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READ & DOWNLOAD The Department of Sensitive Crimes ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì ❮KINDLE❯ ❀ The Department of Sensitive Crimes Author Alexander McCall Smith – The Department of Sensitive Crimes is Scandinavian Blanc vastly different from Scandinavian Er SAD But this is summer so there must be something else going onUlf has a number of colleagues into whose lives we gain insight There is Anna married to an anaesthetist but very fond of Ulf Erik whose sole interest is fishing Carl whose father is a famous Lutheran theologian who has written a book on Danish philosopher Kierkegaard then there is Blomuist from the uniformed branch who goes on and on about his health problems but seems to have extraordinary luck in investigations There is also Ulf's psychotherapist Dr Svensson whose observations on Ulf's life and many other topics enlightensor possibly confuses. The Department of Sensitive Crimes is the first full length novel in the Detective Varg series by popular British author Alexander McCall Smith And he’s having a lend of us the reader If that’s not obvious from the title and the characters then the cases they deal with should confirm it Those characters though do give him enormous scope for insightful observations and wise wordsThe DoSC consists of Carl incredibly conscientious Erik obsessed by fishing Ulf kind and sensitive and in impossible love with his married colleague Anna The annoyingly enthusiastic but less than competent Officer Blomuist also lends a hand And let’s not forget Martin Ulf’s deaf depressed lip reading dog Mrs Hogfors his neighbour and Dr Svensson his therapist The cases passed on from Malmö’s Criminal Investigation Authority because they are slightly unusual are also a rich source of material for philosophical discussion an unwitnessed stabbing in the back of a knee; a missing boyfriend who’s imaginary; and a possible werewolf As Ulf and his team carry out their investigations they are extremely prone to heading off on often amusing tangents during uestioning All are successfully resolved but not without much deep discussion of the behaviours encounteredMcCall Smith’s characters discuss debate and ponder topics as diverse as imaginary friends politically correct terminology for small people the canine environmental footprint osmotic knowledge vegan objection to pets and whether the obsessed can be happyWhen Ulf muses on gentlemanly behaviour it’s very pertinent to the current “me too” cases “although he knew that nobody talked about being a gentleman any the concept still existed somewhere under the burden of the new language of relationships the language that stressed self determination and personal space That was not all that different from the code of gentlemanly conduct that had previously prevented men from inappropriate conduct in their relations with women The things that men were now supposed not to do were precisely the things that gentlemen were not meant to do anyway so what was the difference Were we simply becoming old fashioned again as societies tended to do when they saw the conseuences of tearing up the behavioural rule book”While it sounds like a crime novel McCall Smith describes it as Scandi Blanc as opposed to Scandi Noir and anyone who is reading his work for the crime aspect has the wrong end of the stick McCall Smith’s crime books are an exercise in examining human behaviour and the gentle philosophy which that inspires Delightfully tongue in cheek

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Ourse Ulf is a Swedish detective and Swedish detectives by convention lead lives beset with problems of one sort or another For a start there is his name Ulf means “wolf” in modern Swedish and Varg derives from the Old Norse word for “wolf” But his character is far from vulpine Ulf is a sympathetic well educated and likeable man with a knowledge of and interest in Scandinavian and modern art He has a dog named Marten the only dog in Sweden capable of lip reading but only in Swedish Martin becomes depressed and needs treatment Dogs in Sweden are apparently particularly prone to Seasonal Affective Disord. This was a really enjoyable read for me uick gentle light uirky with pockets of very funny humourI've been a fan for some of the stripped back writing that comes out of Scandinavia and if the author had chosen a Nordic pen name I would never have suspected it wasn't actually a product of SwedenThe fact that Alexander McCall Smith promotes this as Scandi Blanc rather than Scandi Noir flagged it a satire I wanted to readHe gets inside the heads of an array of characters just brilliantly

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The Department of Sensitive CrimesThe Department of Sensitive PDF #10003 of Sensitive Crimes is Scandinavian Blanc vastly different from The Department EpubScandinavian Noir There is nothing noir about the world of Ulf Varg Department of Sensitive PDF #206 Detective Inspector in the Sensitive Crimes Department of the Criminal Investigation Authority for the city of Malmö Sweden Ulf is concerned with odd but not too threatening crimes such as a stab wound to the back of the knee caused by an unknown hand young women who allow their desperation for a boyfriend to get the better of them and peculiar goings on in a spa on Sweden's south coastOf c. A strange little book not unenjoyable just a bit bizarre We follow along with detective Ulf Varg and his team at the Department Of Sensitive Crimes in Sweden as they try to solve some curious cases including a stabbing in the back of the knee and the disappearance of an imaginary boyfriend Witty and full of eccentric characters I found myself chuckling a couple of times I was amused by the uirkiness of both the characters and the storyline I'm still sitting here shaking my head at what I just read but at the same time it was oddly appealing and I would definitely read from this author35 stars rounded up to 4My thanks to NetGalley and Hachette Australia for an ARC in exchange for an honest review