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REVIEW Ê The Dream Peddler ß ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ The Dream Peddler Author Martine Fournier Watson – Astonishing Explores the vast underground legacy of our own desires This is the must read book of the year Rene Denfeld bestselling author of The Child Finder A richly imagined debut novel about a tra AstonishDawson's town before but none of them offered anything like what he has The Dream PDFEPUB or to sell dreams made to order with satisfaction guaranteedSoon after he arrives the community is shocked by the disappearance of Evie's young son The townspeople shaken by the Dawson family's tragedy and captivated by Robert's subversive magic begin to experiment with his dreams And Evie devastated by grief turns to. 375 starsThis was a wonderful story that focused on the lives of people in a small town but with the addition of magical realism in the form of the dream peddler and the dreams he conjured My favourite part of the book was probably the writing it was so beautiful and reflected the historical aspect of the book very well I can't say I liked the characters that much except for Robert he had a very complex personality in my opinion Towards the end of the novel I felt like the plot dragged a bit and repeated itself and overall the ending could've been better I still enjoyed this amazing piece of historical fiction a lot though A big thank you to the publisher and the Edelweiss website for providing me with an early copy


Astonishing Explores the vast underground legacy of our own desires This is the must read book of the year Rene Denfeld bestselling author of The Child Finder A richly imagined debut novel about a traveling salesman and the small town he changes forever If someone offered you a magic elixir that could conjure any dream you wanted would you take itTraveling salesmen like Robert Owens have passed through Evie. There is some magical realism in this book but I found the story to be real than magical There are realistic emotions grief and love and realistic characters with wants and desires and hopes that are relatable This is a uiet slow moving story with an aura of mystery Robert Owens a traveling salesmen who is selling dreams arrives in this small town where everyone seems connected where people care about each other where the sometimes stifling and narrow small town life affects their desires to dream beyond their daily lives He arrives on the day that tragedy strikes when a nine year old boy disappears These are some of the characters that we get to know through the dreams they want to buyToby a typical teenage boy “ I would like the dream of a girl A good one”George the distraught father trying to find his missing son “Maybe you could mix me up a dream of where he is or where he might be someplace where I could look”Christina a teenage girl who knows the life ahead will be to marry and remain in this place “ I just wondered would it be possible to have a dream about the future Could I dream of my future husband “Jackson a teenage boy who has dreams he doesn’t understand confused over his identity who doesn’t take a potion of his own but one made for someone elseEvie the mother of the boy who went missing doesn’t want to buy a dream She wants to stop dreaming of her son so she doesn’t have to face the unbearable pain each morning that he isn’t thereThe author does a wonderful job of developing these characters and we come to know so much about them Robert Owens however remains a mystery to the reader until later in the novel when he has developed a friendship with Evie It is through their conversations that we get to know about Robert’s past his losses I can’t say that I’m a big fan of fantasy or magical realism but there was nothing in this story that felt beyond my imagination and I never felt that it was the potions alone that made these characters dream what they wanted to dream in this beautifully written debut novelI received an advanced copy of this book from Penguin Books through Edelweiss

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The Dream PeddlerRobert for a comfort only he can sell her But the dream peddler's wares awaken in his customers their most carefully buried desires and despite all his good intentions some of them will lead to disasterGorgeously told through the eyes of Evie Robert and a broad cast of fully realized characters The Dream Peddler is an imaginative moving novel of overcoming loss and reckoning with the longings we keep secre. A peddler comes to town the day a young boy goes missing What happens in the aftermath is a beautifully written study of the townspeople their experiences feelings and actions Watson's characters live in an unnamed town at an unnamed time but their lives are entirely relevant to every place and time There is so much we have in common with other people just because we are all human Some of us take longer to heal from heartbreak some of us need attention some of us can't accept who we are and each of us must navigate life as best we can