do cross overThis time round the book focuses on the Sinclair family and Olivia SilverdaleWhen Lucas aka Lord Sinclair meets Olivia in a church at night with news that might interest him Lucas is slightly put out by her boldnessBut he can't help being drawn to her SassOlivia is convinced she has information on his Father's death she believes it was somehow underhandedLucas is frustrated by her tale and decides that winding her up is funBut she is determined not to give upShe believes her godfathers death is somehow linked with Lucas father and she will not rest until she finds out the truth for his family and for his nameI loved Olivia and Lucas characters Their connection is exciting and passionate full of cheeky flirty banterLucas is somewhat enamoured by OliviaShe is strong determined has an air of innocence she's ballsy not afraid to walk into danger she's witty sassy beautiful enchanting and loyal It's no wonder Lucas can't get her out of his headLucas tries to act the tough man but you can see Olivia gets under his skin and right down into his soft spot Although he clearly is no Angel 😉The Earl's Irresistible Challenge is an Enthralling Regency Romance mixed with a compelling Mystery filled with Wit Passion Romance Humour Danger Mishaps Eccentric and Loveable Characters with a Swoon Worthy Romance That will leave you feeling all Warm and TinglyThe Earl's Irresistible Challenge is an exciting start to a new series and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens nextThis series is definitely going on my Must Read SeriesThank you to Rachel Random Resources for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarilyMy Review is also on my Blog Website

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PDF ↠ BOOK The Earls Irresistible Challenge The Sinful Sinclairs Book 1 FREE ä ❰PDF❯ ✐ The Earls Irresistible Challenge The Sinful Sinclairs Book 1 Author Lara Temple – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Could this infamous rake finally have found his countessWhen Lucas Lord Sinclair r Is piued and not just by Olivia's intelligent eyes and lithe form A new challenge uickly The Earls Kindle presents itself keeping Miss Silverdale at arm's lengt Absolutely fantastic Brilliantly written in a language that takes you to the exact time and setting of the novel These days historical romance novels are littered with modern phrasing current issues and situations woven into the plot and anachronistic terms This is not true for The Earl's Irresistible Challenge Miss Temple has me thinking believing this was written many centuries ago with her admirable linguistic style Her skillful use of vocabulary and rhythm drew the characters and locations so vividly they come aliveOlivia and Lucas are fully fleshed out and likable characters whose slow burn love story is utterly believable They are evenly matched and have wonderful chemistry The mystery is a great device to keep them connected and in constant proximity with each other which led to their fall into love I also like the minor characters They're individualized and supported the main characters really well I especially love Chase Sinclair and I'm so excited to read his story next

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The Earls Irresistible Challenge The Sinful Sinclairs Book 1A Silverdale he's sceptical he can help her But Olivia although eccentric is in earnest about her uest to restore her late godfather's reputation Lucas's curiosity Well what can say about this Fantastic wonderful sexy charming entertaining engaging in other words absolutely bloody brilliant What a fabulous start to what is set to be another fantastic series by one of my whole time favourite authors The Sinful Sinclairs as anyone who has been avidly reading Ms Temples books will know are a sort of follow on from the previous series; Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies as the hugely seductive Sinclairs are the cousins of none other than the those Wild Lords – I am not going to tell you which one you will have to read that series to find out 😉 I knew that I would be in for a treat and yet again I was blown away by Ms Temple’s splendid writingThe story opens when Lucas; Lord Sinclair receives a mysterious message from a Miss Olivia Silverdale once meeting the young veiled lady in a church in the middle of the night he hears her out – which believe me with how Olivia tells stories is a very long night for Lucas which does leave with eual amount or headache and earache He is in disbelieve over what the slightly odd young woman has told him she wants to restore the tainted reputation of her godfather and amidst her own investigation she has come across mention of Lucas’ own late father How is the late Lord Sinclair connected to Olivia’s godfather You’ll have to read to find out anyway Lucas is sceptical at her claims and wants nothing to do with her or her infernal investigation which does include the hilarious outing of an occultist by the name of Madam Bulgari – she is a real hoot and I would love to invite her to any party But Lucas is curious then after voicing his thoughts to his brother; Chase – my goodness another gorgeous brother – he soon finds himself intrigued not just by her fanciful story but also by her she gets under his skin and now the notorious rake with the sinful reputation may just have found his match in the form of the eccentric young Yorkshire lass with the mesmerizing eyesMy goodness I have found my whole new favourite heroine in the form of Olivia she is pure brilliance – yes I maybe a tad biased with her being a fellow Yorkshire Lass but she really is fabulous She is eccentric talkative creative imaginative stubborn and a bit set in her ways – have I just described myself there She has a way of seeing people it’s like she can see past the façade and see what others can’t she is holding a painful secret one which Lucas instantly picks up on that and I love how when they kiss he doesn’t rush her he is solid but gentle and so patientAs I mentioned the kissing my oh my those kisses They are hot sensual steamy and loving that first kiss is a whopper full of nervous lust and it made me melt Lucas is such a passionate tender man – huge heart eyes for him especially this line ‘he wasn’t accustomed to rebellion either from his libido or his conscience’ Love itLucas is a mystery I love how Temple hints at a past; brief glimpses into the man behind the Sinful mask she does a great job at dropping breadcrumbs for the reader to follow throughout the story He is very family orientated protective controlled blunt out spoken brutally honest at times grouchy and a tad brooding – can you see why I am a wee but smitten He is definitely the leader of the wolf pack – or should that be the Sinclair pack And for a man who claims to be in complete control he has an awful lot of randy thoughts that really have no place at tea 😉Did I mention Chase If there ever was a case for the hashtag; Double Swoon now would be a time I know that this book is all about the marvellous Lucas and Olivia but I just have to mention Chase; I am completely smitten and intrigued by this man on first impression he’s laid back witty mysterious he makes you sit up and pay attention and he has some great one liners Lara Temple what are you doing to meOverall The Earls Irresistible Challenge is sexy witty entertaining great plot brilliantly written Ms Temple has created a mesmerizing and hugely enjoyable love story with two of the most seductive and entertaining couples that you will ever come across and which entwines an edge of your seat mystery This is hugely romantic there is no doubt about that the chemistry sizzles between them and it has some great comedic moments the conversations between them is brilliant fast witty; they have razor sharp minds and some of the best dialogue that bounces between themAbsolutely brilliant I cannot wait to see where this series is going to goThis was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Lara